Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.13

04.07 pm

Well, it looks like I’m remarkably early today, even though I’ve been quite busy – for me on a Public Holiday, anyway! 😉 Yes indeedy, I’ve been very industrious – as has Julian – I played WoW nearly all morning, and took Phoenìx up another two levels, to level 54 – only another four levels before I’ll be able to fly! 🙂 I seem to be racing up the levels, too, with all this Heirloom gear I’m wearing, and it’s a bit of a mixed blessing, to tell you the truth – yes, I’m racing up levels, which is good! I love it that I’m progressing so quickly! On the other hand, I no sooner move into a quest zone and pick up half a dozen quests – and zap! I’m “gently prodded along” to the next quest zone! First, I was prompted to go to the Badlands, and that was OK, I’m reasonably familiar with the area and the questing is fairly straightforward there – but I’d only just started on one particular, very sad quest, when – zap! I had to head off to Searing Gorge! So, off I went to Searing Gorge, completed maybe three quests? And  zap! Again! I was sent off to the Burning Steppes! Once more, I settled in, completed the first quest chain, picked up the next lot of quests and – you guessed it! Zap! Report to [unpronounceable] in the Swamp of Sorrows! Rolling my eyes somewhat, I Abandoned all the new quests I’d just picked up, and set off for the Swamp of Horrors Sorrows – which is only the other side of the country – but never mind that, it was a good excuse to pick up some new Flight Points along the way, wasn’t it! 😉 Well, the Swamp of Sorrows was pretty much a Swamp of Horrors for me! For some reason the place was literally crawling with other players (Julian said it was because it was Sunday night over in the States, which I suppose could have had something to do with the fact that it was sooo busy that the game was almost unplayable, here in Australia!) It was so bad, in fact, that I considered giving up and logging out several times, but I’d just taken a very rare-and-hard-to-get-these-days “water breathing potion”, and I didn’t want to waste it (true! I wasn’t being facetious, I really didn’t want to waste it!) so I sat there under the water and twiddled my thumbs while I waited, and waited, and waited, for the mobs I had to kill to re-spawn. The thing is, being here in Australia, there’s a bit of a lag between what you do here, and when it actually registers in the game over there – so if you’re about to shoot something, or pick something up, or whatever, you can get there three seconds or more before your counterpart in the States does, and you can shoot something, or pick something up, while your counterpart over in the States is still running towards whatever it is that you’re doing – and your shooting or picking up action has actually finished – you have the – “whatever-it-was” – in your hot little paw, so to speak… and as you’re standing there gloating, because you have the “whatever-it-was”, and there’s your counterpart, starting to go through all the same motions that you’ve just finished… and they walk away with the “whatever-it-was”, not you! That’s how bad that little time lag is, and it’s a constant. Don’t bother trying to get something first, coz it ain’t never gunna happen! It makes me sooo mad! 👿 Really, about the only thing you can do is go off and pick herbs, or mine nodes, or kill things and skin them (depending on your Professions!) until everyone else has what they wanted, everything they killed in order to get what they wanted has nicely re-spawned, and you can finally have a go at completing your quest. However, as many people will attest – I’m not best known for my patience, and I’m afraid that my tether is at the end of elsewhere – every day, and every evening here seems to be either Sunday evening, or the middle of the weekend, over in the States! I shall have another bit of a play-around on Nagrand, which is based in Sydney, and see if the situation there is a little better – in a way, I hope not – because I do not want any justification for moving everything – lock, stock, and barrel – from Quel’Dorei to Nagrand! Anyway, I managed as best I could in the Swamp of Sorrows – but when I dinged level 54, I saw the dreaded little “exclamation mark” down on my Action Bar… and yup, sure enough, I’m being zapped out of the quest zone again, and being sent off to The Blasted Lands! I hate The Blasted Lands! Dunno why – I just don’t like it there… Oh well, if things continue the way they have been lately, I’ll be moved on pretty smartly…

I finished playing WoW early today, because I’ve been promising myself that I’d get Julian to find me an empty box, and that I’d go through my bathroom, packing up things that I didn’t want to throw out, but that I hardly ever used, and store them up on the shelf in the walk-in-wardrobe. Julian found me the box, but I was having a cup of coffee – I’d start on the bathroom as soon as I’d finished my coffee, I told myself… However, while I was drinking my coffee, I accidentally went to see if Word Press had any new Themes/Templates available – they didn’t, but I spotted this one (Winter points at the screen) which I’d been using for quite some time, up until a couple of days ago, when I went on my latest little Template constructing “binge”. Sipping my almost too hot to drink coffee, I idly wondered why I’d stopped using this particular Template, so I opened it up as a “Preview” – just to see why I didn’t like it any more, you see – but I did – like it, that is – though I didn’t like the colours I’d chosen. Still sipping my coffee, I tried a few other colours… and then I tried making another Header, only it didn’t look as good as I knew it could – by now I’d finished my coffee, but the Header still needed work… “I’ll go and do the bathroom as soon as I’ve finished this!”, I blithely informed Julian “I have plenty of time to do the bathroom, and start my blog on time!” And so I did. I finished the Header (I still think I can find better colours though! Is there anybody out there, with a suggestion for a good colour to use?) I sifted through three drawers in the bathroom (mutter-mutter damn drawers! I wish I’d stuck with the cupboards that I originally wanted!) and as you can all see, from the time stamp on the top of this “episode”, I still managed to start writing – if anything, a little earlier than I normally do! 😎

And having said all of that, it’s now time for the good bits! 🙂

Food stuff: Last night being Sunday night, we had our traditional Omelet Night – these ones had bacon, onion,  Halloumi cheese, little mini-red capsicums, and semi-dried basil flakes (the sort that I used to have in my Optifast soups!) My omelet really was absolutely delicious, and once again, I had to tell Julian that it had to be “one of the best he’d ever made”! For dessert, seeing that he’d gone out on a “mercy dash” for me, to get me more Corella pears, and some more of the utterly fantastic Coles-brand, very low-calorie, yummy Rice Pudding, I was able to have my usual dessert… Today Julian had to go out again – this time to Doncaster for coffee, Dry Cleaning, and a few other things, and he brought a very nice – but very naughty – lunch home with him, so for lunch I had something that I haven’t had for eons! (well, it felt like eons when I saw, and tasted it, anyway!) I had a Ham Danish (drool!) and another of my ultra-favourite Baker’s Delight fruit and white chocolate scones! Expect my weight to sky-rocket tomorrow, everyone! 😉  For dinner tonight we’re having the next “parcels” of the left-over Lamb and Harissa Lasagne, which Julian’s had thawing in the fridge over night, but after dinner tonight, I think there might only be one more meal left from the delicious Lamb and Harissa left-overs 😦 For dessert I’ll have my usual – one of my Corella pears, and a small bowl of that Coles-brand, very low-calorie, delicious Rice Pudding that I like so much!

Weigh-in this morning. Regular as clockwork – well almost – my weight’s now going up again… I went up another two points – from 64.3kg to 64.5kg – today, but as I said last night, that seems to be what my body likes to do – it goes up a bit, and it comes down a bit – up quite a lot, and then down quite a lot – the only thing is, we have no idea why it happens, or even when it’s most likely to happen! Still, at least it’s not boring! 😉

Last night Auric went through another of his weird little “I’m gunna sit around on the top of the water tonight – why? Because I can! 😛 ” so Julian changed 30% of the water out this morning, and we’ll see what happens with cheeky little Auric tonight! And this of course brings me to tomorrow! Now, my very favourite eldest daughter won’t be over tomorrow, because their new washing machine is being delivered, but a very reliable source has given me to understand that we will be seeing her on Wednesday instead, and we’ll be able to catch up on all our favourite TV shows again (bother “The 100” being on hiatus at the moment! I wanna know what happens next!) Josh will be over tomorrow, and Julian and I are hoping to get a little WoW-ing in seeing as we didn’t get a chance to do anything today – besides, the Dungeon we haven’t finished yet re-sets on Tuesday, so I’ll cross my fingers for that! We’re not really sure, but we think that the new Warcraft movie opens in Australia tomorrow, so with luck we may be able to get tickets – I want to get them as soon as we can, actually – I wonder if it’ll be shown in Gold Class?! I sure hope so! 🙂 And there you go! Once again, that’s about it from me for this evening! However, drop in again tomorrow night, to find out how much my weight went up, after I ate the Ham Danish and the fruit and white chocolate scone for lunch today, if we managed to score tickets for the Warcraft movie, and if I managed to find a good recipe for the leeks which Julian harvested this afternoon, whilst preparing the veggie bed for the new winter crop that we hope to be planting soon! But until then, please do your very best to bee good, remember that you have to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry in this changeable winter weather, to look after yourselves, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂