Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.12

04.25 pm

Here I am again – around-about on time, I suppose… Actually, the Podiatrist should be here – right about now (give or take a few minutes, as she’s usually running late) but alas and alack – she can’t come today as she has a bad cold… but I’ve been told that she’ll be here tomorrow afternoon, about 1-ish! (and I just remembered something I was going to try out today, but forgot about until about two seconds ago! Typical me!*) I do hope her cold isn’t contagious any more, as I’ve already got one of those, happily living in my nose, and I’d never be so greedy as to accept another one, when there are – quite literally – hundreds of people out there, all waiting to catch someone else’s cold! 😛 Anyway, I suddenly find myself with a free afternoon, so I thought to myself “Well, Winter, why don’t you write a Blog, for a change, this afternoon!” so, here I am!

Remember last night how I was going on about something grabbing the screen away from me while I was playing WoW? And how I said that Julian (and I) were going to look into the possibility/probability of it being the Anti-virus software we’re using? Well, once again we seem to have mislaid our round tuit, so I just played as per usual this morning. You know what? I think it must have been the Anti-virus program! Because now that it realises we’re onto it, it’s laying low and behaving itself! I played all morning, with everything turned on for once, and the screen didn’t get grabbed away from me – not even once! But of course, now that I’ve gone and said that, I’m probably going to get the wretched screen snatched away from me every five minutes! So… maybe the problem is fixed, and maybe it isn’t, but I did get a good morning’s worth of uninterrupted play, which was rather nice! We’ve finally been able to get a bit of money over to Saurfang, at long last, though Julian had to get one of his “spare” characters to “ferry” it over, as I’m still waiting to be able to shift the new Guild over from Quel’Dorei – hopefully by Monday the seven days wait will be over! So, with the arrival of some much-needed cash over on Saurfang, I’ve been able to purchase some nice matching luggage for all the girls  – and at 14 gold each, Netherweave Bags are the cheapest, medium-sized bags you can get, so I bought ten of them! I also managed to buy some “clothie” Heirloom gear for us “Priests” (or Priestesses) so now any of my girls who aren’t Hunters (I think I have two Priests, and two Warlocks!) will get a 30% boost to their experience gains!

The other thing that we managed to get done today was to install my email upgrade – which so far, seems to be performing admirably! 🙂 However, the proof of the pudding, and all that! 😉

And that’s about all that’s transpired today so far, so I guess I should probably get on with all the good bits (depending on one’s point of view, naturally! :/ )

Food bits. Last night for dinner we had two of the Three Island Beef sausages (one each) which, as usual, were extremely nice. There was one small fly in the ointment though – for some reason, the oven picked last night to misbehave, so we weren’t able to have chips, after all! Luckily we had some real, live potatoes on hand, which Julian thought we’d have mashed, but I thought that just having plain-old boiled potatoes would be nice for a change, so we had boiled spuds, baby Brussels sprouts, and our usual half a tomato with our Three Island sausage, and it was a lovely meal! There were no Chocolate Chia Pods, as we’d eaten them all, and neither were there any more of the Le Rices, Apple or not, and I didn’t think that the Corella pears were really ripe enough to eat – so I was reduced to having a “Jazz” apple, and a strawberry low-fat yoghurt for dessert! For lunch today Julian made sandwiches, using the same tasty whole-meal bread with the sesame seeds in the crust that I like so much, with basil-pesto hummus as a butter substitute, and sandwich-chunks of turkey, and it really made for a most delicious lunch! Tonight we’re having pork, pan-fried with a little home-grown rosemary, chips (apparently we can still use the oven, as it’s only the element that works with the “fan-forced” part that’s gone bung – the rest of it works fine, so with a bit of “adjustment”, we should be able to have our chips – and eat them too!) our usual half a tomato, and peas. For dessert tonight I think I’ll actually try one of the Corella pears, and as Julian’s just come home from doing the shopping, I’d say at a guess that I’ll be having either a Chocolate (or other flavoured!) Chia Pod, or some sort of Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning. Silly me thought that it couldn’t get much worse than it was yesterday! Well, I was wrong! It was a lot worse than it was yesterday! I don’t know what’s going on, I truly don’t. Nothing has changed. We’re eating exactly the same things as I’ve been having since I hit maintenance last September, and I’m walking every day on the treadmill, just as I have been since we got it late last year. Yes! we did go out for a lunch and a dinner during this last week – but I also survived Christmas, Easter, and several Birthdays since last September with no ill effects! As for those terrifying little pills, I’ve been taking those wretched things for ten days, every third month, and by now, everyone who knows me is painfully aware of what they do to me! (sorry!) So… Q: what’s changed? A: nothing! Q: why is this happening now, after nearly a year?! A: I don’t know, and I wish I did, because I’d change whatever was causing it! Maybe “They’re” right, and people who do successfully lose a lot of weight do put it all straight back on again, or something! Julian says it’s fluid – but if so, why is it so much fluid this time! This has never happened to me before, and it really is scaring me! Yesterday I was horrified to find I’d gone up to 66.2kg – definitely the heaviest I’ve been since I reached Maintenance last September… but you know what I saw when I got onto the scales this morning? I’d gone UP ANOTHER 3 POINTS to 66.5 kg!

I don’t know what to do any more.

Anyway, that’s about “it” from me for this evening – I really don’t feel like writing any more… Call in again tomorrow night if want to – even if only to point and laugh at how much more my bloody weight has gone up. I’m afraid that I know a hell of a lot of people who are going to get their jollies saying “See? I knew she couldn’t do it!” – and obviously, I can’t! They were right, I was wrong. Fishes are well, Flipper’s well, Julian is well, and I’m just fat and depressed. Do try to bee good, and I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, don’t forget that chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this squally weather… but most importantly, please, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Why is it that I’ll suddenly think of something really clever – like how to get columns to work properly on Word Press, f’rinstance – right when I’m really busy boring myself to insanity on the treadmill – like this morning, for instance? I’m going [trundle, trundle, trundle] “I’m bored…” [trundle…] then all of a sudden, and right out of the blue, I’ll think to myself “Yes! That would work! Gosh! Why didn’t I think of that ages ago! I’ll try that out later this morning…” Then fast-forward to a few minutes ago, and all of a sudden – I’ll remember! Grrr!