Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.22

04.09 pm

Here I am – starting at a fairly decent time for a change! I’ve had a long, but fairly productive day today, after getting up around 05.30 am! As I mentioned to you all last night, Julian was flying over to Adelaide today for the interment of his parent’s ashes under a beautiful big gum tree in the garden part of the cemetery. Whenever he makes a day trip to Adelaide he always books the earliest flight he can, drives to the airport and parks in the Day Parking area, and usually ends up having enough time for a quick cup of airport coffee before his flight – unless there are any “unexpected” (read: “expected”!) delays on the Tullamarine freeway – because it’s always better to be too early than too late! Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get an early flight back again, and so wouldn’t have been getting home until about 08.00 pm – bit of a bummer – but he thought he’d try to get a seat on an earlier plane, and for once the Fates were kind to him! He should be touching down in Melbourne any time now, which is fantastic! Flipper will get her dinner on time, we won’t have to have a really late dinner, and I’ll have someone to talk to again! 🙂

So, how did I fill in my day today? Well, for starters, I got a nice, early start on WoW this morning, and took Aphra up to level 17. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Mychal, my Undead Warlock, was sent directly from the “baby areas”, around Tirisfal Glades, straight on to Silverpine Forest, and eventually through to the Hinterlands and then finally to Desolace – on the other hand, Aphra, my Blood Elf Hunter, was sent to the Ghostlands, where she’ll probably be busy until she hits level 21! Silvermoon, the Blood Elf Capital city, is only a short bat flight north from Undercity, the Undead Capital! I’d been expecting to get sent on to Silverpine Forest too, but there I am, running up and down the Dead Scar, trying to avoid Knucklerot and Luzran until I get to level 21! Knucklerot and Luzran are a couple of level 21 Gold Elites that patrol up and down this area – they’re definitely not easy, and shouldn’t be attempted solo, unless you like spending a lot of time running back for your body, and spending a lot of gold on repairs! It usually takes two or three regular level 21 characters to pull them down – or one regular level 21 Hunter, their Pet, and a very much higher level “friend”, whom Julian usually supplies! 😉 Well, I guess I am only level 17, so I shouldn’t be complaining…. Anyway, while I was doing all of that, I was also attempting the almost impossible – playing WoW whilst working on some mental arithmetic (and for me, that is almost impossible! I almost always need a pencil and a lot of paper to scribble my “guesses” on, when I’m trying to work sums out!) I was trying to figure out how many characters Tinselfluff (my second account) had, and how many Wynterthyme (my primary account) had, and whether or not I could squeeze, or wrangle, one more character into Saurfang under my Wynterthyme account… and if there were any extraneous characters already on Saurfang that I didn’t really need that I could get rid of… Anyway, I kept getting tangled up in all the logistics, so in the end I left Aphra in Silvermoon, logged out, and went tallying – with a pen and paper this time! It turns out that Tinselfluff has a total of 23 characters out of a possible 50, and Wynterthyme had a total of 49 characters, out of a possible 50 – “had” being the operative word there! And of course, in all that investigative sleuthing, I found a multitude of sins that needed to be corrected, gear, fashion, and set-up wise – which of course is what I started doing – and that kept me fully occupied, until my eyes started crossing and I felt that surely it was time for lunch?! Ah-ha! Julian just rang to say that he’s back in Melbourne and has left the airport – but it’s peak hour, so it’ll probably be a very slow trip home. He also asked me to put Flipper’s pussy biscuits (kibble) away so that she can’t fill up her tummy with those before dinner, which I’ve done – just as Flipper came in looking for them! I told her that Daddy would be home soon, and would get her dinner for her (I sort-of know what medication she has sprinkled on her dinner, but if I fed her, she probably wouldn’t eat it – because I’m only “Horrible Old Mummy”, and not Dear Daddy!) Now, where was I when the phone rang… oh yes, just walking back into the Den with another cup of coffee… So I went and took my sandwich out of the fridge to bring it up to “room temperature” before I ate it, finished off the work I’d been doing on WoW, checked my mail, and went into the lounge room to get myself organised to watch some of the “Survivor: Australia” episodes that I’ve been recording.

Then I sat in the lounge room, eating my lunch and watching “Survivor: Australia”, and at about four o’clock, I switched off the television, came back in here, and… well, here I am! 🙂 Now, wasn’t that a real fun day, especially the getting up at 5.30 am bit ….and would any of you like to buy a bridge? Only one owner – a little old lady who used to drive over it every Sunday, on her way to church! 😉

And now, having filled you all in on what’s been happening around here today, I shall hasten to get on to the “good” bit! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night we had a pair of beautiful pork “cutlets” – they actually looked a bit more like absolutely beautifully trimmed pork chops, but the packet called them “cutlets”, so I will too! Julian cooked them in our new griller, and although he thought they were a bit over-cooked, I didn’t! They were extremely tasty, and very tender – I love having the chop bone in things like Frenched lamb chops, and these pork cutlets, because having the “bone handle” there makes them so much more easier to hold, while you gnaw away at the meat still on parts of said “bone handle”! With them we had mashed potatoes, steamed green peas, and our usual half a tomato – then I had one of those yummy Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurts and another absolutely luscious yellow Nectarine for dessert (but I’d better have one of my Corella pears tonight, before they get over-ripe and mushy, too!) For lunch today I had a very tasty sandwich which Julian made for me this morning before he left for the airport – sourdough bread, the yummy Cheddar/Tasty cheese that’s my favourite at the moment, pastrami, tomato, and chopped lettuce. Extremely nice! I also had one of my last two mandarins, and I think I managed to fluke eating it at exactly the right time – it was sweet, but still with a hint of acidity, very easy to peel (sometimes they can be really hard to get the peel off without leaving too much pith behind!) and as an extra bonus – no pips! I have one mandarin left… hmm… Tonight we’re having pasta for dinner – well, we’d decided to have pasta when we thought that Julian would be late home, because pasta is quick and easy to make, and as far as I know, we’ll still have the pasta, even if he’s going to be quite a bit earlier than we’d expected – besides, not only is my mouth all geared up and expecting pasta and tomato sauce, but all the meat we have is still in the freezer! 😉 For dessert, as I said, I’d probably better have one of my two remaining Corella pears before they get all over-ripe and mushy, and I’ll also have an Apple Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning. Obviously wasn’t at all accurate – and it was far too early for my weigh-in, anyway! However, I went up 😦 I went from 65.7 kg yesterday to 65.9 kg today! Terrible! Next time I see Dr. B., I’m going to ask her if there’s anything I can do about the way my feet swell up, and if the fluid retention they display is associated with my strangely see-sawing weight in any way! Still, it was really the wrong time of the morning to be weighing me – so I think I’ll weight and sea what happens tomorrow morning at weigh-in time! 😉

And that brings me up to tomorrow again! I have absolutely no idea what’s happening tomorrow – we might even sleep in a bit, to make up for this morning! I’ll probably do some WoW-ing in the morning, and maybe even watch a bit more “Survivor: Australia” in the afternoon – who knows? 🙂 But once again, that’s about “it” from me for this evening – however do drop in again tomorrow night to find out if it was the timing of my weigh-in this morning that got my weight all wrong, or if it really did go up that much, and if so, what am I going to do about it? Whatever transpires though, there’ll be lots of “stuffs” to tell you all about! Until then though, do try to bee good, and don’t forget – never let inexperience get in the way of ambition, because without ambition, you’ll never get that experience – remember to look after yourself, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry, especially on cold, wet mornings when you’re commuting via Public Transport… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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