White cat waving…

At me from the shelf above my monitor… That’s right, another of “those” occasions when I couldn’t think of a suitable title for tonight’s missile missive… It’s a cute little white ceramic cat with blue bead eyes, sitting waving his right paw at me – I’m very fond of him, so it’s a wonder that I haven’t incorporated him (her?) into one of my passwords, like… No, I’m not going to tell you, you’d probably only try to guess the password which then might lead to certain… unpleasantness… Which brings up memories of the very early days of my BBS (Bulletin Board System), where one of my users had a really odd but also very effective password. A hacker (who shall remain nameless) decided to have a go at logging in as this user, presumably on a bit of a spying spree, and came within one letter (symbol, actually) of guessing it correctly! Hmmm… now that I think of it, I could, and probably should, start using that password myself now – it was never cracked, and even that very close call didn’t win any bananas! 😉 Most of us Sysops (Systems Operator/Ghod) went on little spying trips to other BBS’s, sometimes as ourselves, sometimes “incognito” 🙂 One particular BBS I used to visit “incognito” knew I was hanging around there, but didn’t know which user was actually me! It was great fun watching them accusing everyone except me, of being me! Ahh… nostalgia! 🙂

This morning while himself was picking up my favourite eldest daughter, I did a bit of Rifting – no building, just questing… with yet another new character on a different shard… Did quite well for myself, too! There’s an Achievement and a title you can earn yourself for killing a certain merchant outside the gates of Meridian, the Defiant capital. You really need to be about level 13 to be successful, and not only was I only level 11, but I was a Guardian, over in Defiant terrirory, and couldn’t risk getting too close to the gates of Meridian in case the guards spotted me… Well, I galloped up the road on my trusty black tiger cat, and… there was the merchant! I did some quick calculations – you can, usually, manage to knock off mobs two levels higher than yourself, when they’re just ordinary mobs, but this guy was a lot tougher than your usual mobs because an Achievement and a title were involved, but I decided to risk it. Man, was he a tough cookie! I did wear him down an kill him in the end… but he killed me too! I wasn’t sure if I’d get the Achievement and title because I hadn’t seen who died first, but he must have, because I’m now known as “Rivergold, Merchant of Death” – cool, eh? 🙂

Then Lee arrived, and she showed me some cut scenes from her latest favourite game, “Dragon Age Inquisition”, and also some of the Character Creation functions. I would kill for Rift to have a Character Creation platform like that one! Utterly fantastic! Move different parts of the face – nose, eyes, mouth – like soft plastic to get the look you want. Eye colours beyond real, with inner and outer iris colours, making for some truly superb combinations. The only place it fell down – badly, actually, was in hair “movement” and texture. Ah well, can’t have it all, I suppose… :/ After fiddling around with that for a bit we went up to the lounge room and watched a new episode of “Agents of Shield”, and about three of “Person of Interest”, where they killed off one of the best characters! 😦 *cry* I’ll miss her 😦 But boy, is the plot thickening, or what?! Great show… I can’t wait to see what happens next… (but then, as my mother used to say, “What are you going to do instead?!” Kill joy! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning was quite a disappointment – I was forced to growl at the scales “I’ll get the sledge hammer!”, because they said I was at 114.5kg again, the same as yesterday :/ Oh well, only another 5 days on these ruddy pills… maybe then I’ll start losing weight again, properly! (like about 2 or 3 points per day) S’not fair… :/

Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow, after I do my nails again – the last lot of polish is starting to chip and flake off, and make me look as though mice have been nibbling the ends of my fingers. I think I’ll use the other nail polish this time, the creamy, off-white, pearly colour, and see how that looks…

So tune in again tomorrow night and find out if my nails look human again, or if my fingers have taken on a creamy, off-white, pearly colour where I’ve missed the nails and got the skin instead… and if the [insert rude word here] scales are behaving themselves nicely, and telling me that I’ve started going down again – or whether I’ve had to take the sledge hammer to them, after all! 😉

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