Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.16

05.36 pm

Julian has just taken off to drive my very favourite eldest daughter home, and I’m just sitting down to fill you all in of what’s been happening around this neck of the woods today. Julian spotted something this morning that neither of us have seen since we’ve been here (since last August!) unfortunately, I was on the treadmill at the time – and I think Flipper was probably still asleep on the bed, but Julian saw a very large, very fluffy, grey cat, prowling around our back deck! Imagine! the absolute gall of the creature! Parading around on our back deck, completely uninvited! Or maybe it was… Flipper has become a lot more “vocal” lately, sometimes almost to the point of yowling non-stop, especially when Julian’s not around! But Flipper is 22 years old – almost 23 years old now – very arthritic-y and crotchety, and very occasionally, seems to suffer from what could only be described as a mild form of feline Alzheimer’s – so I very much doubt that she’s “calling” for a mate! However, this large, strange, fluffy cat may have come to investigate what all the noise was about, or perhaps it just “misunderstood” Flipper’s message – if there even was a message in her caterwauling to be misunderstood! We don’t even know if it’s male, female, or neuter, so  next time – if there is a next time – I’ll ask Julian to call me before it disappears over the back fence, so that I can see what it looks like… I certainly hope that this large, strange, fluffy cat hasn’t come a-callin’ in response to Flipper’s rather loud “Where’s my Daddy!” yowls, every time he leaves the house!

Before my favourite eldest daughter arrived this morning, once again I went mooching through the Themes and Templates again, just picking things at random as I went through, looking for I don’t-really-know-what – and found this one! Unfortunately, it does have a Widget Sidebar, more’s the pity, but I decided to try it anyway. If anything, I think I like this background better than the other, much more “Art Deco” one that I used last night – what do you all think? This time I promise that I’ll try to just stick with this one for a few days at least, instead of rushing off and changing it at the very first opportunity!

As my very favourite eldest daughter was over today, we rather quickly repaired to the lounge room to watch “Orphan Black” which we only had one episode of, unfortunately, and then we started on a new show – one that’s apparently based on a comic book, called “Wynonna Earp” (yup, a direct descendant of the (in)famous Wyatt Earp!) We watched about four episodes, and I think it’ll be a show that the actors will settle into, as they go along. As with all shows of this ilk, it’s terribly far-fetched, and requires an enormous amount of “suspension of belief” – but hey! We watch shows like this for entertainment, don’t we, and not as “just another Reality show” (which I reckon are also pretty hard to take as being in any way shape or form “real”, or as being even vaguely “realistic”!) So, sit back, enjoy the ride, and prepare to be “Entertained”, with a capital “E” – and don’t look for realism, logic, or seriousness! 🙂 After lunch we watched two episodes of “Person of Interest” with Julian – it’s getting very close now to the “showdown” between the two machines, and the final dénouement, and I must say that I’ll be very sad to see the show finish – I’ve enjoyed it very much, despite it’s complete implausibility! 🙂 We should have another “Orphan Black” episode by next week – I hope we do, anyway – and of course we have tons of “Arrow”, “Flash”, and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” if we run out of the others! 😉

And seeing as that’s about all that happened here today, I can now get on to the “good bits”!

Food stuff. Last night we had a really dee-licious piece of Three Island fillet steak – Julian doesn’t think it’s as nice as the King Island steak, but I think it’s definitely on a par with it! I honestly don’t think we could have had a nicer piece of steak, last night! With it we had our usual half a tomato, chips, and some very nice Brussels sprouts, just as an “And now for something completely different” occasion. For dessert I had my usual – one of my Corella pears, and a small bowl full of my favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie, delicious Rice Pudding. For lunch today I had a sandwich made with some very tasty whole-meal bread, our favourite butter substitute, the basil-pesto hummus, and some rather nice BBQ chicken sandwich chunks. Really nice… For dinner tonight, as Julian’s still feeling very seedy with this dreaded lurgi, we’re having the left-over chicken and leek “bake” that we had the other night, with steamed rice. And once again, I’ll have my usual Corella pear, and small bowl of delicious, Coles-brand, very low-calorie, Rice Pudding for dessert.

Weigh-in this morning. Could have been worse, I suppose – though it’ll probably be up even higher tomorrow! I went from 64.4kg to 64.6kg – up two points, though dare I say it? Still within the “margin of error”. Tomorrow it’ll be a bit higher, as I’ve really just “lazed the day away” in front of the television! But, “Say lar Vee”, as the French are wont to say! 😉

And that brings me to tomorrow, as the fur-fin kids are all well – Flipper is walking up and down the corridor complaining to anyone who’ll listen (let’s hope that the large, fluffy, grey cat is scoffing his dinner in his own kitchen or laundry, and can’t hear her over the noise of his chomping!) Julian changed out 30% of the Fish House water last night, and I gave Auric and Dapple their dinner before I came in here to write this evening, so all’s well in Winter’s household! And that’s about it from me again for this evening – as I said earlier, not much has happened here today for me to be able to tell you all about! Do drop in again tomorrow night though, to find out what my weight skyrocketed up to, whether I managed to actually log into WoW for a change, and what else has been going on chez nous! Until then though, please try really hard to bee good, remember that while not everything that is faced can be changed, nothing can be changed until it is faced, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry in this nasty cold weather, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂