Winter’s log, earthdate 201609.07

03.58 pm

Goodness! For once I’ve not only changed the background and the header – do you like my little fishies? They remind me a bit of Auric and Dapple! – but I’m starting early, too, on a day when my very favourite eldest daughter was over! Unfortunately her husband did something “not nice” to one of his legs, and has decided to come home, so she and I only had this morning in which to watch our weekly episodes of “The Flash”, and “Arrow”. They were the last episodes of Season 3, too, so of course, they both ended up on Cliff Hangers! Luckily for us though, we have Season 4 all ready and waiting in the wings for us next week, so at least we won’t have to go through the unbelievably sadistic six month wait that most people usually have, to see how everything turned out! 😉 I’m looking forward to next week! 😉

This morning before my very favourite eldest daughter arrived I played a bit more WoW, and got my Fire Mage, Jordana, up to level 16 – so only four more levels until I’ll be able to ride, and one more level (I believe) until I can “Portal” myself around from capital city to capital city, which will be a lot much more betterer that jogging all over the country-side by “shank’s pony”!

*Breaking News* Flipper, as you all know, is 22 years old, pretty senile, I’m afraid, and suffers quite a lot with arthritis and high blood pressure. At meal times we lace her dinner up with pills and potions to give her some pain relief from the arthritis – which is why it’s so important that she eats her dinner (or a sufficient amount of it, anyway) and funnily enough she seems to really enjoy the taste of her medicated food (thank heavens too, because most cats wouldn’t have a bar of anything that smelt, in any way shape or form, different, or “chemical”!) She goes to the Vet once every two months for a special anti-arthritis injection – she also goes every six months for a full check-up, where they test everything thing from her temperature to her blood pressure, and do all sorts of fancy blood tests, and so far, cross fingers, touch wood, she seems to be holding her own. She is deteriorating, but that’s only to be expected in a 22 year old cat, but the deterioration so far seems to be slow, and not too excessive. Yet, anyway. The thing is, she hates going to the Vet – even though they’ve never hurt her up there, and she always feels so much better after she’s had all her jabs and so-forth – but it’s getting to the agonising stage – for us – where we spend days debating on whether we should take her up this week, or leave it until the following week. She becomes so distressed the minute she sees the cat carry basket that she starts struggling (which is not good for her arthriticky old joints and bones!) screaming, yowling, and wetting herself (just as well most of the house has a tiled floor!) and every time we take her, she gets more upset than she was the time before. We’re now starting to think that this growing trauma of being taken up to the Vet probably does her more harm than if we didn’t take her at all, but by the same token, we can’t bear seeing her in so much pain every day with her arthritis. I suggested to Julian that he talk to the Vets about the possibility of a home visit – I mean, what could be the worst that they’d say? “No, we don’t make home visits”? I thought it was worth a try, anyway, so when Julian rang the Vet this afternoon to arrange for her two-monthly anti-arthritis injection (the injection is supposed to be every two months, but she never seems to be able to last the full two months – she only ever seems to be able to last about seven weeks, before really needing another one!) he asked, and they said they would – it’s going to cost us an emperor and a pope’s ransom, but if it prevents the almost hysterical outburst from her, I’ll count it as money well spent! One of the Vets will come out here tomorrow morning around a quarter past ten, and it’ll probably be all done and over before she’s had a chance to realise that it’s the Vet, and that she’s just had something sharp poked into her skin! A full report of the home visit will be written up for you all tomorrow!

And that’s about all that’s happened here today, so I’ll now fill you all in on the good bits!

Food stuffs. Last night we had our second grilled meal – this time we had grilled sirloin steak, with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato. Once again, I think the steak could probably have done with about a minute and a half, to two minutes less cooking time, but I think the temperature of the grill was about right this time, as the steak was well caramelised and tasty – I also think that we’re just used to seeing a lot more “pink” in the middle of our steak than we’re getting so far from the new griller… For dessert I had the last of the dark chocolate Chia Pods, and one of the brown, Bosc “stewing” pears, which although starting to get a little bit over-ripe, was still edible and enjoyable. Today for lunch I had a sandwich made from that yummy whole-meal bread that has all the sesame seeds stuck in the crust. The filling was a slight scraping of butter, sliced sandwich ham, tomato, a sprinkling of the Lemon Herb Dukkah, and slices of that new sort-of cheddar, sort-of tasty, cheese that’s my current cheese favourite. Tonight for dinner we’re having the first of four lots of frozen left-over Lamb and Harissa Lasagna with Feta and Oregano, which is going to be sooo yummy and delicious! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Could have been worse, so I’m not going to complain, even though I didn’t go down at all! I went from 65.5 kg to 65.5 kg – in other words, I stayed the same – which as Julian pointed out to me this morning, is at least better than going up! I didn’t do my walk at all today – last night, and the night before, my back was so sore I didn’t know what to do with myself! It’s like two dull to sharp (depending on how much one moves around!) thumb knuckles, digging really hard into each side of your spine, just above the beginning of your coccyx, or tailbone. Anyway, I decided that today I’d give myself a rest from the walking to see if it helped my back. Tomorrow the experiment will continue, with me changing the angle of the treadmill. I was using it at an angle of 10°, the highest it will go – Julian has been using it at an angle of 4°. I’d decided to leave it at 4°, and try the lesser angle for a while, as I thought it would be easier, or more gentle than the 10° I’d been using for so long – today Lee and Julian suggested that it might be the lesser angle that was making my back hurt (I can’t think why though! One would think that a steeper angle would be more likely to cause pain!) anyway, tomorrow I’ll put it back up to 10°, and see how that goes. Of course, it could also be the fact that I’ve increased my speed from 4 kilometers an hour to 4.2 kilometers an hour, and that I’ve started doing about 10 jogging steps, every five minutes or so… (all the while hanging onto the treadmill “handles” for grim death!) 😉

And here we are again – back to square one! We’ve got a bit of a busy morning tomorrow – the Vet coming at 10.15 am, then we have to race off to sign some papers at 11 am, so there won’t be much time to cuddle and coddle Flipper, after her whirlwind visit from the Vet. Oh, I’ve just been informed by himself that we now need to make an appointment to see a Post Master, at a Post Office, in order for me to formally present him (or her) with all my Passport papers (because I’m getting a new passport with my new name etc.) to prove my bona fides, or whatever. Lord, what a kerfuffle! So we’ll probably come home via The Glen, to see if the Post Master is available… however I do have somewhat vague recollection of having to go through this once before, the last time I had to get my passport… and dredging blindly around in the thick, black, gooey pit that is my memory, I do seem to remember that actually ringing up, and making the appointment, was all just a segment of the various loops and flaming hoops that one had to leap gazelle-like through in order to prove to the Government of Australia that you weren’t up to anything “shady”! Somehow, I’ll be very surprised if we do get to see a Post Master tomorrow – apparently they’re all terribly busy individuals – but whether we do or we don’t, it’ll be an interesting exercise! And now, that really is about “it” from me for this evening! However do call in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight did, how Flipper went with her home visit from the Vet, and whether or not we got to see a Post Master “on the spot”, or if we have to go back again next week! Until then though, do try to bee good, remember that sometimes we’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are – so make sure you slow down and smell the roses on the way, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry, no matter what you’re doing, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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