Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.29

04.49 pm

Hmm… not quite as early as I was yesterday – but there’s a really good reason for that! 😉 I’d managed to get an appointment at the Doctor’s today at 2.45 pm, thanks to someone’s cancellation (otherwise I’d have had to wait until next Wednesday to see a Doctor!) and on the way home we had to stop off at The Glen, to get some more Flipper Food, and something for dinner tonight – with me hobbling determinedly along in Julian’s wake – I felt that I had to get some sort of “walking exercise” done today, even if I couldn’t manage the treadmill! …But I’m getting ahead of myself!

First: yes, my ankle is still quite painful. It’s not too bad if I (a) walk very slowly, and (b) don’t flex my foot upwards. Downwards is fine, upwards hurts a lot. So I can walk around the house, and through shopping malls, and up to the letterbox and back, but I can’t walk on a treadmill at 4.4 kilometers per hour.

I saw the doctor this afternoon, and she thinks that it’s either a pulled tendon (she Googled a diagram/drawing of a foot that showed where all the bones and tendons were – well, I knew there were a lot of tendons there, but I never realised just how many of them there were! It looks quite crowded in there! Amazing!) or a small stress fracture in one of the tiny bones. Personally, I don’t think it’s a stress fracture – I think I’d be in a lot more pain if it were, and I think my foot would be a lot more swollen – mind you, that’d be hard to tell, as both my feet are pretty swollen at the moment! Anyway, I’m off to have an x-ray and an ultrasound – I’m not sure when, because tomorrow’s a Public Holiday – to see if one of the bones is fractured, or if there’s fluid around one of the tendons, which would mean that it’s a sprain. Either way, I have to keep off it as much as possible, keep taking pain killers, and pack it with ice, or use some Voltaren gel on it.

So I had a nice, lazy and restful day today, playing WoW 😉 and by the time we got back from the Doctor, and doing the shopping, it was well and truly time to start this! I managed to get Zelenka to level 40, and she can now ride a lot faster – though she had to go all the way to Stormwind to learn how to – and she even got a new horse to ride, called a “Dreadsteed“! Next stop, level 60, and a flying mount! 🙂 So I’m very pleased with Zelenka! She’s already left Feralis – even though she only got there a day ago, and this time I’ve managed to bypass Thousand Needles, which I was getting very tired of, by going to Theramore Isle, in Dustwallow Marsh, and so far, it’s been pretty easy! I should be able to get Zelenka quite a lot further tomorrow, too – my very favourite eldest daughter was supposed to have been coming over for the day, but unfortunately she forgot that because it’s a Public Holiday, her husband will be home – so we won’t be seeing her again until next Tuesday, after all! 😦

Anyway, that’s about all I did today – played WoW, and saw the Doctor, who’s sending me off to have an x-ray and an ultrasound done on my right ankle – so I suppose I’d better get on with the “good” bits before you all die of boredom! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had the last of the really delicious Lamb Korma that we’d had a few days ago – and as we surmised, it was indeed a lot much more nicer for having “steeped” or “infused” in the fridge for a few hours before being put in the freezer! It was much, much, more betterer – and I think it’s been mutually agreed upon that the next time Julian makes this Lamb Korma, it’ll go straight into the fridge, and then the freezer, before we actually get to eat any of it! 😉 We had that with just plain steamed rice, instead of the saffron rice that we’d had the first time – and really, it was just as nice! For dessert I had once of my Corella pears and an Apple Le Rice. Julian had to go up to Vermont South Shopping Centre today to get us some lunch – he’d forgotten that we were out of a few things, like, f’rinstance, bread… so for lunch today I had half a savoury roll, and half a jalapeno roll, and – no, not one of my very favourite Baker’s Delight fruit scones with the white chocolate icing – a sort-of a “Coffee Scroll” type “bun”, which did have icing on it, and also walnuts and (I think!) sultanas, or apple mush, or both – I fergit! Tonight we’re having lamb backstrap for dinner, which is in the process of being marinated in a Feta “slurry”, to which some freshly picked basil from our Herbery has been added. We’ll be having this marinated lamb on a bed of rice too (I love rice – can’t you tell? 😉 ) only this rice is going to have some finely chopped red capsicum and spring onion mixed through it. For dessert tonight I’ll probably have one of the two remaining, and rather large, so-called “brown” Nashi pears (well, they’ve got to be eaten before they go off!) as I’d looked for, but hadn’t been able to find, any more yellow Nectarines whilst I was hobbling along in Julian’s wake this afternoon, and I’ll have one of our new “authentic strained CHOBANI” yoghurts. We got one of the cherry, and one of the blueberry, just to try, and I think I’ll try the blueberry one tonight – I’ll let you all know what it was like tomorrow night, K? 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was awful… *sigh* I went from 66.0 kg yesterday, to 66.2 kg this morning… Now, when I was still living at home (many centuries ago!) my father used to accuse me of “rationalising” things, so that they – to my mind – turned out better than they really should be? And, to a certain extent, I suppose he was right. Now, I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is “rationalising”, in the way that he meant, or whether it’s logic (and since when have I ever been logical?! 😉 ) Anyway, here’s the thing. When I started my diet, on August 18th 2014, I wasn’t sure what weight I wanted to get down to… I think I wavered between 80 kg, and 75 kg, and I asked Dr. Y what he thought I ought to get down to… he looked at me thoughtfully, and said “About 70 kg – no less than that”, and so I thought “If you think I should be 70 kg, then 70 kg you shall get!” – however, realising that when I got to 70 kg and went onto Maintenance, I’d more than likely go up a few kilos, so I decided that I’d go down to 65 kg before I went on Maintenance, to give myself a bit of “wriggle-room” to get up to 70 kg. Sound reasonable? So, I lost a lot of weight (over 70 kg!) and eventually reached that golden milestone of 65 kg – and the dreaded Maintenance, and the associated weight gain that it would undoubtedly bring. Only… it didn’t! I kept going down! And down! And even further down! Over the course of about four to six months, much to my astonishment, I went down to 62-point-something kg… I was lighter than I was when I was 16, still 5’7″ (about 170.1800 cm) and actually considered “svelte” by my peers! Now, lately, I’ve been watching my weight go up… and up… and up… One part of me – the prosaic and intellectual part of me, is sort-of vaguely aware that this is probably just part of the slow “evolvement” (I just made that word up! I think it’s a very good word, and should be added to the dictionary!) or adjustment to achieving a [new] “normal” weight – somewhere between my planned 65 kg – 70 kgs. But the other part of me – the emotional and insecure part of me, is stressing and fretting that not only am I failing (!) in my weight loss endeavour, but that I should be working (an awful lot harder than I’m not) to maintain those halcyon mid-63 to mid-64 kgs that I unexpectedly but very delightedly sank down to, when I first stopped my diet and went onto Maintenance. So the question that I posit to you is, basically, which part of me is right, and which part of me is over-rationalising?!

And there it is – another day in the life of Winter P.! Flipper hasn’t made a decent attempt to eat her dinner, so she’s a very naughty girl, and Auric and Dapple ate all of theirs, and neither of them got a case of the “floaties”, so they’re both good little fishies! (on the other hand, one of them did a very big fish-poo, which got stuck to the side of the tank, right on the waterline, so I think that cancels out the adjective “good”, and makes them both just “little fishies”) Tomorrow, being a “free” day, will probably see both of us paddling around in Azeroth and the Broken Isles, sometimes together, and sometimes “solo” – but having an interesting time nonetheless. And that’s really about “it” from me for this evening! 🙂 Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out what we did do with our day, how my weight went (my bet is that it’ll be up again, because I found some sugar and fat-free chocolate-coated marsh melons, and I ate about four of them!) and if my ankle is up to 20 minutes at 4.4 kmph on the treadmill again yet! Until then though, do try very hard to bee good, remember that no man is a failure who is enjoying life, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry if you go to the football Grand Final Parade, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂