Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.10


Well, here I am – starting early for a change! As it turned out, I didn’t go and get back into WoW again this morning, or this afternoon, either! No, I got stuck into still more Template viewing, sorting, and discarding! This time, with the one’s that I’ve bought since I started this blog back in August 2015. Actually, I didn’t start this blog back in August last year – I’d started it ages ago, and made about two posts in it, if that, and then just let it… drift away on the breeze… my prime excuse being “Well, why bother? *shrug* Who’d be interested in what an unknown, bored Melbourne housewife had to say about the price of fish in North Fitzroy, anyway?!” – and so the empty blog sat here, unused and unloved. Then, when I decided to lose weight last year, I thought I’d use the blog to sort-of “document” everything – not so much for other people to read, but for me to be able to keep track of my progress, as I stumbled blindly along the path to caring about what happened to me for a change. But you all know about that part of the story anyway, so I won’t bore you to death by going into it again. So, where was I? Oh yeah – having a look at the “Premium” Themes/Templates that I’ve bought since then. I bought a couple of them before I actually knew what I was doing with the blog – some of them are quite nice, and some of them, well, let’s just say that I should have known better! There is one, though, that’s a real beauty! A fantastic Theme/Template, does everything I want it to do, except one thing… No matter what I do, I can’t get it to display the ruddy header! I can get it to display a clumsy and daggy text Title and so forth, but I don’t want to use that! All the instructions and information on the Template assures me that I can make my own header – it gives me the size it has to be, and it gives me the ability to upload it to the blog file… but it just won’t display it! So, as Julian’s always telling me, I thought I’d approach the author of this very-nice-except-for-one-thing Template, and ask him/her/it how to fix this little problem! Arriving at his (or her) website, guess what?! It’s all in Spanish… or Portuguese… or Mexican – whatever, but some “Latino” language that wasn’t Italian (which I probably could have coped admirably with) Perhaps I’d better see if I can find the Word Press Forums… So today we’re making do with a nice, free Theme/Template called “Ever After”

So as I said, I never got a look-in at WoW today, but at least I’ve finally worked my way through all of my Premium Themes/Templates, as well as all of Word Press’s freebies – can I take a break from them now, please?! :/ Oh, we heard back from Dorevitch late last night with the results of my Warfarin blood test – things are going well, my INR is about bang on target at 2.5, my rat-poison dosage is to remain the same at 4.5mg daily, and my next blood test is in a fortnight. Unfortunately, I think I’m coming down with a cold or something – yesterday and the day before I had a mild sinus headache on and off for most of the day, and today I seem to be losing my voice (oh please! stop cheering with delight! It’s bringing my sinus headache back again!) I feel so tired and lethargic that it’s a wonder I got anything done today! I feel like something that the cat’s dragged backwards through a hedge, after nibbling bits off it here and there, and all I want to do is sleep… I’ll be better tomorrow though! 🙂

I’m beginning to strongly suspect that Auric’s evening “floaties” are a type of goldfish attention seeking device – because pretty much as soon as we go over to look at him, and to discuss his buoyancy problems, or as soon as Julian starts to change over the water, he comes good and goes swimming off as though nothing was wrong! Who would ever have thought that such a dear little goldfish could be so…. devilishly devious! 😀

There’s not really all that much to tell you about today’s doin’s – I’ve been largely sitting here feeling a bit slow and not quite with it, muddling about with headers and Templates – so I suppose I might as well get on with the good bits!

Food stuff: Last night we had the first of three lots of leftover Lamb and Harissa Lasagne, and it was just as nice, if not even a little better, because all of the flavours had had more of a chance to permeate through everything, and for dessert I had another Corella pear, and a small bowl of the delightfully delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding. Today we had chicken sandwiches for lunch, made with the very nice and tasty multi-grain bread with the sesame and poppy-seed crust, and with our favourite butter substitute, the basil-pesto hummus. It’s was a bit of an “oopsie” really, having chicken sandwiches for lunch, because we’re having chicken for dinner, too! It’s a new recipe wot I found through one of my many “foodie” emails, newsletters and e-zines, and it sounded not only delicious, but also seemed to be very easy to make, so I printed it out. We got the ingredients for it yesterday, and Julian prepared it all and put it in the slow cooker this afternoon. I don’t think there’s too much preparation, because there are only three main ingredients, chicken breasts, pineapple slices, and mandarin segments – and of course doing it in the slow cooker means that there’s not very much to have to clean up afterwards!  It’s called “Crock-Pot Hawaiian Chicken”, and you have it with steamed rice. I’ll let you all know what it was like, and if it was good enough, I’ll transcribe the recipe and put it on my “Recipes… page”, along with my other “classic” dishes! 🙂 As for dessert tonight, don’t look now, but I believe I’ll be having about the same as I’ve been having for the past three or four days, seeing as there’s no cake left 😦 Another Corella pear, and a small bowl of the really yummy Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding.

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t too bad, all things considered – but I was right – I did go up! I went from 64.2kg to 64.5kg – up three points, which considering what I had for lunch yesterday at the Shingle Inn, was quite reasonable, and the rest of the lunch I had yesterday will go onto my weight “punishment gain” tonight! 😉

And all of that, of course brings me up to tomorrow! I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – it is a long weekend, but I don’t think that’s going to make any difference to us. Weather permitting – and my cold and lethargy permitting – I really, really want to go to a good Nursery to get these wretched vegetables that we should have planted two weeks ago! I also want to talk to someone there about fig trees – what’s the best sort to get, and will their roots pose a problem to our concrete slab house! On the other hand, if I still feel like this tomorrow, I think I’ll just sleep – after all, I have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Sunday for our “Pandemonium in Pandaria and Questing to Level 90 Day”! And if that turns out to be the case, maybe we can go to the Nursery on Monday instead? Anyway, once again, that’s about it from sleepy little me for this afternoon! Do call in again tomorrow night, and find out what our Hawaiian Chicken was like, and if it’s nice enough to warrant a new item on my “Recipes…” page! I’ll fill you in on Auric and Dapple’s strange attention seeking behaviour (strange, in that I didn’t think goldfish were so… aware, as to want or need to seek attention!) I’m sure you’re all going to want to know which way my weight jumped, too, so if you drop by tomorrow night, you’ll have all the answers you need or want! 😉 Until then however, please keep trying to bee good, and remember that nothing is written in the stars – not these stars, nor any others – no one controls your destiny, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry in this strange Melburnian weather, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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