Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.21

04.53 pm

Grr! Look at the time! I was going to start writing at about four o’clock – maybe four-fifteen – whatever – and I’ve been happily playing WoW, having a great time leveling up Aphra, and taking her off to Tirisfal Glades to get a new Pet when she turned level 11, and thinking to myself “I’ve got plenty of time, it’s only a quarter past two! 🙂 ” – and the next time I looked at the clock I thought “I’ve still got plenty of time – it’s only…. hnag on! It was quarter past two the last time I looked, ages ago! That can’t be right!” – and I looked at my watch… well, the time showing on my little gold Carriage Clock wot always sits on my desk wasn’t right, was it – it was ruddy-well a quarter to five! Arrggghh! Poor Aphra! I just dumped her and “Sulkysilky”, her brand new Spider Pet (a “Rare Special”, I might add, so I was very lucky to have been in the right place, at the right time to get her/him/it!) in a terribly unsafe place by a lake in the middle of hostile Troll territory, and came straight here!

Anyway, here I am – and this is how I came to be playing WoW this afternoon instead of “twiddling” and wasting time waiting until it was around four o’clock… This morning we took my beautiful, vibrantly shiny red hair off to have my Warfarin blood test done – it should have been done yesterday, but we both forgot – and then on to the Post Office to have my replacement Passport Photos taken. We were going to go up to the Vermont South Post Office, have a cup of coffee at one of the little eateries there afterwards, do a bit of shopping (bananas!) and come home – but when we realised that we had to go to Glen Waverley, to have my Warfarin blood test done, we decided to have my Passport Photos done at the Post Office Shop at The Glen instead, have a cup of coffee and something to nibble at the Shingle Inn (because it was way too early for lunch) get our bananas, and come home. I told Julian that as I’d been out walking all morning, more or less, I’d still do my treadmilling after lunch, but I’d only do fifteen minutes instead of the usual twenty. Well, we did all of the above, and we were almost home when I said to Julian “I’ve changed my mind! Instead of doing my fifteen minute walk after lunch, I think I’ll do it as soon as we get home, then I won’t have to break up the rest of my day if I have to do my walk after lunch!” We both thought that was a good idea, so when we walked in, the first thing I did after depositing my keys and my handbag on the hall table, was that I kicked off my (very much detested) shoes, shed my rather heavy woolen jumper, and hit the treadmill (well actually, I didn’t “hit” it, I just walked on it fairly firmly!) In fact. I didn’t only do a fifteen minute walk, I did the full twenty minutes, after which I felt very virtuous, and claimed a cup of coffee as my “reward” for being so good! My plan from there was to have lunch, play WoW until about four – four-fifteen, and then start this.

Well, that didn’t happen, did it! :/

When we arrived at the Dorevitch blood collection place, the Courier who picks up all the blood and other “specimens” was just leaving, so I thought – “well, we’ve missed this collection – we’ll probably get my results back late this evening! :/ ” Then we went in to siphon off my blood, and the Nurse, whom we’re starting to get to know quite well by now, darted off and came back with a jar of home-made Brandied Cumquats, and a jar of home-made Cumquat marmalade for us! We’d been talking about gardening and plants in the back yard last time we were there, and she was telling us about how much she liked making Brandied Cumquats and marmalade, and we were saying how much we liked those sorts of things, so she said she’d bring us some! Well, we forgot all about it, but she’d remembered, and had brought a jar of each in for us, which she’d kept in a cupboard under the front desk until we came in again! Wasn’t that nice of her! I can’t wait to taste them both! Our puny little cumquat bush doesn’t even have any flowers on it yet (I’m afraid it had a bit of a bad start in life, as we’d left it languishing in a tiny pot on our back deck for ages before we re-potted it in a nice, big, roomy container, out in the fresh air and sunshine!) We might have one of the Brandied Cumquats each after dinner tonight – or maybe just half a one each… However! I did get my blood test results back fairly quickly after all! My INR, at 2.3, is a bit lower than it was last time (which is perhaps not so good!) but my dosage has remained the same – 2.5 mg daily until my next blood test on the 19th of October.

So that’s been my day for today, and I can finally get on with all the “good” bits! 😉 Oh, and needless to say, the Passport photos that were taken up at the Post Office this morning didn’t turn out looking any better than the ones that Julian had taken a few weeks ago, but they’ve been Express Posted off, so hopefully in about two to three weeks I’ll get my new Passport!

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had sausages. I’m afraid that I told you they were chicken sausages – because that’s what Julian had told me they were (see, it’s all his fault!) but they weren’t chicken sausages – he’d been mistaken – they were beef, garlic and parsley ones, which was really a bit strange because my mouth had been all geared up for chicken ones! Still, they were very nice, and we had them with chips, steamed green beans, and as it turned out, we did have some tomatoes, so we also had our usual half a tomato. For dessert I had another one of my yellow Nectarines, and an Apple Le Rice. The Nectarine was absolutely delicious, but starting to get just a tad on the over-juicy stage! Methinks that I’d better have another one tonight, before they do get too mushy to eat! I mentioned before that we’d had a cup of coffee, and something to nibble on at the Shingle Inn this morning, because it was too early for lunch – well, Julian had a cappuccino and a Muffin, and I had my usual long black (coffee) with a small jug of skinny milk “on the side”, and one of my usual yummy caramel slices, with a thick, slightly crunchy biscuit base, a “generous” inch of thick, gooey caramel in the middle, and a quarter of an inch thick “slab” of chocolate on top. *rolls eyes* I simply hate to think what my scales are going to make of that little “nibble”, tomorrow morning! For lunch today I had a sandwich made with sourdough bread, ham, tomato, and that really nice Tasty/Cheddar cheese – very nice indeed! Tonight we’re having some really beautiful looking pork cutlets for dinner – which will be cooked in the griller, so it’ll be very interesting to see how they turn out! With that we’ll be having mashed potatoes, peas, and our usual half a tomato, and for dessert I’ll either have another yellow Nectarine, if they’re not too mushy, or one of my remaining Corella pears, plus a tub of my very favourite Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt.

Weigh-in this morning. About what I expected, really – I went back up again to where I was the day before yesterday! Typical! This morning I went from 65.3 kg back up to 65.7 kg again. Say Lah Vee, as the French say! I wonder what I’ll be tomorrow, after having eaten that very tasty little “morsel” of the chocolate and caramel slice!

And that brings me almost up to tomorrow! Flipper is well, though a bit vague tonight, so she might not eat all her dinner – but we’ll see… Auric and Dapple are both still well, and swimming about, as goldfish are want to do – and life sort of muddles along as usual! Tomorrow morning Julian is off to Adelaide to see to the interment of his parents’ ashes into their new home under a great big gum tree in the cemetery. That’s at 11 am – but he was wasn’t able to get an earlier flight back, so he’s going to be rather late home – he won’t be walking through the garage door, calling out “Honey! I’m home!” until about eight o’clock… so once again it’ll be a late dinner. We’ll be having pasta, so hopefully that shouldn’t take too long to prepare… And, you know? That’s about “it” from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night, to find out if my weight went up because of the chocolate and caramel slice, or down because of all the walking I did today (and up and down two flights of stairs!) and what time Julian got home (although I might finish tomorrow’s episode before he gets home!) and what else I did to while away the long day with no-one to make me a cup of tea at lunch time! 😉 But until then, please try very hard to bee good, don’t forget – a professional person is simply an amateur who didn’t quit, and remember to keep warm and dry on cold wet days, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourself… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂