Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.09

05.05 pm

Well, I have finally finished my Word Press Theme/Template “project”! It’s taken me about four days, and I’ve – quite literally – gone through every single free Theme/Template that Word Press has to offer… and in all several hundred of them, I only found seven even worth considering. Of those seven, three of them had the sort of Sidebars that I wasn’t keen on using, so those three ended up on the “discard” pile – leaving me with a scant four Themes/Templates to play around with… so… Ladies, Gentlemen, and Small Children in the Reader’s Gallery, I have set up each of the four Themes/Templates that I deemed suitable (as well as using up four pages of the notebook wot lives on my desk with notes!) and all of “the chosen” are ready to roll! The one you’re looking at tonight is named “Suits”, and its Widgets are right down at the very bottom of the “page”, where they can’t interfere with the width of the text column – so if any of you are desirous of finding out which day of the week today is, or if you would like to re-read some of my much older posts, that’s where you’ll find the calendar, the archives, the “follow my blog” button, and various other odds and sods!

Back to the present! This morning we left early to go and have my Warfarin blood test done, and as our next stop was going to be the Bank of Melbourne at The Glen, we stopped on the way there and picked up my very favourite eldest daughter, who also had some urgent banking to do. After we’d finished our banking business, first we made our way to the Shingle Inn where we had lunch, and then we headed off to the supermarket for a few things. I’d found a very nice looking recipe for an Hawaiian-type of chicken dish in one of my daily “foodie” emails this morning, which I printed out, and we’d thought we might try it for dinner tomorrow night. The recipe called for tinned pineapple slices, tinned mandarin segments, lemon juice, and cornflour, amongst other ingredients (like chicken!) so we got everything except for the cornflour – we were quite positive that we had cornflour in the pantry – because, I mean, it’s a staple, isn’t it, and everyone has cornflour in their pantry, don’t they? 😯 and we didn’t get any chicken either, because Julian said we probably had enough in the freezer… As it turned out though, we didn’t have any cornflour in the pantry (gasp! shock! horror!), nor did we have quite enough chicken in the freezer, so Julian’s had to go out again to get the ruddy cornflour (which I’m still convinced that we have, somewhere in the pantry!) and some more chicken! So after our little supermarket preamble at The Glen, we dropped off my very favourite eldest daughter at her place, and from thence proceeded to chez nous, and a much needed cup of coffee!

I was going to start writing straight away, but I thought, ‘no, I’d better get all these Themes/Templates finished, because I’m not sure which ones have Sidebars, and which ones have Footer Sidebars’ – so one by one, I set them all up, made appropriate Headers for each of those that didn’t have Sidebars – which was a bit of a scramble, really, because all the Headers are different sizes, and sometimes a font that looked great on a very wide Header ended up looking a trifle “too much” on a shorter one, which meant either making a new Header from scratch, or cropping and “modifying” a wide one – and vice-versa, “growing” a short Header into a much longer one. Actually you know, I don’t know if I saved any time modifying existing Headers or not – but the point is moot now – they’re all done – and saved in situ – so I won’t – er… I shouldn’t have to set each Template up again. Hopefully, anyway!

Anyway, now that I’ve finally finished messing around with these wretched Themes/Templates, tomorrow, finally, I should be able to get back to WoW-ing! To tell the truth though, I’ve quite enjoyed my little break from WoW, and getting back into my graphics, and scribbling down Hex codes for colours all over the place – sometimes it’s nice to have a change of pace! 🙂 Anyway, now that I’ve caught you all up on my activities today, I can move on to the “good bits”! 😉

Food stuffs: Last night we had the Heston Blumenthal pork and sage sausages, which once again were very nice! With them we had chips, the absolute, very last of our home-grown beans, picked straight out of the veggie garden, and the ubiquitous half a tomato. For dessert, I had a Corella pear, and a small bowl of the Coles-brand, delicious, and very low-calorie Rice Pudding. Alas! All the cake is eaten, and we haven’t had time to make another one yet 😥 We had lunch at the Shingle Inn today, where I had my usual BLT on Sourdough bread (toast, really!), a very small chocolate-type éclair, and I swapped my equally small raspberry-type éclair for a half of Julian’s caramel slice thingy, which was delicious! I wished I’d had one of those, instead of the éclair  thingies! 😦 Tonight we’re having the first of our three lots of frozen Lamb & Harissa Lasagne leftovers for dinner, which I’m really looking forward to, and no doubt I’ll have the same old boring dessert that I’ve had for the past three nights – a Corella pear and a very small bowl of the Coles-brand, very low-calorie and yummy Rice Pudding. Or maybe I’ll have a yoghurt tonight instead, if there is any…

Weigh-in this morning. Was surprisingly good! But don’t worry, I’ll go up again tomorrow, I’m quite sure of that! Anyway, this morning I went from 64.7kg to 64.2kg, down five points! Extraordinary! Unfortunately the chocolate éclair thingy and the half of Julian’s caramel slice will put paid to my little weigh-loss slide! 😦 I hate to think what the scales are going to hit me with tomorrow! :/

Which again brings me to tomorrow! I know Julian has a few errands to run, and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to WoW-ing, but apart from those two things, I don’t think much is happening around here… Auric and Dapple are both well, though Auric did have a slight touch of the “floaties” again last night – I wonder why it’s always at night? Perhaps I give them too much food? I might try swapping with Julian, and feed them in the morning instead, and let Julian give them their evening meal – then if Auric starts getting the “floaties” after breakfast, but not at night, I’ll know that it’s because I’m feeding them too much – and thereafter give them a bit less! Flipper is still her grumpy old self – but I don’t blame her – I know what it’s like to have arthritis, and it’s not much fun, I can assure you! We still haven’t heard anything from Dorevitch regarding my Warfarin test this morning, so I’ll have to fill you all in on that tomorrow night – I’m not expecting much change – so go on Dorevitch, prove me wrong! 😉 And there you go – that’s about it from me for this evening, but do drop in again tomorrow night, and find out if my weight did go back up again (it will!), what I ended up doing tomorrow, whether my Warfarin dose is the same or different, and how the fin-fur kids are doing… but until tomorrow night, please try to bee good, remember that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this cold, miserable weather… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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