Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.29

05.26 pm

Well, I’m quite a bit later than I wanted to be, but that’s because (a) we went vegetable seedling shopping, and (b) because I really should have been born blonde! I’m desperately trying to work out how to get this first “posting” page set up to be accessed as “Home” on the Menu, but everything I try falls flat on its nose! With some Templates, all you have to do is click on the ruddy Header, and it’ll bring you back to this page – but other Templates, like this one, don’t! With this Template, there’s nothing at all to click on in the Header area – meaning that the only way to get back to this particular page is to bang on your Browser’s back button in annoyance – several times sometimes, if you’ve surfed through all the other Pages listed in the Menu! What I want to do is have the blog set up like this: Access the blog, and you come directly to this page. √ Click on “Cats”, and go to the “Cat” page √ yup, that works – there’s not that much there at the moment, is there, and you’ve probably read it already? Right, click on “Recipes…”, to go to the “Recipe…” page. √ yup, that works fine too – so we can see that we can get from this page, to any other page, and from any other page, to any other page… except this one! Well, as I said before, with some, and in fact with most Templates, you can just click anywhere within the Header area at the top of the page, and it’ll bring you back to this main blog page… except with this one! Honestly, I’ve wasted hours trying to work out how to do it – which is why I said that I really should have been born blonde (Winter whispers a heartfelt and guilty “Sorry!” to all the super-intelligent and clever blondes who might happen to be reading this!) So – I dunno – should I just give up, and just let everyone muddle their own way back to this page? Start looking for a decent Template (again!) that has a clickable Header? Post a “sticky” message at the top of every page to let people know that if they want to get back to the main blog or posting page, they have to use the “back” button on their Browsers to do so? I am most put out! 😡

All that aside, this morning I played WoW, as usual, and I’ve managed to get Phoenìx up to level 65! I’m currently questing in Nagrand, which is supposed to be for levels 64 to 67, but I’m hoping to get moved along soon as it’s all just too stupidly easy! I’ll see what happens tomorrow though – maybe I’ll get my marching orders once I’ve handed all my completed quests in… Julian was working up in the Office this morning, sending a query off to our Accountant/Tax worker-outer-person – not for us, for his brother who’s over in Israel – only to find that our clever little Accountant/Tax worker-outer-person is away on leave! “Bother, said Pooh, when he found that his Accountant had gone off on a holiday!”, and then our lawn-mowing man called to see if we wanted him to do anything today, which for once we did – because you should have seen all the leaves and twigs all over the front and back garden this morning! The place looked as though a Tornado had hit it, honestly! So he came around and cleaned the place up a bit while we had lunch, and after he’d been, and we’d finished lunch, we took off for the Pinewood Nursery, which is right near the Monash Freeway on-ramp, on Blackburn Road in Glen Waverley. Over the years we’ve been to lots of Nurseries, and this is one of the best that we’ve been to – it’s well laid out, is very well stocked, it’s easy to get around, and every “section” is well labelled, so it’s easy to find what you want. The staff there are very friendly and helpful, too 🙂 Well, it was absolutely freezing cold, and I wished I’d brought a scarf and borrowed Julian’s morning-walk gloves! Plus it was quite windy, so I guess that the wind-chill factor played a part in me nearly freezing to death, and by that time of the afternoon, the weather was starting to look quite threatening – as though it was trying really, really hard to squeeze a few drops of rain out onto us, but luckily for me, it didn’t succeed! We did buy a lot of plants though, as well as cane for trellises, a few more large but shallow pots (with little “feet” to stand them on) for herbs, which we’ve decided to start from scratch again – I think we “overcrowded” them last time, and nothing really flourished, if you know what I mean! Here’s a list of the seedlings that we got: Garlic, Carrots, Pak Choy, Red Spanish Onions, Potatoes (Dutch Cream) Rhubarb Crowns, Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Broad Beans – and the Herb seedlings: Olive herb, Basil, Italian (flat leaf) Parsley, Oregano, Sage, and Thyme. I also got my Fig Tree! (Winter jumps up and down with joy and excitement) I asked one of the nice Nurserymen there if the roots would be a problem so close to the house (that was Julian’s main reason for not wanting to get a Fig Tree! He thought that the roots might wreck our plumbing!) Anyway, we were told that a “fruiting” fig tree wouldn’t be a problem (as opposed to an ornamental Moreton Bay Fig Tree, which would!) and I told him the sort of fig I liked – dark red and “jammy” on the inside, so he recommended a type of Fig Tree called a “Brown Turkey” (for goodness sake, why Turkey?! It hasn’t got any feathers! Mind you, it doesn’t have any leaves, either – maybe it’ll grow feathers (or leaves) in the spring…? 😉 ) So that’s what we got – a fairly tall “stick” with minute proto-buds up and down it, which we’ll plant close to the corner of the flower bed and the shed, as soon as possible. I’m sure we got a lot more this afternoon, but that’s about all that Julian and I could remember!

And now it’s on to the “good” bits! 😉

Food stuff. Last night we had pan-fried lamb backstrap, with chips, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato – a simple but delicious and hearty meal – and for dessert I had my last Pink Lady apple, and a small bowl of really yummy Coles-brand, very low-calorie delicious Rice Pudding. Today for lunch we had wraps, with our favourite butter substitute, basil-pesto hummus, Feta cheese, one of our small dark green capsicum, chopped into batons, strips of preserved roasted red capsicum, sandwich sliced roast beef, and tomato. Terribly messy to eat, but utterly scrumptious! Julian said he actually rinsed off the preserved roasted red capsicum first, because he’d tasted it and found it to be a little too vinegar-y, however, I thought that it gave the wrap just gave the right amount of “tangieness” – probably because it’d been rinsed! 🙂 Tonight we’re having steak again (yumm! I love steak!) with half a Roma Tomato, steamed green beans, and mashed potatoes. Tonight for dessert I’ll have one of the new Fuji Apples that we got the other day, and a small bowl of my favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie delicious Rice Pudding. 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was both very good, and very surprising! I went from 64.3 kg to 63.8 kg! Half a kilo! Overnight! See? Miracles really do happen, after all! 😉 But don’t worry too much – it’ll be back up again tomorrow morning, I bet’cha! 🙂

And that brings us around to tomorrow again – if the weather is co-operative, Julian will be putting seedlings in the ground, pointy end up – if the weather proves to be recalcitrant, he says he’ll be giving them a watering “where they are”, which is sitting quietly and patiently on the back deck. I hope they weather will be good though, because the nice Nurseryman said that I should be able to get my first crop of figs by next year, so I figure the sooner the little fig tree gets planted, the sooner I’ll get my figs! 😉 As for moi tomorrow, I’ll probably be taking Phoenìx out again for another run at getting her as close as possible to level 90 before the end of August, although I’m also attempting to get Wynterthyme another Spirit Beast Pet, wot I just heard about the other day. It’s name is Gondria, and it’s a semi-transparent, or translucent, lavender-purple Spirit Tiger, which does look terribly fetching in battle. It comes from a place called Zul’Drak, which is near Grizzly Hills in Northrend, and it’s a Rare, so it’s very hard to come by. I have the five places that it can spawn all mapped out, and I fly Wynterthyme around the circuit about two or three times a day in the hopes of finding it – but so far, no luck! :/ I’ll try to post a screenie of him/her/it, if I ever manage to find and Tame it! 🙂 And once again, that’s about “it” from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out which way my weight bounced, whether or not we got any of our new plants planted – with photos, if applicable – and what else we got up to during the day… but until then, don’t forget to bee as good as you can, remember that no matter what the situation, remind yourself “I have a choice”, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry, especially on cold and rainy days, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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