Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.30

05.01 pm

Well, it looks like I’m getting back to my old habit of starting this late! Isn’t it nice to know that some things never change! 😉 Actually, I started late, because there’s not really terribly much to tell you all! It’s been a very quiet day, mostly – this morning Julian and I played with Wynterthyme and Demelza in the Broken Isles until lunch time – it was a bit annoying, actually – we started quite a long and complicated quest chain… only to find that it ended in a full-blown Dungeon! Hmm… and I was just about to write “and we don’t “do” Dungeons!” …but that would have been untrue, because we do “do” Dungeons – when we can handle them either on our own (solo) or with just the two of us – and this particular Dungeon was probably a 10-player Dungeon – so we flagged it as “Untracked” (so that we wouldn’t see it in our immediate Quest List – “out of sight, out of mind”, and all that!) headed back to base camp, and went off on another, different quest chain! Still, even though we’ll probably never finish off that Dungeon-ending quest (Julian might – as he’ll occasionally play in PUG*s, but I don’t play well with players I don’t know, so I’ll just have to get him to tell me all about it if he does ever go back and do it!) but we did get a fair bit of experience under our collective belts, and we both went up a level, to level 107! We also got a few good pieces of equipment out of the parts of the quest that we did do, which was an added bonus, because all too often quest rewards and drops are only worth a few gold as Vendor trash :/

After lunch we decided to leave Wynterthyme and Demelza until Sunday, and I was torn… would I go and read, or go back to Zelenka? For ages I’ve been bitterly complaining that I have so many books I want to read, and so little time in which to read them all, so for once I decided to stop complaining, and do some reading for a change, and I went and read until 4 o’clock, when I sat down at my desk, intending to start writing – but got somewhat side-tracked by some new patterns and fonts, and the desire to see what they’d look like in a new header… which took… a little bit of time off my writing! 😉

And that being all the interesting bits about “My Day” (Hey! Perhaps I should have called this blog “My Day!” instead of “My Word!” Should I change it? (please don’t say “Yes!”)) so now I’ll get on with the “good” bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had lamb backstraps marinated in a Feta cheese “slurry”** to which Julian had added a few sprigs of home-grown, organic basil from our Herb Garden! We had that with plain steamed rice, to which some finely chopped spring onion and red capsicum had been added – and we had an absolutely delicious meal, fit for an emperor, or a pope, even! 😉 For dessert I had one of the extra-large, so-called “brown” Nashi pears – and you know, it was much more nicer than the first one I’d had some time ago – it actually tasted very nice! I only ate about 3/4 of it, because it was so large, but I’m feeling a lot happier about eating the last one tomorrow night, now that I found the one last night to be quite palatable! I also had the new-to-try CHOBANI blueberry yoghurt, which was rather nice, so go ahead and buy some if you haven’t already had it – as it now has the official “Winter P” seal of approval! 🙂 For lunch today I had a sandwich made from a new loaf sourdough bread from the ever famous and always popular (with us! 😉 ) Baker’s Delight – I don’t think it has a specific name, or if it does, Julian didn’t say… anyway I’d procured some sandwich piri-piri chicken chunks at the supermarket yesterday, because I thought it sounded nice – and just a bit spicy – so the sandwich today was very plain – with just the piri-piri chicken chunks, and nothing else to detract from the flavour… well, if that chicken was “hot”, or “spicy”, I’m Hilary Clinton on steroids! The so-called piri-piri was bland enough to taste like salt-free bread! 😦 Very disappointing! We will not be buying it again! Tonight we’re having a reprise of the beef, herbs and garlic sausages, with chips, home-grown and organic bok choy from our very own vegetable garden, and half a store-bought tomato… and for dessert I’ll be having one of my Corella pears and an Apple Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning. My weight is playing see-saw with me again! This morning I went down two points, despite the four (or five, I fergit which!) chocolate coated, sugar and fat-free marsh melons wot I greedily consumed yesterday afternoon – but don’t worry, I’m quite sure they’ll show up in the reckoning tomorrow morning! I went from 66.2 kg yesterday to 66.0 kg this morning. Hey! Maybe chocolate coated, sugar and fat-free marsh melons are good for you, and I should eat the whole bag-full? 😉 (no Winter, I don’t think that’s the way it works!)

And that brings me up to tomorrow again! Once again, Auric and Dapple have been good little fishies – Julian did a full 30% water change-over this afternoon, and cleaned and vacuumed their gravel for them, too! Flipper is still asleep in her “Cave” on the couch behind me, so she hasn’t been fed yet (but I’m going to remove her pussy biscuits anyway, in case she wakes up and decides to fill up on them, rather than her dinner – uno momento! Right! Done! 🙂 ) I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow, except that we’ll both be trying to avoid any contact with Foopball news throughout the day – though I suppose we’ll have to sit through all the Foopball analysis and hoo-ha on the ABC1 News tomorrow night – unless we turn the television on early, and pause it, so that we can then fast forward through the Sport bits! Oh well, we’ll probably just mute the sound and talk amongst ourselves… Anyway, once more that’s really about “it” from me for this evening – but do drop in again tomorrow night, to see how my weight went, what we did to amuse ourselves during the Grand Final, and whether anything else of note occurred during the day! Until then though, please bee good, remember that only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry – especially if you go to the Foopball… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*PUGs – “Pick Up Groups” – if you really need to run a Dungeon, you can put your name down to join other players who also need to do that particular Dungeon – then when a group has assembled all the required Classes for the job (Tank, Healer, DPS, etc.) off you all go and “do” the Dungeon. I don’t like PUGs because they’re usually comprised of crass, rude, impatient, and greedy people who don’t give a damn about anyone’s needs in the Dungeon but their own. They bully and argue as to who gets what with drops, and criticise constantly if you happen to hit “Need” instead of “Greed” by mistake. If you have to stop to heal, or to eat, or to pick something up, they run ahead without waiting because you’re “slowing them down” (like, there’s a fire somewhere?!) I’ve taken part in about half a dozen PUGs in all the years I’ve been playing WoW, and none of them have been a pleasant experience – so now I simply don’t do them, end of story!

** Feta cheese and water, mixed into a loose “paste”, or “slurry”, in a plastic zip-lock bag – pop the lamb backstrap into the bag with the slurry, zip up the bag, and “massage” the backstrap with the slurry for a minute or so, then throw the bag full of slurry and the backstrap into the fridge – gently of course – for a couple of hours. Heat a tiny bit of good olive oil in a medium-sized frying pan, then tip the slurry-coated backstrap into the hot frying pan, discarding the somewhat messy bag, and pan-fry the backstrap until cooked to your liking. Serve with rice, or a salad, or whatever vegetables you like!

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