Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.07

04.56 pm

…and we’d been having such a good day, too! 😥

We finished playing WoW about ten minutes ago, and Julian went into the kitchen to organise some coffee while I started getting ready to write… and he called out “Oh no! We’ve had our first fatality!” I went in… and there was poor little Thisbe, lying upside down with her head on the gravel, at the bottom of the tank! Julian said that she hadn’t seemed terribly happy this morning when he gave them their breakfast, and now she’s… gone! 😦 Poor little thing! Julian checked, and changed, some of their water last night, even though it didn’t really need it, but after fishing Thisbe out, he’s now checking it again. The test results show that the PH is good enough to be called “perfect”, and the Ammonia level, while not 100% right, is certainly well within the “safety” margin. Thisbe was the one who wouldn’t swim up to the surface to eat the spirulina pellets – she’d get all excited, and swim rapidly backwards and forwards, but she’d never swim up… so this morning Julian fed them some of the “flaked” wafers/whatever they’re called – and which will have to be vacuumed up off the gravel because they’re just lying there untouched. Oh dear, I’m quite shocked, and very sad – she was a very pretty little orange and white fishie – we’re both rather overcome by this event! 😦 We were thinking of moving them into the big tank with Auric and Dapple either later this evening, or some time tomorrow – but under the circumstances, I think we’ll leave Pyramus in the small tank for another day or two – just to be on the safe side! (i.e. if Thisbe was “ill”, the chances are that Pyramus is ill too, and I don’t want him to come into contact with Auric and Dapple for a couple of days, just in case whatever-it-was that killed Thisbe is contagious!) I don’t even want to get another little fishie yet – certainly not until we’ve made sure that Pyramus is completely well and healthy, anyway! :/

World of Warcraft today… as I started to say at the beginning – we’d been having such a good day! Dulcineà and Tourbillon went from level 17, to level 30! Thirteen levels! That’s astounding! Neither of us died today – though Julian’s character Tourbillon came very close! He said he was “channeling Demelza” at the time, and fell off a very high cliff (and quite frankly, I’m surprised that he survived it!) For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with the term “channeling Demelza”: One of Julian’s first characters, Demelza, has a very unfortunate penchant for walking far too close to the edges of extremely high, steep places – ones which even a bird would think twice about approaching without a safety-net strung out below them – and her desire to see “what’s down there” nearly always terminated with a sudden and usually fatal stop upon reaching the bottom. Anyway, today he was very lucky – he didn’t die! (for a change!) One thing about our game today though, really did convince me that Quel’dorei has had its day – the whole place was crawling with other players – the Inn in Thelsamar, for instance, a “quiet little backwater” if ever there was one – honestly had to be seen to be believed – you literally couldn’t move for all the people milling around in there – and while it doesn’t seem to bother Julian terribly much, I’ve about had it up to “here” (Winter indicates a line in the air with her hands, somewhere between her chin and her eyes) with hanging about, waiting for my turn to finish a quest, or waiting for the items and mobs needed for the quest to re-spawn! As I said the other night, I’ve been playing a bit on another Realm (Server!) called Saurfang, which doesn’t seem to be as over-populated as Quel’Dorei – so what I’m proposing to do is get one of my Characters – a level 21 Night Elf Hunter called Calypsõ – to leave our Guild, and start up a new one of her own – I haven’t thought of a good name for it yet – She’ll also take a bit more than half the gold from the Guild Bank, and anything else that she thinks might be “useful” in a new Realm. Five of our characters will also quit our current Guild, “Grumpy Old Farts”, so that they can sign the Charter for the new Guild – whatever its name ends up being. Once the new Guild is established, they’ll leave the new Guild and go back to their original Guild (“Grumpy Old Farts”), and Calypsõ will have a brand new Guild, complete with sufficient Bank Vaults, plus a few lower-level materials, to get things started with. Characters wishing to move to Saurfang* will sign up with the new Guild, so that when Calypsõ, as the Guild Mistress, takes the Guild with her when she moves to Saurfang, existing members will automatically become Guild Members if and when they move to Saurfang too. It’s a good plan, and also the cheapest way of doing it – so I’ll be working on that shortly!

And that’s about all the daily news, so now, on with the good bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night we had a lovely little piece of steak, with chips, our usual half a tomato, and some more of those delicious little Baby Brussels sprouts. For dessert I had one of my “brown-skinned-bald- kiwi-fruit” Nashi pears, and a chocolate Chia Pod. For lunch today we had ham, cheese and tomato toasties, which were absolutely dee-licious! They were made with the lovely whole meal bread that has all the sesame seeds in the crust, and it really toasts up perfectly! 🙂 Tonight, being Sunday night, we’ve got omelets for dinner! I can’t tell you exactly what will be in them, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be fried cheese, tomato, some sort of ham or bacon (probably!) red or yellow (or both!) capsicum, and either onion or spring onion (probably!) I’ll let you all know tomorrow night, anyway! 😉 For dessert tonight I’ll have a Corella pear, if they’re ripe enough – if not, I’ll have an apple – and an Apple Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t too bad, considering I’m still taking those horrible little pills! I went from 65.7 kg to 65.4 kg – down three points, for a change – but don’t worry, it’ll go up again tomorrow – it always does, while I’m on these wretched pills… 😦

And that once again brings me to tomorrow! I’m not sure what’s happening – I know I have my next Warfarin blood test in the morning, and I know Josh is coming over in the afternoon – but apart from that, I’ll either be working on my new Guild thingy for the Saurfang move, or working on a bit more of my Blog Project, so that I can get it up for you all – so I’m sure to be busy, as usual… 😉 In the meantime, do call in again tomorrow night to find out if Pyramus is still with us, how much my weight went up (because it’s sure to!) and what I decided to call the new Guild – as well as the results of the blood test, and all sorts of other bits and pieces about what we did during the day. Until then though, please try to bee good, don’t forget that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this changeable weather… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Moving to Saurfang – moving a character between Realms (read: Servers) costs $27 – doing the move this way will be the cheapest, as really only three characters need to be moved – Calypsõ, the Guild Mistress, Dulcineà, and Tourbillon. Anyone else we decide to move to Saurfang can be moved across later…

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