Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.06

04.49 pm

Yayyy! We have our (proper) internet back! Not that Julian’s wifi set-up didn’t work brilliantly, but I guess I’ve just been spoilt over the years – I’ve come to think of it as just “normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday stuff” to be able to pause TV shows if you need to go and make a cup of coffee or something, and then to be able to fast-forward-like-mad through all the boring sports and stuff when you come back with your freshly brewed cup of coffee – especially now, with the ruddy Olympics just starting! 😉 Only one night without it (last night!) and I was going through severe withdrawal symptoms! At least I was able to play WoW though – with which I’m having a very peculiar problem at the moment! It’s been doing this for about a week (give or take a fortnight here or there!) and it’s most annoying! So far, I haven’t come to any harm when it’s happened, but if it does it while I’m in the middle of a Boss fight or something, my goose won’t just be cooked, it’ll be burnt to a cinder! What happens is this: I’m walking along, or whatever, and all of a sudden, the screen will go black, and then I’ll find myself staring at my desktop! I’ve not been kicked out of the game, or lost carrier, it’s as though the screen gets minimised (it doesn’t, but that’s the easiest way to describe it!) because if I click on the WoW icon, I go straight back into the game, as though I’d never left (which is why I said that if I’d been in the middle of a Boss fight, my goose would have been well and truly overcooked!) Something – and we don’t know what or why yet – is grabbing the screen away from WoW. So, now I’m going through the process of elimination – I close down everything that I usually have running in the background, and just play WoW. This morning, after an hour and a half with no problems, I started up Chrome. After about twenty minutes or so, I found myself staring at my desktop. Hmm! Chrome shouldn’t be doing that – let’s try again! And then my very favourite youngest daughter arrived, and we retired to the lounge room to chat, and have lunch. We don’t see nearly enough of her – she works full time, and has a husband, and a house full of cats, rabbits and a dog to take care of when she’s not at work – so today was a real treat for us and we made the most of it! 🙂

Later this evening, I’ll pick up my elimination testing again – this time I’ll leave Chrome turned off, then one by one, I’ll start up the things I usually have running in the background, like eM-Client (my mail program) Word, Photoshop, and an address book. If everything works properly, and I don’t get dumped back to my desktop, I’ll turn Chrome back on, and see what happens… if it dumps me again, well, I suppose I’ll just have to switch to Firefox or something!

Apart from all of that, nothing terribly exciting or interesting has been happening around here – Auric and Dapple have settled down after their traumatic encounter with the Golden Comet Piranhas, and Pyramus and Thisbe have been quietly getting used to their temporary Holding Tank. I fed them last night, and they didn’t really know what to do! I think they knew I’d sprinkled food in the tank, because they got all excited and milled expectantly about, but made no move to swim up to the top of the tank, where their little pellets were floating on top of the water. I stayed and watched them for a bit, but eventually I had to concede defeat, and walk away, hoping that they’d eventually “get the message” – and their dinner! When I went back about half an hour later, they were still down in the bottom section of the Holding Tank, but there were no pellets still left on the surface of the water, so either they’d swum up to get it, or the food had sunk deep enough for them to find, and eat it. I’ll see how they go tonight! 🙂 We’ll try moving them in with Auric and Dapple, either tomorrow night, or maybe sometime on Monday. This time we’ll only move one of them across at a time, to see how Auric and Dapple react to the introduction of a new fish – if they react badly to one new fish in their Fish House, then I think we’ll just have to accept the fact that Auric and Dapple don’t want “company”, and get used to the idea of moving Pyramus and Thisbe into the Den (here!) and making the small Holding Tank into a “Little Fish-House on the Prairie in the Den”, and becoming a “Two Tank” family! :/

And now, on to the good bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night we had some Coles-brand Beef sausages for dinner – which were actually very nice! and at least on a par with the Heston Blumenthal sausages that we usually get, although not quite as good (in my opinion, anyway) as the Outback Spirit sausages we sometimes get as well. We didn’t have chips with that, we had mashed potatoes, which was lovely for a change, and we had our usual half a tomato, and baby Brussels sprouts. For dessert, I had one of my “Eve” apples, and a small tub of Apple Le Rice. Today for lunch we had wraps, with basil-pesto hummus as the butter substitute, red capsicum batons, Halloumi cheese, sliced spring onions, and sandwich-sliced smoked ham, and for dinner tonight we’re having steak, with chips, half a tomato, and some more of the baby Brussels sprouts (I love Brussels sprouts! 🙂 ) For dessert tonight I’ll have one of my “bald-kiwi-fruit-brown” skinned Nashi pears (because I don’t think the Corella pears we got yesterday are ripe enough to eat yet!) and a chocolate Chia Pod.

Weigh-in this morning. Again. Horrible. I feel like an immensely fat pig! I went from 65.6 kg to 65.7 kg – up another point! Only four more days to go on those evil, twisted, malicious and sadistic pills 👿 (and another five days after that, to get them out of my system!)

And then we come to tomorrow, and our Sunday of leisurely leveling up in Lock Modan with Dulcineà and Tourbillon – hopefully not dying too many times! And also hopefully by then, we’ll have worked out, and fixed, the reason that my screen keeps getting snatched away! It really is most annoying! And we might – or we might not – try moving either Pyramus or Thisbe in with Auric and Dapple! If that single move works out, we’ll move the other one across too – but this time we’ll do the whole move a lot more slowly! And once again, that’s about “it” from me for this evening! Drop in again tomorrow night though, to find out how our day in Azeroth panned out, if we died at all, and how far we progressed during our sojourn there… You’ll also be able to catch up on how much more my weight has skyrocketed (bloody pills!) if we moved one or both of our new fishes in with Auric and Dapple, and whether we solved the riddle of my vanishing WoW screen! But until then, do try very hard to bee good, remember that when you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm and dry, even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and it’s freezing cold… but above all, and most importantly, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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