Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.08

05.01 pm

Here I am again – no longer “fashionably late”, but “late, as usual!” – actually, I think starting this “late” has become “normal” for me now – so I suppose I could say “Here I am again, right on time, for a change! 😉 ” Today’s really been a bit busy! As I told you yesterday, the Vet was due to make a home visit to give Flipper her usual two-monthly anti-arthritis injection, almost two weeks early (she never seems to last the full two months, poor old girl! :/ ) The Veterinary Nurse rang us fairly early this morning to see if Flipper required any other treatment or examination, or was it just for the injection, because if it was only the injection, a nurse could come out and do that. Of course we said “No, only the injection”, followed by a quickly added “and would it be possible for the nurse to come out a little earlier please, because we had an appointment in Glen Waverley at eleven o’clock?” The cheerful young lady on the other end of the phone told us that that was fine – she could come out right now, if that was alright with us? Well, it was, and she arrived at about a quarter to ten – poor Flipper didn’t have any idea what was going to happen, when she was summarily lifted up onto the (hastily brushed down) kitchen bench – if anything, I think she was slightly chuffed at all the attention she was suddenly getting from the three of us! 🙂 The needle was prepared, and slipped in under some loose skin on the back of her neck, and I don’t think she even noticed, until she tried to move as the final squirt of medication went in, which must have stung a bit, because she gave a loud and very cross “Meeyeah!” (she’s always had rather a strange accent – we think it’s probably because she’s Norwegian!) in protest – but by then it was all over, and we all made a big fuss over her before she was lifted down – where she immediately wandered off as though nothing had happened! The nurse, Bree, was very impressed with her appearance and the way she was walking – and I suppose, to someone who doesn’t live with her and see her every day, she is a remarkably fit and healthy example of a 22 year old cat! To us though, who’ve known her from when she was a terribly fastidious and always perfectly groomed young lady, who walked more in a series of elegant little “bunny hops” than your normal, every-day elegant cat “saunter”, she looks rather raggedy and scruffy, and “hobbles” around, looking something akin to a slightly smaller and more feline version of me! So… Flipper was saved from her debilitating phobia of being taken to the Vet, has had her anti-arthritis injection anyway 🙂 and from the way she’s been behaving, is obviously feeling a lot of relief from her painful arthritis, which was, after all, the whole object of the exercise – and as far as we’re concerned, it might have cost a lot, but it was very definitely money well-spent! We had a lot of trouble last night getting her to eat her dinner – which she finally ate most of, in the wee small hours of this morning, around one o’clock… Tonight, after her needle this morning, she demanded (I bet you didn’t know that cats could stamp their feet, did you! Well, arthriticky or not, she can!) her dinner early tonight, and more importantly, has already eaten most of it, which is really good! I think we might make a habit of doing things this way – it’s certainly less stressful to everyone and everything – except for our wallets… 😉

After all of that, we then got ready to go off to Glen Waverley to have all my Passport papers and photos (lord! they’re so hideous! I can’t believe I look that awful! Talk about “Night of the Living Dead”! 😯 ) signed, and what-not – which didn’t take long, thank heavens, and on the way back to the Vermont South shopping centre we stopped by that Ray’s Camping place on Whitehorse Road. Not that we’re thinking of going camping or anything! Heaven forbid! No, I need a small(ish) folding table upon which to fold the laundry after it’s been washed and dried – and where better to find such an animal as a folding camp table, than at a camping gear place? We walked in, asked where the camp tables were – less than half a dozen paces away, as it turned out – and there it was! The perfect little table-for-folding-laundry-on! Unfortunately, I now have no more excuses for not folding the laundry… *sigh* “What I really need is one of those little folding card-table type things, so that I can sit in my chair and have something a little larger than the tiny nested tables I’m currently using, to fold the laundry on while I’m watching television after dinner – something that can be packed up and stored flat under the bed or something afterwards… I wonder if they’d sell folding tables at one of those camping equipment stores…” …Me and my big mouth!! 😉 So we got the little table, and it looks like I’ll be folding laundry tonight while we’re watching television (not that I really mind!) and we continued on to Vermont South to check the PO Box, and also made a short detour into Coles, so that I could get some more fruit… Then Julian remembered that he was out of green beans, almost out of Brussels sprouts, we had no more potatoes – might as well get some carrots while we’re there – oh! We were out of chicken, too, and perhaps we should get some more steak! The Sirloin was nicer than the fillet – let’s get some more… We picked up some more mineral water, then I spotted some cocoa, coconut, and almond butter/spread that didn’t appear to be too high in calories, so we got some of that, and some more Dukkah – Pistachio, nuts and spice blend this time…and just as Julian was trying to steer me in the direction of the checkout, I grabbed my final “impulse purchase” of the day off one of the shelves – some Nando’s Perinaise peri-peri mayonnaise (“Mild”) because it’s absolutely delicious to dip chips in! In the fruit department I got some more Corella pears, some small mandarins, and a couple of the green Nashi pears – maybe it was only the yellow ones that I found so insipid… The result was that we arrived home with half a car’s worth of shopping, a folding camp table, and a lot of signed Passport papers! 🙂 Mission accomplished! 😉

Having given you all a really truly blow-by-blow description of our day, I can now get onto all the “good” bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night we had the first of our four left-over meals from the Lamb and Harissa Lasagne with Feta and Oregano – and once again, it was delicious! These sorts of dishes do improve the longer the spices have to work their way through everything. If you haven’t tried making it yet, it’s messy, but relatively easy to make, and believe me – you won’t regret it! It’s just so yummy! For dessert I had my last yellow Nectarine – just as well we got some more today! and also an Apple Le Rice. Today for lunch – well, seeing as we were right outside Baker’s Delight 😳 we got two savoury rolls (actually I don’t know that they were really “savoury”! They were really more “spicy and hot”! One was a Mexican Chili roll, and the other was a Jalapeno roll!) of which we had half each, and we both had one of their fruit and white chocolate scones… Tonight we’re having sausages, cooked “experimentally” in our new Grill! They’re the “Farm Foods” Beef, Pepper, and Barossa Valley Shiraz – and then the package says “seasoned with pepper and mustard” – no doubt we’ll also have chips, steamed green beans (now that we have some) and our usual half a tomato. We might even have a smidgen of that Nando’s Perinaise that I got today, with the sausages and the chips! And for dessert, I think I’ll try one of the green Nashi pears, and have one of the yummy Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurts.

Weigh-in this morning. Not good, but not really terrible either, is all I can say! I went from 65.5 kg to 65.4 kg – only down one point, and I did have that slightly naughty lunch today – on the other hand, I did my full 20 minutes on the treadmill, at 4.2 kilometers an hour (I hope my back doesn’t play up tonight!) So… we’ll just have to weight and sea what the scales tell me tomorrow morning, won’t we! :/

And that brings us full circle up to tomorrow again! Now, today I decided to get some Horde characters onto Saurfang… BUT I needed to have a Horde Guild, and Guild Bank (well, I didn’t really need to have a Guild and a Guild Bank, but it’s much more easier to start off with them than to turn around and have to organise them from scratch, right?) Anyway, I used my second account, because I had a second Horde Guild and Guild Bank on Nagrand that I didn’t really need – so I transferred Sörcha, the Guild Mistress (and her associated Guild and Guild Bank) from Nagrand to Saurfang, and viola, as the French say! An instant Saurfang Horde Guild and Guild Bank! Not that there’s all that much in the way of gold or goods in the “Hunter’s Incorporated” Guild Bank at the moment – but… it’ll grow… it’ll grow… (hopefully!) I had to change Sörcha’s name when I transferred her, so she’s now called “Foxfire” (I think I was quite lucky to get that name! Once again – no funny accents or characters, for a change!) Foxfire’s a Beast Master Hunter and will act primarily as Guild Mistress, Banker, and Auction Manager – at the moment there are only two other Guild members – my Blood Elf Mage, Avishag, and Julian’s Goblin Rogue, Spangler, and tomorrow I expect to be attempting to level Avishag up a bit, to see what it’s like being a Horde Mage! Eventually I’ll roll a Priest and a Warlock, but as they say in the classics, “that’s an adventure for another day!” And that, dear readers, is about “it” from me for today! Do call in again tomorrow night to see how my weight went, what Flipper’s been up to, now that she feels almost frisky again (well.l.l.l…. a bit more “frisky”, anyway? 😉 ) and how I went playing Horde-side for a change! But in the meantime, please try to bee good, don’t forget that the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry, especially as tonight’s weather report said that we’re going to have about a week of cold, wet weather… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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