Overtime in Telara…

Was what we ended up with this afternoon… unfortunately we didn’t get paid for it – well, not in real time money, anyway! 😉 We started off this morning, bright and early after a slightly belated breakfast (we sleep in until 8.15am on Sundays! 😉 ), and sallied forth to slay beast and foe in Telara. Actually, it was all pretty straight forward – the usual types of “fetch me that book that’s next to my left elbow” quests (i.e. pretty easy and pointless quests), and quests which required a fair bit of running around in circles for absolutely worthless gear rewards! I think that out of all the gear rewards we were offered today (and let’s face it, about 82% of the quests are gear rewards), I kept two – for “costume use only” (being leather, they weren’t suitable for my Class, anyway, but they looked quite good on, so I took them instead of what was actually being offered to me!), and only two were actually worth having. For the rest, I just picked the ones that sold for the most gold. So we trundled around, having quite an easy time of it, if the truth be known… until after lunch. We’d rescued this great big dude and brought him home to his daughter, the Princess, who’d been giving us such an easy time (even if we did have to do a lot of running around in circles) But did he give us an easy time of it? Nooooo! He wanted us to go into this big temple-type place that looked exactly like a clone of Sanctum, the Guardians Capital city, and kill just about all of the principal characters who live in the real Sanctum, all of whom are high level and as tough as nails! To make this task just a little easier, we also had to do battle with the dozens of flame guards and temple devotees! Still, all in a day’s work – we managed all of that, and I think both of us died once or twice. Then, just as we thought we’d be able to gallop home, hand in the finished quest and gain our reward, we’re told to go through a portal and kill the big boss who was waiting outside for us. Strangely enough, we both had a lot of bad feelings about this, but decided to give it a go, anyway. I mean, what was the worst that could happen to us, hmmm? Now this boss (a nasty big, huge, horrible dragon) had some sneaky and wikkid fire attacks. Not only did you have to bash him, you had to keep moving all the time in order to keep out of the way of his pink semi circular domes (which do you a heap of fire damage), flame sectors (truncated triangular areas doing even more fire damage), his fiery breath (talk about garlic!), and his claws and bite. Moving around, of course, means that you can’t cast spells – the movement “interrupts” these, so all you get is a few seconds when you can cast your worst at him while he’s “gathering all his resources”, then you run around like mad trying to stay alive until the next few seconds when you get your chance to hit him again. This is where being a Warlock comes in handy! 🙂 You get the chance to hurl all your DOTs (Damage Over Time) spells at him, plus if you’re also a Necromancer, like I am, you can get your pet to rush in and bite him on the ankles (it annoys the hell out of him, too! 😉 ) And if you’re as lucky as I am, your partner will be a Cleric who pretty much stands back, hurls his DOTs at the beast, and then hurls healing spells at you! I did die again here though, I was trying to run backwards away from his pink domes, and got out of range of the healing spells. My bad… Only cost 1 platinum at the Healer’s though 🙂 So anyway, in the end we got him (I really didn’t think we’d stand a chance!), and you know what? He fell on top of us!

After that, we went “home” to Margle Palace, handed the quest(s) in, grizzled a bit about the silly gear rewards, tidied ourselves up, and quit for the day. “A Good Time Was Had By All”, as they say in the classics – we made a bit of money, didn’t go up a level (close though, close!) and had a fun time. Roll on next Sunday – no, scratch that! Friday is December 12th, my favourite youngest daughter’s birthday, and it’s my favourite eldest daughter’s husband’s birthday on Tuesday, so that means we’ll be having the traditional Family Birthday Feast here on the Sunday (well, they will, I’ll just have my bar) We may have to call another day next week “Sunday” instead – I’ll see what himself thinks…

Weigh-in this morning made me furious. I stayed the same, 114.3kg I felt as though I was standing in a circular sealed room, slowly filling with water, and all I could do was tread water, not going anywhere! Everyone tells me I shouldn’t get so upset, there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s the heat, the humidity, and the medication, causing me to retain fluid. They don’t seem to understand that the fact that I can’t do anything about it is exactly what upsets me! I don’t like feeling helpless, and I hate feeling as though I’m seeing all my options slowly being whittled away… Damn it all, I just want to go away for a holiday, and ghod only knows when that’ll be possible!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on my weight miseries, how the building project in Gloamwood Glen is progressing (it’s doing very well! I found my ladders, too! 🙂 ), and whether I’ve decided to do The Great Character Shuffle with Rivergold…

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