Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.13

04.56 pm

Isn’t it good to see that I’m sticking with my new, running-late “normal” time of posting! 😀 (← cheesy grin) Anyway, I’ll have to hurry to catch you all up with the events of yesterday (Monday) as well as today, so here goes!

Yesterday our cleaning lady arrived at her usual time of around-about 9.30 am, and while I stayed out of the way playing WoW, she did all her usual terrifying Flipper things, like vacuuming and mopping, though I did go over and sit on the couch in here while she cleaned around and under my desk. In actual fact, I didn’t do much else all day except play WoW – and do my walk, which Julian accused me of not doing, just a few minutes ago! Well, I must confess that I didn’t do my walk on Sunday, because we had the kids over for our “Father’s Day” luncheon, nor did I do one today, because my very favourite eldest daughter was over (and whom Julian is now driving home) – but yesterday I did do my ruddy walk! 😛 The cleaning lady cleaned, and left, we had lunch, and a cup of tea, I went off and did 20 minutes on the treadmill, then I went off to tidy up for the evening! So I’m both miffed, and quite annoyed, that he’s accused me wrongly! He owes me an apology in the form of a cup of coffee when he gets home! 👿 Josh came over in the late afternoon and did my hair, which as usual looks really good now – and will hopefully still be looking good for tomorrow morning when I have an appointment at 11 o’clock at the Post Office Shop at The Glen, where I’ll be desperately trying to convince the Post Master that I am indeed the person in the Passport photo, and not some identity-stealing criminal (well, that’s what I look like in the photo, anyway!) Er… somehow I don’t think that came out quite the way it was supposed to, but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about… Jumping through Government hoops to complete the ritual in order to get a Passport in my new name!

I didn’t get a chance to play WoW today – we were too busy watching new episodes from Season 3 (I think it’s Season 3!) of “The Flash” and “Arrow” all day. The two “Big Bad Baddies” from both shows were “killed off” in the last Season’s Finales, and we started off this new Season today with brand-new “Big Bad Baddies”, who look like being even Bigger, and Badder than the last lot were, so it looks like we’re going to have a lot of fun hiding behind pillows, or peeking at the screen between our fingers, and bewailing the lack of genuine “Peril Sensitive Sunglasses”, which automatically darken when anything nasty or menacing approaches, so that you can’t see anything bad coming towards you!

Julian has returned, and yes, I did receive a nice cup of coffee by way of apology for accusing me of not having done my walk yesterday! 😉

However I did do quite well in WoW yesterday, taking all three of my Horde Mages – Avishag, Mercedez, and Cersie – up to level 15, and well settled into their three different sub-Classes of Fire Magic, Arcane Magic, and Frost Magic. Unfortunately Blizzard are having a very early starting “full Maintenance” night this evening, starting at 3.00 am their-time – which translates to about 8.30 pm our time, so the game will be unavailable for play until tomorrow morning, when of course I’ll be charging around like a wounded cow, getting ready to go out and do battle at the Post Office for my bona-fides! I’m not sure what we’re doing after that – whether or not we’re doing any shopping, or coming straight home – but whatever we do end up doing, I probably won’t get anywhere near WoW until about 2.30 – when realistically I’ll only get about an hour and a half of play in before it’s time to come and start writing – I don’t think we’re doing anything on Thursday, though! 😉 On Friday morning our new outside blinds for the windows along the West-facing side of the house are being installed, but hopefully that shouldn’t really affect my game-play – unless we have to open up the inside blinds in here for some reason! You know, usually when you order something like blinds, that need to be “made to measure”, they’ll give you an “approximate” installment date of about three weeks or so – and they usually end up taking longer than that anyway – but this time, we were told “about three weeks…” but it’s only been about a week and a half! I guess we must have been extremely lucky, and managed to sneak our order in, just before the summer-time rush started!

And that’s really all that’s been going on around here since Sunday, so now I’ll get onto the “good” bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. As you know, we weren’t going to have anything for dinner on Sunday night – though I did lie – unintentionally – about the cake! When Julian went to make our coffee on Sunday night, he said that we had to eat the rest of the cake then, because he’d bought it on Saturday morning, and he didn’t think it would be safe to keep it until the next night (Monday night!) because of the fresh cream in it – so it was a matter of eat it, or throw it out. I opted to eat it – it was just too nice to waste! So we ate the cake on Sunday night – not that there was a lot of it left – there was just enough for a small slice each! For Monday’s lunch, we had yummy ham, cheese, and tomato toasties, made from what was left of the fresh Sourdough loaf that we’d bought for Sunday’s lunch, and last night for dinner we had Grilled Sirloin steak, chips, our usual half a tomato, and Brussels sprouts… and as Julian is really getting the hang of the Griller now, the steak was beautifully seared and “striped” on the outside, but still tender, pink and juicy in the middle! For dessert, I was going to have one of the two yellow Nectarines that I had left, but as they were both a little bit “squishy”, I gave Julian both of them to see if he could salvage one nectarine’s worth out of the two of them… they both got binned, unfortunately – apparently I’d left them in the fruit bowl just a bit too long… ditto with one of my Corella pears – but the rest of the Corellas were alright, so I had one of those, and an Apple Le Rice. Julian tried to get some more yellow Nectarines today at Doncaster (he went over to get more coffee and to drop off the Dry Cleaning!) and neither Coles, Woolworths, or The Colonial Fruit Market had yellow Nectarines! I think he said that The Colonial Fruit Market had some of the white Nectarines, but we find them a bit tasteless, so he didn’t get any. But it should be just the beginning of the stone fruit season – what’s happened to the yellow Nectarines, I wonder! Maybe it’s been too wet for them, or something! Hopefully they’ll have some in by the end of the week… Anyway, for lunch today, Julian brought back some lunch from Doncaster, so I had another “naughty but nice” lunch of two halves of either Mexican or Jalapeno chilli rolls, and one of those delicious Baker’s Delight fruit and white chocolate scones, with just a smidgen of butter… and tonight we’re having the second of the four left-over Lamb and Harissa Lasagna with Feta & Oregano meals, and for dessert I’ll probably have another Corella pear, or one of the three Mandarins that I still have left, plus one of the Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurts…

Weigh-in Monday morning. Was pretty good, really, so I shan’t complain this time! Considering what we ate on Sunday for lunch… I went from 65.6 kg on Sunday morning to 65.5 kg – down one! I should have guessed though…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I should have guessed – it took a day, but Sunday caught up with me, after all! I went from 65.5 kg on Monday morning to 65.9 kg this morning. Not good! I don’t think I’ll be going down for a few days, especially after my lunch today… Oh well, life, after all, is for living…

So once again, that brings me back almost full circle – I’ve caught you all up on what we got up to yesterday and today, and I’ve told you as much as I know of what’s happening tomorrow morning, and on Friday morning, so that’s really about “it” from me for tonight! Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out if the Post Master approved my Passport application – or whatever it is that he or she has to do with my application – what my weight decided to do, or not do, to me, and whether or not I got any sensible WoW-ing in! Flipper, Auric and Dapple are all well, so until tomorrow night, please do try to bee good, remember that lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry in this nasty little cell of cold and wet weather, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂