Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.28

05.11 pm

Here I am – a bit late, and really, being very rude, because my very favourite eldest daughter is still here, and I’m sitting here typing away! Julian will be taking her home soon, so I’ve taken the liberty of hopping on and writing. I’m sorry that you didn’t get a proper blog episode last night, but by the time we’d had dinner, and watched an hour of television, all I had time to do was set up those two and a bit recipes that I’ve been promising for so long. Did you like them? 🙂 Next time I’ll put up an excellent recipe for a very old – maybe even antique – recipe for Australian Shortbread, made with – would you believe – Corn Flakes! They’re very yummy, terribly easy to make (it was one of the only recipes my mother trusted me to be able to make on my own without slicing and dicing myself with a sharp knife, or spilling boiling water all over myself, or something!) and they’ll keep for up to two weeks in an air-tight container – if they last that long, which they probably won’t!

Well, yesterday was a bit exciting! I told you that Julian had to go to the Dentist yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t tell you – because I didn’t know myself until I was brushing my teeth before bed on Sunday night – that I was going to have to go to the Dentist, too! As you all know, I have full dental implants, top and bottom – basically, they’re made from resin and porcelain, and are screwed onto a titanium bridge, supported by titanium posts embedded in my jaws. I’ve had them for around about ten years, and in all that time I’ve never had any problems, except once, when I broke a back molar! Anyway, I have them seen to once a year when they’re unscrewed, de-scaled (just like normal teeth) and cleaned properly – and then screwed back in. Unfortunately, on Sunday night I discovered that one of my screws had come loose (I had a screw loose! 😉 ) so on Monday morning I rang up my Dentist (Prosthodontist, actually) and was able to get someone there to screw the wretched thing back in again. I wasn’t able to see my usual Dentist, Dr. N. except to say a quick “Hello” and “How are you” as he dashed through the foyer to a different part of the Clinic, but I had a rather luscious Middle Eastern or Indian Dentist by the name of “Kareem”, who not only tightened the miscreant screw, but also made sure that none of the other ones were getting loose as well! It took all of about four minutes! 🙂 Then we came home and had lunch, and Julian headed off to his Dentist. After the mandatory nerve-jangling twenty-minute wait in the waiting room, the Dentist gave his tooth a fairly lengthy examination, and the conclusion was reached that it hadn’t been the tooth that had been acting up, but sinus problems due to his protracted bout of dreaded lurgi. The x-rays showed that the tip of the root (of the tooth that had had the root canal filling) came very, very close to a part of the sinus cavity, and he was able to come home again without the indignity of having to have Novocaine for a filling or an extraction! Well, he did have the dreaded lurgi for a lot longer than I did, and he was much sicker, though he tried to pretend that he wasn’t – but I’ve still got a blocked up left ear! I told him I’d swap with him – I’d have the sore tooth, if he took my blocked up ear – but he declined my ultra-kind offer! (funny, that! 😉 )

So apart from the two dental visits, yesterday passed fairly quietly. Josh arrived, and we chatted while he did my hair, I put up one of the recipes, and almost got the other one done before dinner time – and the rest, as they say in the classics, was history!

Today as I mentioned earlier, my very favourite eldest daughter came over. I’d had a call from the Receptionist at the Podiatry Clinic asking me if it was alright if the Podiatrist came at 12.30 pm rather than 02.30 pm – and of course I didn’t let on that I’d had no idea that she was coming today, but said, rather meekly, that sure, 12.30 pm was fine! (that’ll teach me to write these things down properly in my Calendar, rather than just jot them down in my sort-of shorthand “squiggle” in my desktop notebook! :/ ) Besides, I thought it’d be better if she came early, before we’d really had a chance to get stuck into watching our TV shows – and so it was! However, we were also expecting Mr. Nice Man to come and service my treadmill, and Julian was expecting a package. Julian, though, had gone off to do some shopping before lunch – and all three of those events – the package, the treadmill service, and the Podiatrist, all arrived within minutes of eachother! My very favourite eldest daughter and I were running around like chooks with their heads cut off! I rather felt that there should have been some of that “rushing madly around” music that they used to play in the old Silent Movie cinemas during “chase” scenes, playing in the background! It all got sorted out in the end though, and Julian got home, and all’s well that end’s well!

We watched about two or three episodes of “Wynonna Earp”, then we had lunch, and while Julian fiddled around installing the air stone, and the new and quieter pump for the Fish House – which had been the contents of the package that had been delivered right in the middle of everything else – we watched some more “Wynonna Earp”, and then the three of us watched two episodes of “Person of Interest” (which were so sad! Elias died – for real, this time, and Root, one of the main characters, died too – but our “Good” machine took her voice for its own, which was nice! *sniffle* 😥 )

Julian then got back to whatever it was that he’d been doing, and we watched an episode of “Flash” – then it was almost time for Lee to go home, and I came in here and started writing! Such was my day today! 🙂 Little Dapple is still skulking around on the bottom of the tank – or at least he does, until he gets distracted by the new Bubble Making Machine that’s now operating in the Fish House, whereupon the swims around like crazy, playing with the bubbles, until he gets a bit tired, when he goes and sits on the bottom again. This morning, Julian peeled them a pea, which he gave to the two fish – unfortunately I wasn’t present at the time, and Julian almost immediately went off to pick up my very favourite eldest daughter, so I think that Auric got the lion’s share of the pea (well, he is the bigger of the two, and a lot more “pushy”!) but amongst the shopping, Julian brought home some new type of Fish Food, which we’ll try them on tonight, or we might give them another peeled pea – I’m not sure, yet… and we’ll see how Dapple seems tomorrow…

And now on to the good bits! 🙂

Food stuff: Last night we had the Heston Blumenthal sausages, with chips, Brussels sprouts, and our usual half a tomato. For dessert, I had one of my Corella pears – actually I had two, but Julian threw the first one out because it was very over-ripe, and I also had my small bowl of the terrific Coles-brand, very low-calorie delicious Rice Pudding. Today for lunch I had a sandwich made with the very tasty whole-meal bread with sesame seed crusts, basil-pesto hummus instead of butter, and some very nice tandoori sandwich chicken chunks – very delicious! Tonight we’re having a fairly plain and unadorned dinner of pan-fried lamb backstraps, with steamed green beans, chips, and half a tomato, and for dessert, I’ll be having a Fuji Apple, followed by a small bowl of delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding.

Weigh-in yesterday. Was fairly good, for a change! I went from 64.6kg to 64.4kg – down two points! I was quite pleased with that!

Weigh-in today. Was even a bit better! I went from 64.4kg to 64.3kg – only down one point, but definitely better than going up! I have, however, noticed a rather disturbing trend in my weight! If I go out and have lunch, or eat way too much, or whatever, I go up. This is both anticipated and expected beforehand, of course – and then, in the normal progression of such things, I start going down again – also anticipated and expected. But! Every time I go up, I seem to creep just a little higher than I did the time before, and every time I go down again, I never seem to go down quite as far as I did before – in other words, there seems to be a definite “upwards” trend, which if I’m not careful, could see me slowly but surely heading back to where I was before. This is not good, and will not be allowed to happen! I’m thinking of going back on the Optifast for a month, to get things into reverse gear, so to speak – but we’ll see… I’ll give it until the end of July, and try to eat less in the meantime!

And that brings me full circle to tomorrow, where if the weather cooperates, we’ll be going Nursery-hopping, looking for our winter crop to plant (and asking meaningful questions about fig trees!) I might have to borrow Julian’s gloves, if it’s too cold! 🙂 Oh, and I did ask Mr. Nice Man about the angle of the treadmill – the “10” is apparently “10 degrees” – which really means nothing to me, as I have no idea how big 10° actually is! Oh, I can see how much it is on the treadmill, it’s about this “|” high off the ground! It looks a lot to me, but I don’t know if it’s a lot of a “hill”, or only a little “mole-hill”, if you understand what I mean! Anyway, that’s about it from me for this evening – please drop in again tomorrow night to see what my weight does (it’ll probably go up, I suppose!) how young Dapple is, and if we came home with any vegetable seedlings (or a fig tree!) But until then, keep on doing your best to bee good, remember that when people say you can’t do it ― that it’s impossible ― never lose hope! just because they couldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry on these cold, wet, miserable days, but above allplease, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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