Winter’s log, earthdate 201610.01

05.52 pm

Well, it’s very late this evening – and there’s not even that much to tell you all! *shrug* As I predicted yesterday, Julian and I spent the majority of today pretty much hunkered down in here, with virtual cotton wool stuffed in our ears so that there was no possibility that we’d be able to hear – even accidentally – anything that might have been in some way associated with Foopball – well, maybe we weren’t quite that cloistered! 😉 Julian did go out briefly to pick up the Dry Cleaning and to do a bit of shopping for our dinner tonight – but for most of the day we stayed quietly at home, minding our own business as much as humanly possible in completely “Sportz Nutz Oztralia” – and more particularly, in good-old Foopball crazy Melbourne! *rolls eyes*

So this is just a “place-holder”, an “interim measure”, so to speak, to let you all know that everything’s fine – I just don’t really feel like writing this evening. After a few false starts and hiccups this morning I finally got Zelenka up to level 45 – and of course, tomorrow being Sunday, it’ll be back to “The Wynterthyme and Demelza Show”, or maybe the “Wynterthyme and Demelza Do The Broken Isles” show – something like that, anyway – so prepare yourselves for a doozy of a double blockk-buster blorf* tomorrow night! 😉

Flipper, Auric and Dapple are all well, as are Julian and I – and I’ll be back again tomorrow with all the hot goss on what’s been happening chez nous – in the meantime, please try to bee good, don’t forget that we need to write to be understood, speak to be heard, and to read in order to grow, and please remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm and dry whenever it’s cold and raining, and to always drive carefully… but above allplease – remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*double blockk-buster blorf – commonly known as a “DBBB” – or “episode of gigantic proportions” – ooo-er! 😯

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