Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.03

04.56 pm

Well, here I am – a little later than I had planned on, but I was a bit busy, trying out the new lounge suite that was delivered this afternoon! So, what can I tell you about it? Conventionally it would be called “burgundy”, but I think that’s wrong… if you think of a glass of burgundy wine, it’s got a lot of blue, or purple in it. Personally, I’d call the new lounge suite colour “Ox Blood”, as it has rather more brown in it than a true burgundy. Anyway, no matter what colour you call it, it’s leather, and looks very well in our lounge room! The rug under the coffee table could have been made with that particular lounge suite in mind 🙂 There are two x 2-seater couches, and 2 arm chairs – they’re all recliners, too, but they’re electronic, not manual! Instead of having knobs or levers to pop your feet out and up, you have two discreet little buttons on the side of the chair – very suave and sophisticated! 😎 I reckon I’d much rather be sitting out in the lounge room, reading my kindle with my feet up, right now! But, I’ll have years and years to sit out in the lounge room, reading with my feet up (well, I hope I do, anyway!) but only a few hours this evening to write tonight’s episode of “Ther Blog”!  So – guess what I chose to do! 😉 Go out and read with my feet up, of course, but then I felt guilty, and came back in here instead!

The old lounge suite has been separated into its two sections – one half going into the library, the other half going into the treadmillery – at least for now. The end table and occasional table that we’d used at each end of the old lounge suite won’t fit in the lounge room any more, so we’re having to improvise with a couple of very wonky and fragile cherry-wood nested tables in between one of the two-seater couches and one of the arm chairs, until we get some smaller tables on which to put things like tissues, television remote controls, and our cups of coffee. As we were sitting there, idly wondering where we could put what, I looked at the coffee table sitting in the middle of the room and was suddenly perplexed as to why anyone bought coffee tables these days! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice coffee table, and I like it a lot – I certainly don’t want to get rid of it, and the room needs something in that big, empty “middle-of-the room” space – but – a big coffee table? If you put it close enough to any other lounge room furniture to be able to use it as its name suggests, and that is to put cups of coffee on while you’re relaxing in a chair, or on the couch, you wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably because said coffee table would bang you on the shins every time you tried to move! I can more-or-less see the use of coffee tables back in the ’50’s and ’60’s, when people weren’t so wrapped up in the current plague of social media addiction, and had far more time – and reason – to entertain, with afternoon teas, soirées, cocktail parties, and the like, and when a really stylish coffee table would have been not only an asset, but a status symbol as well! But these days, why do we still have coffee tables? Though mind you, I have no idea what else we could put in the big, empty “middle-of-the room” space instead! er… ahh… which is probably why we cling so tightly to our beloved coffee tables? Because we don’t know what else to fill that empty space up with? (*rolls eyes*)

So, what else has been happening here today… This morning I played WoW, where Phoenìx has now reached level 47, and has left both the Western and the Eastern Plaguelands behind, and gone to quest in the Badlands, which is supposedly for levels 44 to 48, and I’m afraid I’m finding it just a bit too easy… I may have to move on again sooner than I’d thought – maybe to Felwood, Tanaris, or Searing Gorge, which are supposedly for levels 45 to 51, but which I suspect I’ll also find to be a bit on the “too easy” side for me – which I guess is a side effect of using the Heirloom pieces… two of which have already been upgraded to grant me the nice experience bonus until level 100, but the other two will need to be upgraded fairly soon, as they’ll only be useful until I reach level 60.

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – I think we have a fair bit of general “tidying up” to do after today’s big furniture “re-arrangement”, and I’d like to get my new towels washed and dried, so that I can start to use them – but other than that, I don’t think we have anything planned… I guess we could, weather and morale permitting, head off looking for nice little tables to put between the new chairs in the lounge room, but I think I’d rather give the brand new blister on my left big toe a chance to settle in and start hurting seriously 😐 Quite frankly, I think a small amount of time should be put into settling the new furniture into its new home by actually sitting in it, and maybe reading for an hour or two – just to get it used to us, if you know what I mean! 😉

Anyway, it’s time to move on to the good bits:

Food stuffz. Last night we had pasta with a plain tomato sauce, and a small amount of grated parmesan cheese, and for dessert I had one of my Corella pears, and a slice of cake – very delicious! 🙂 Today for lunch I had a turkey sandwich, made with the extremely nice Coles-brand sesame seed and poppy-seed crusted bread, basil-pesto hummus instead of butter, and rather nice turkey “sandwich chunks” – very plain, but very delicious! Tonight we’re having pan-fried steak, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato, and I’ll most likely have another Corella pear, and another slice of cake! 🙂 All good…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, my weight is still within that “margin of error” place – I went from 64.5kg to 64.4kg – or down one point. Big Deal, as they say in the classics! Still, it’s better than going up! I guess it’s just as well that I did do all that walking and standing around yesterday – who knows? If I hadn’t, I’d probably have gone up! :/

Which brings me to the tomorrow bit, where I don’t really know what’s happening! But you can bet your sweet bippy that whatever we do, it will definitely involve some sort of WoW-ing on my behalf, and some fairly serious sitting and reading – with my feet up – in (on?) the new lounge suite! Flipper is being her usual annoying self, poor old girl – but we love her all the same! And I’m very pleased to say that Auric and Dapple are behaving themselves quite well. Julian didn’t change out their water last night – he was just too tired – but it will be changed out again tonight. The poor little fishies got quite scared when the new furniture came in this afternoon, and they went and hid behind the fake plants in the far right hand side of their Fish House! They learn very quickly, too! They know when they’re going to get fed, and they come flocking (can fish “flock”, or is that only sheep?) to their food hole (there’s a corner cut out of the sheet of glass that covers the tank, so that they can’t accidentally jump out – and they do jump a lot – we quite often hear the “splash” when they do – it’s quite loud!) Today, Julian was fiddling around with one of their filters, and one of them – he didn’t see which one it was, but I suspect Dapple, as he’s the cheeky one – came up and started nibbling his hand! Julian said that it tickled 🙂 Anyway, once again, that’s about it from me for this evening! Please call in again tomorrow night to see what the latest is with my silly weight, what Phoenìx has been getting up to, how the new lounge suite is going, and all the latest on the fur-fins! Until then though, please do try to bee good, don’t forget that logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere, and remember to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry in this rapidly changeable weather, and to look after yourselves… but most of all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂