Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.17

04.14 pm

Would you look at the date?! It’s half way through August already! There’s blossom on the trees outside! What happened to winter? Where’d it go?! I want my nice, cold, wet, dank, and dreary winter back! I want my seasonal share of rain, and storms, and sleet and hail! It’s not fair! What did I do, blink and miss it, or something?! 😦 (← Winter folds her arms and puts on her very best “Grumpy Cat” face)

*sigh* Spring and summer seem to be getting earlier and earlier, every year! To quote someone reasonably famous, “Why is it so?!” Still, I guess it doesn’t matter all that much – I rarely set foot outside the front door anyway… So, what’s bin happenin’ around these here parts today!? Not all that much – I think I spent most of the morning playing WoW, and my Mage, Silverhands, is now level 20, and has just got her “riding licence”! She’s really very easy to play – at least so far! She has numerous “freezing spells” which work very nicely, and “blink”, where you suddenly disappear, and pop up again, “x” feet ahead – which can be very handy, but I don’t think you move far enough! Julian says that later on, Mages get an “enhancement” that allows them to do a sort-of a “double blink”, so that you can get further ahead. I can also turn people into sheep – temporarily. It’s also quite a handy spell to have! Mages are fairly fragile little creatures because they can only wear cloth armor (which as you can imagine, isn’t terribly versatile or strong!) so when you’re attacked by multiple mobs, sometimes it’s handy to be able to “neutralise” at least one of them by turning them into a sheep, while you take care of their “friend”… As a matter of fact, I had to use it today… I was escorting a Night Elf Scout to a “safe place”, and somehow managed to end up fighting about three big, tough, Horde Enforcers who’d jumped us on our way to the safe route home – so I turned one of them into a sheep – which promptly ran off in a fright! By the time I’d dealt with the other two Enforcers, “Mr. Sheep” had turned back into a Horde Enforcer again, and I was able to dispose of him, too 🙂   I think I like being a Mage! Oh, and I’ve just learnt how to make “Portals”! I can now open up a Portal to nearly all the major Alliance cities in Azeroth, which is going to be more than useful! Instead of having to gallop off to a port and catch a ship, or run off to find the nearest Flight Point and fly to wherever I have to go, all I have to do now is wiggle my hands a bit, and step through the handy-dandy little Portal to wherever it is I have to go! I can even take grouped friends with me! How neat is that! I reckon it’s even much more betterer than Star Trek’s Transporters! 🙂

This afternoon I worked on the header for this Template, and I also tried out a few new techniques that I invented – if you look really closely at the background, you should be able to see a very faint “cross-hatch” pattern… but don’t expect it to last, cos I’ve decided that I don’t really like this Template as much as I though I did… so expect something different again tomorrow! 😉

And as that pretty much sums up my day today, I can now move on to the “good” bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had plain, un-marinated, pan-fried chicken breast, on a bed of plain, steamed rice which had some finely chopped spring onion mixed into it. I love chicken cooked like that – I reckon that the marinated version is a bit tastier, but it’s all yummy! For dessert I had 3/4 of a “Jazz” apple (a full “Jazz” apple is far too big for me eat in the one “sitting”, so Julian cut it into quarters – he ate one quarter, and I ate the other three) and I also had a small tub of the new Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt that I’ve recently discovered, and which I seem to have taken such a liking to… because suddenly, I find that I’m not missing that delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding so much! For lunch today we had ham, tomato, and Swiss cheese Toasties. And I have to tell you all that although the Swiss cheese went very well in the Toasties, and while they were totally delicious, Julian and I have both came to the conclusion that Cheddar cheese is the best cheese to put into a Toastie, as it really seems to “compliment” the ham and tomato best. Tonight we’re having a small roast beef, with (I think!) roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, half a tomato, and steamed green beans or peas. Tonight for dessert I’ll have one of my Corella pears, and maybe for a change tonight, either a Chocolate Chia Pod or one of the Le Rice tubs.

Weigh-in. It just goes to show exactly how much mental and spiritual damage those [censored] little fluid and weight retaining pills cause! It’s stupid, I know, but I just can’t help it! I know they’re going to make me gain weight, I know my feet are going to turn into balloons (sometimes it’s all I can do to get my shoes on, if we’re going out somewhere!) but for some reason I just can’t be sanguine about it – it really, really distresses and depresses me. All my feelings of self-worth vanish completely, and I feel such a failure… But there you go – I got on the scales this morning to a happy surprise! I went from 64.8 kg to 64.4 kg – which I suppose is what you could pretty much call “normal” for me now…

And that brings me full circle to tomorrow again! Julian has some banking to do (which he probably should have done today, but he played WoW instead) I have some folding to do because Julian also did the washing today, and a plethora of magazines to sort out into both monthly and alphabetical order – seeing as I now have some magazine holders for them! Auric and Dapple are both well and behaving themselves nicely, and (Julian doesn’t know this yet!) I’m thinking that I’d like to get them some more “decorations” for their Fish House. Actually, not “decorations” per se – I don’t want anything too kitsch – but I would like to get them a nice “hollow rock”, or whatever – something that they can actually swim into, and hide themselves away, if they want to. At the moment, all they’ve got are some very plastic-looking plants, and a rather daggy looking “brown” rock that just has absolutely nothing at all going for it in either the “decorative”, or the “useful” stakes!

Oh, breaking news! 🙂 Months (and months and months!) ago, Julian and I ordered some incense online, as the sort we wanted to get didn’t exist here any more (I think it was some sort of Christmas “special” that we bought about a year ago at the Reject Shop!) Anyway, we liked it, and we managed to find it online – as well as a couple of other ones that looked relatively interesting – so we ordered them. Weeks later we’re told that (a) some of them had to come from a different retailer, and (b) some of the retailers wouldn’t sell outside the USA. (why have some American retailers got this really weird attitude to Australians, that they won’t ship stuff to us? I had the same problem with – would you believe – a kindle e-book! “Not able to sell to your country”! an e-book!!) As we’ve had this problem before, Julian has organised a “Forward Shipping Company” in the States – you give the recalcitrant merchant their address instead of your Australian one, because they’ll happily ship the goods to anywhere that’s in the USA, and the Forward Shipping Company send the goods on to us, because that’s what they’re for – the retailers are happy because they’re sending their goods within the USA – the Forward Shipping Company are happy, because they get paid twice, more or less, and we’re sort-of happy because we finally get to receive our goods, even if we have had to pay for them twice! Anyway, we’d ordered this incense absolutely ages ago, and this afternoon, despite numerous hold-ups and problems along the way, it’s finally arrived! We’re actually trying out one of the new, “interesting” looking ones that we bought “experimentally” – the incense itself is in a very tight little “coil” – a bit like a mosquito coil that you can get to burn at summer BBQs, only a lot smaller, and the little holder that comes with it is in the shape of a bird – I think it’s a Heron, or a Crane? No, sorry, not a Crane – Cranes have longer legs… anyway, it’s holding its head up, with its beak open, and you wedge the inside part of the incense coil into the open beak, and light the outside of the coil… It’s supposed to burn for 45 minutes, I think… it’s actually quite nice, and is called “Osmanthus

So I think I’d better call it quits here, and say that’s about “it” from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night though, to find out if my weight’s still behaving, how far I’ve got with my new Mage Silverhands, and how we enjoyed the new incense! But until then, please try to bee extra good, remember that a moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry, even if the weather does look fine, because this is Melbourne, and to look after yourselves… but above all (and most importantly!) please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂