Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.24

04.44 pm

Yes, well, here we go – another day, another new background and header – I’m not sure that I really like this one all that much – it looked a lot better in the preview! *pout* Oh well, there’s always tomorrow… or …maybe not, because tomorrow is Sunday, and Julian and I will be running around the Broken Isles pretending to be Wynterthyme and Demelza, so I might not have time to do anything graphical until Monday… but I’m sure that none of you will mind waiting a day or two for something a bit better though, will you? Yeah! I thought not! 😉

So what have I been doing today – other than this background and header, of course – that was interesting, extraordinary, or exciting, I hear you all anxiously demanding to know… Well, not much, really, I have to confess! I spent the morning leveling up Netanya in Azuremyst Isle, and now at level 14, I’ve just started questing next door, so to speak, on Blood Myst Isle. Netanya is a Mage, and when she got to level 10 I had to choose my “Specialisation”, or what sort of a Mage I was going to be – and of course, having always played a Hunter with an obliging, if not always obedient, Pet to help me, the temptation is to stick with what you’re used to – namely having a Pet (of sorts) to help you fight monsters and “not nice” people – is very strong. Unfortunately, the only Mage Specialisation that  can have some sort of a Pet “helper” is the Frost Mage (the one you initially start out with) who gets a Water Elemental. The other two Specialisations – Fire and Arcane – have to rough it on their own, relying on their sharp minds and quick wits – and of course their magical expertise – to keep them alive and out of trouble. I have played all three types, and while I do like playing a Frost Mage, with their cute little Water Elemental chucking water bombs at your foes for you, I sort-of like the Arcane Mage the best (so far, anyway, however I’ve never played a Mage of any persuasion, past about level 35 – yet!) So I’ve turned Netanya into an Arcane Mage, for the moment, anyway! Luckily it’s quite easy to switch “Specialisations” – I think all you need to do is be somewhere safe and quiet – like your nearest Inn! 🙂 But anyway, Netanya is coping quite well at the moment – so I’ll just “play it by ear”, and see what happens!

After lunch today I went for my usual 20 minute “daily constitutional”, again with the speed upped to 4.4 kilometers per hour, and I do believe that the weather’s getting quite a lot (shudder!) warmer! 😦  As usual when I’m on the treadmill, I opened up the window next to me, to take advantage of any stray breeze that might be wafting around nearby, but even so, I needed to turn on the pedestal fan that’s permanently parked facing the front of the treadmill (*Winter gives an annoyed snort*) so I suppose it won’t be much longer before I’m going to have to petition Julian to have the egg-nitioner on, too!! Oh dear – I think it’s safe to tell you all that I’m not looking forward to summer, at all! in fact, I’m dreading it! 😦

So now that I’ve told you all about my morning, I can proceed to fill you in on the “good” bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had a reprise of the beef, garlic and herb sausages that we’d had about a week ago. They’re really nice sausages, and the griller handles them perfectly, leaving the sausages well-cooked, but still nice and juicy on the inside. I was going to have either a bit of the Beerenberg Hot Tomato Chutney, or some Nando’s Perinaise dipping gloop, with both the sausages and the chips that we had with them, but as usual, I forgot! I suppose I’ve had a year and a half to get so used to having meals without sauces, dips, gravy or “extras”, that I just never think of them, come mealtimes! Oh well, I suppose it’s probably better for me that I don’t have them (but I will think of them, next time! 😉 ) So we had sausages, chips, our usual half a tomato, and steamed Brussels sprouts for dinner, and for dessert I had my second last yellow Nectarine (I’d actually thought it was my last yellow Nectarine, but I was wrowrr… mistaken, and I do have another one left for tonight!) and a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt. Just before lunch today, Julian went shopping for all the ingredients needed for our dinner tonight – he’s making a recipe I found online for “Lamb Korma”, and he’s never cooked “Indian” before! Lunch was going to be a bit late, but he brought home another “naughty” (for me!) lunch – so I had half a jalapeno chili roll, half a feta and spinach (I think!) Danish, and one of the ever-famous Baker’s Delight fruit and white chocolate scones… though I’m sad to say that once again, the white chocolate “drizzle” icing was missing! 😦 If my hair hadn’t been looking so messy this morning, I would have gone up there and given them an earful, for missing out on the yummy white chocolate icing – again! However, what I’m really looking forward to is dinner tonight – because here I am, stuck at my desk in the Den, wearing my fingers down to the knuckles typing this blog, totally surrounded by the most delicious smells coming from the kitchen! It’s a very big recipe – I reckon there’s going to be absolutely tons left over – but if it tastes even a quarter as good as it smells, I’m very glad it is a big recipe, so that we can freeze the leftovers and get a few more meals out of it! I’ll let you all know what it was like tomorrow night*. For dessert I’ll have an Apple Le Rice, and my last yellow Nectarine…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, my feet still look like balloons, especially in the evenings, but there was a small modicum of movement on the scales this morning… I went from 65.8 kg yesterday to 65.7 kg this morning, so maybe… just maybe… things are looking up… I mean down… but I really don’t think so… it’s probably all just part and parcel of my “up-again, down-again”  see-saw within that wondrous land of the Never-Never, the Magical, Mystical “Margin of Error”! :/

And that just about wraps it up for me, I think – Flipper is being vague about her dinner tonight – first she wanted to eat it in our bedroom – on the bed! She insisted! Dinner! She wanted her dinner! Here! Uh-huh! No way, Flipper me dear! Then she decided that she wanted it in the Den… same response from us – No way! So she’s gone off to sulk on our bed, and her dinner is sitting on the dining room table, waiting for her to come to her senses! (no, she doesn’t eat on, or at, the dining room table, she eats her dinner in the Library!) Auric and Dapple had a water clean and change this morning, so they’re quite happy and waiting impatiently for me to go and feed them, which I’ll do as soon as I finish this – and that’s about “it” from me again for this evening! Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to find out if I did get time to write anything, how Wynterthyme and Demelza fared in the Broken Isles, what my weight is up (or hopefully down!) to, and if Flipper eventually ate her dinner in the Library or not! Most importantly though, I’ll be able to tell you all what this absolutely wonderfulsmelling Lamb Korma was like! But until then, please do try to bee very, very good, don’t forget that there is more to life than having everything, and remember to keep warm and dry this weekend, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourself… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Providing there is a blog tomorrow night! There should be, and there nearly always is on a Sunday – but after our extremely late finish last Sunday, I don’t really feel that I can promise that I’ll have the time to do so tomorrow night!

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