Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.27

04.40 pm

Yes, here I am, back at this particular Template – again! Well, it’s not bad, and it does have the widest text column that I’ve been able to find – to date, anyway, and all I really had to do to “adapt” it was create the new header, which was already “mostly done”, and just needed a bit of tweaking. It’s actually been a bit of a “strange” day, really – mostly normal this morning – got up, got weighed, had breakfast – all that sort of thing – and then I played WoW, as per usual. I re-rolled Zelenka – remember her? I created her the other night because as I had two of everything else, I thought that perhaps I should have two Mages… then this morning I decided that as I’d tried a Priest (two Priests, or Priestesses, in fact!) and two Mages, what about a third “Clothie” … a Warlock?! So I re-rolled Zelenka as a Warlock – and thanks to the lucky miracle of “Invasions”, she’s now level 18! These “Invasions” are pre-Expansion occurrences of the Legion beginning their invasion of Azeroth, and will presumably end on Tuesday, when the Expansion will be officially released – well, that’s what most people are saying, anyway – but surely the invasion won’t be over by then, will it? I mean… they haven’t even managed to take Kharanos yet! I should know – that’s where I did most of my very rapid leveling up this morning, fighting and dying – multiple times – to keep the Legion out of Kharanos (and out of Gadgetzan last night, with Silverhands!) So, who really knows what’s going to happen next Tuesday! I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Anyway, that was my morning. I was fully planning on going for my twenty minute walk-a-thon after lunch, and then either getting back to Zelenka, or maybe doing some graphics – or whatever… and then Julian said “as soon as the Clothes Dryer finishes, I’m taking you up to Vermont South, we’ll have some lunch there at one of the little coffee shoppes, then we’ll go and get the planter tubs for the herbs!” – so that’s what we did… but the Clothes Dryer took for-evah to finish, so we had a slightly later luncheon than we’d planned… then I went and looked in Coles to see what other sort of fruit they had available, seeing as they don’t have any of the “bald-kiwi-fruit-brown” skinned Nashi pears anymore (they have the pale yellow skinned ones, but they’re not nearly as nice) As I suspected, the “stone” fruit is just starting to come into season, and the “pome” fruits (i.e. fruits that have a “core” of several small seeds, like apples, pears, and a few others) are just ending theirs 😦 I dunno – they have apples all year round – why can’t they have pears too?! Actually, I suppose they sort-of do – as you’ll usually be able to find the Beurre Bosc (they’re the brown ones – we used to call them “cooking” or “stewing” pears when I was little) the Williams (yellow skin when ripe) and the Packham (green skin, even when ripe) pears pretty much all the time – they just don’t have the ones that I like all year, like the Corella and the (brown-skinned) Nashi, or “Asian” pear. They did, however, have some of the yellow-skinned Nashi pears, but I opted for some yellow Nectarines instead. I’m not sure if they’re really ripe enough to eat, but I’ll try one tonight anyway. The main trouble with stone fruit is that if you get them when they’re “just right” to eat, and you get, say, half a dozen of them, most of them will be over-ripe by the time you get to them! Mum used to buy up lots of stone fruit at a time – nectarines, peaches, apricots… and before they got a chance to bruise or get over-ripe, she’d stew them! She’d package up the stewed fruit into individual serving tubs, and freeze them – so that she had nice stewed fruit all winter! She did the same with rhubarb, too… and it was me, years before I ever thought of trying to lose weight, who put her onto a good low-calorie way of stewing fruit! Instead of using water and sugar, one small can of diet lemonade is enough to stew a small saucepan full of prepared fruit – depending on how much “juice” you like or want.

After our little stroll through the fruit section of the supermarket, we headed off to Bunnies, to look for planter pots for the herbs… There were some plain, undecorated, boring and ordinary, concrete pots, about the right size and shape, but they wanted $80 each for them! We kept looking… There were some rather nice ones at reasonable prices, and in the end we got three fairly plain, rectangular terracotta pots, which were about $25 each (and they sure were a lot prettier than the boring concrete ones!) We also bought four bags of potting soil, then came home… Two of the tubs of herbs have been put along the outside edge of the back deck, with the third sitting on the path in front of them, so that not too much of the pathway is taken up by herbs – they look quite good there, and will be easy enough to get to for picking, even when it’s raining. “Plant Herbs – √ tick!”

While Julian was busy with the herbs, I was busy with Zelenka again! It’s hard to believe just how many areas/zones she’s bypassed but leveling up so quickly (yes, she is wearing the Heirloom gear!) I certainly don’t mind, and it’s not as though I haven’t covered those missing areas in great detail, many times over in the past. Anyway, that was my day today – and once again, I didn’t manage to get my walking in (does this mean I have to do a double walk, tomorrow? 😦 ) Oh well – but now onto something more enjoyable! The “good” bits!

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had some lovely little Pork loin steaks, pan-fried with a little home-grown rosemary, half a tomato, chips, and some Brussels sprouts – and it was an absolutely terrifict dinner! I really don’t know why we don’t have pork more often! For dessert I had one of my Corella pears, and an Apple Le Rice. Today for lunch up at the Vermont South shopping centre, I had a piece of only-just warmed up Spanakopita (it could have been a lot hotter!) with some over-dressed salad (which Julian ate for me! 😉 ) and one of those lovely, yummy, gooey, thick and sticky chocolate caramel slices, with a long black (coffee) and a small jug of skinny milk on the side. Tonight we’re having the pan-fried ultra delicious “marinated chicken”, on a bed of plain steamed rice and finely chopped spring onions, and for dessert I’ll try one of the (new) yellow Nectarines – hopefully it’ll be ripe enough to eat (if it’s not, I’ll have an apple!) and one of the Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurts.

Weigh-in this morning. Well, that’ll larn me to go without my “walkies”! :/ I went from 64.3 kg to 64.5 kg – in other words, up two whole points, and I really dread to think what I’ll see on the scales tomorrow morning, after another “missed walkies” day! Never mind, what’s done is done, and cannot be undone! Tomorrow though, is Sunday, and our last couple of days to level gear and ourselves up before Tuesday. My Daily Dose of Walking will be performed after lunch, which I’ll try to eat as fast as possible so as not to waste too much time. Tomorrow, Azeroth will have to wait for fifteen minutes!

And once again, that brings me up to tomorrow – which I’ve already told you about! 🙂 On Monday, I’m supposed to be having my next Warfarin blood test – but the cleaning lady will be here, and if I have my blood test done after about 12 noon, I don’t get the results until very late that evening… so I’m putting the blood test off for a day (and one day either side of the “due” date doesn’t matter all that much) because we’ll be over near the blood test place on Tuesday, picking up my very favourite eldest daughter who’ll be coming over – nice and early, so I should get the results before dinner time! And that’s really about “it” from me again for this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out if I did get my walkies in, and what my weight had to say about not doing “Tha Walk” for two whole days, in the morning, what we got up to in Azeroth (though we’re not really counting how many times we die this Sunday, because of all the Invasions!) and what else happened around this neck of the woods in general! Until then though, please try to bee good, don’t forget that those who will not read are no better off than those who cannot read, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry, especially on the coldest and wettest of days… but above allplease remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂