Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.14

03.15 pm

If any of you came looking earlier this morning to see if I’d updated last night’s meager effort, and found… nothing… it was because I was attempting to force my brain through an old-fashioned mangle, trying to work out what the hell Word Press was talking about! Parentschildren… have as many as you like… and not a single, solitary word about exactly how to actually create them in the first place! Arrggghhh! I was also playing WoW – but we won’t mention that yet! 😉 However! If you look up at the menu, and mouse-over the word “Recipes…” – ta-daaaa! You should see a drop-down sub-menu of actual recipes! (*Winter hops up and down anxiously*) Did I do it right? Can you see it? Is it working? It works for me… It took me ages to work out how to do it – no thanks at all to Word Press, well, except for maybe just a teeny little bit – in the menu functions section, of all places! I’d made “Recipes” a “parent”, and created a new page, with just a title (Test 1a – how imaginative is that!) and written “will this work?” in the body of the page – called it a “Child” (of Recipes) and saved it. Yup, it was there – but it wasn’t showing up the way it was supposed to, as a sort-of a sub-menu of “Recipes…” Then I thought “maybe there has to be more than one?!” (which I realised at the time was quite idiotic, because what if you only wanted the one item in the sub-menu?) But being me, I tried it anyway. Again, being a very imaginative person, I called this one Test 1b, made sure it was labelled as another child of Recipes, and wrote something equally as inane in the body of the text. Again. No show. Back to the menu section! I just couldn’t work it out! They were in the list of pages for menu inclusion… (<– there’s a hint, there, but I didn’t see it – I can be miserably slow sometimes! *Winter shakes her head in despair*) they were even indented under the “Recipes” parent-page as children… so why weren’t they showing up?! I looked at the list of pages for inclusion in the menu… they were there! I looked at the menu opposite the list. They weren’t there… It was around about then that the penny finally dropped! (gee, that rabbit hole goes w-a-y deep!) They probably weren’t there… because I hadn’t told the menu to include them! say, duh! *sigh* I went and told the menu to include “Test 1a”, went and looked… nothing there. After a bit of hair pulling, I realised that the “Save Menu” button was a long way down the screen – where sensible, sane people like me would be bound to scroll casually down past anything even vaguely relevant to menus and notice it – only I didn’t. So, I did it all over again, saving it this time *rolls eyes*  and… finally! It worked! I had a little sub-menu under “Recipes”! Not daring to believe that I’d finally got it right, I tried it with the “Test 1b” sub-menu thingy. Miracle of miracles, it worked too! So then I began the laborious job of cutting and pasting from my originally transcribed recipes to their brand new homes – and now it’s all done. It makes things a lot easier for all of you out there in Reader Land, too, you know! If you decide you might like to try making any of the recipes I put up, all you have to do is print that particular page out and you’re all set! 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

At the moment Julian is out in the back yard – probably getting himself drenched, as he attempts to use a fly-wire screen he bought from Bunny’s to rinse off the gravel for the bottom of the new Fish House. It has to have all the dirt and grot rinsed, or washed, off it before it goes in the new tank, otherwise the water will get very grubby and cloudy, and I’d really like to present Auric and Dapple with a nice, sparkling clear tank. The stand and the lid are all nicely varnished – that’s what he was doing yesterday when he wasn’t inside watching “Person of Interest”, and I must say the stand looks a lot better now! Once the gravel is all washed, it can go in the tank, and we can start putting in the water, which has to sit for at least a couple of days… and then we can move Auric and Dapple! I do hope they like their new home! Wow! Julian just had me out in the lounge room, supervising and advising on the artificial plant placement in the tank! It really looks good, too, now that the rock is also in the middle, and it’s filled with water! He’s putting in the pump/aerator or whatever-it’s-called at the moment – we’re going to have to get a new power-point put in next week because there isn’t an outlet for it in the lounge room at the moment, so it’s plugged into an extension cord from the Library! Flipper came out when she heard “funny noises” coming from the lounge room (Julian filling the tank with the hose!) and she simply sat and stared goggle-eyed at us! 🙂 I’m quite sure she thinks we’ve gone stark, staring, bonkers! 🙂 So it’s nearly all ready for our dear little fishies! 🙂

WoW this morning. I worked with Sylvänas, after I’d done Wynterthyme and Arisnoë’s morning “chores”, and I’ve got her up a level – from level 94 to level 95, which isn’t bad going for half a day! I’ll play again after I finish this, hopefully, as I doubt if we’ll have much time to do anything much with Wïnter and Malinconia tomorrow! We’re off to an Indian restaurant called Elephant Corridor in Glen Waverley for our combined belated Mother’s Day luncheon, and belated Terry’s Birthday luncheon – my favourite eldest daughter and her equal but more technical half have been there, but Julian and I, Kate and Terry, and Terry’s youngest daughter (whom we hope will be joining us!) haven’t. We’re told that it’s very nice, and that you can ask for your meal to be as spicy, or as mild/un-spicy as you want, which I would appreciate, as I’m not as much into highly spiced food as I used to be (yeah… I got old!) I’ll let you all know tomorrow night what it was like! 🙂

And now on to the interesting bits!

Food stuffz: Last night for dinner we had lamb backstrap, pan-seared in lemon infused olive oil, and freshly ground black pepper, and served on a bed of steamed rice with finely chopped home-grown spring onion, which was absolutely delicious! For dessert I had one of my Corella pears, a low-fat fruit yoghurt, and a small bowl of the Coles-brand, very low-calorie, extremely delicious, Rice Pudding. For lunch today, just to be different, I had a wrap, with sandwich chicken chunks, yellow pepper batons, low-fat Halloumi cheese, and basil-pesto hummus. Really yummy to eat, really messy to handle! I wish they’d invent edible elastic bands, then you could hold your wrap together without losing half of it every time you took a bite! I’ve no idea what we’re having for dinner tonight, and Julian’s outside again, so I can’t even ask him (ackshally, I’d be asking for a cup of coffee, if he were around!) He’s now around, and I’ve asked him both things – for dinner tonight we’re having not another lot of the Three Islands Beef fillet, but the Three Islands Beef sausages! It’ll be very interesting indeed to compare them to the King Island Beef sausages, seeing that so far, they’ve managed to trump all the other beef sausages we’ve had! I’m assuming that we’ll be having them with chips, some more of our home-grown green beans, and a half a tomato. I’ll probably have another of my Corella pears for dessert, as well as another low-fat fruit yoghurt, and something else wot I haven’t decided upon yet! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was quite good for a change, surprisingly! Just as well, too, because I know it’s going to go up after tomorrow’s celebratory luncheon! However, today was good – for once! I went from 64.2kg to 63.8kg – down four points. I intend to enjoy it while I can, because I’ll probably be up hovering around the 65kg mark on Monday morning! :/ I guess all we can do is weight and sea…

And so to tomorrow… I’ll give you all a full report and critique on the restaurant tomorrow night (hmm – I wonder if I could get a job as a food critic – write up new restaurants and venues – think of all the free meals! I wonder if you’re allowed to bring your family and friends along to help you make up your mind about the food… 😉 ) Anyway, so I doubt if either Julian or I will want any dinner tomorrow night – which will probably be a Good Thing – but I also doubt if we’ll get much WoW-ing in either – as before we go out, we’ll probably be too busy, and after we get home, if I know anything about us at all, we’ll just want to go and sleep the dinner off! Julian has just come in from putting the last two coats of varnish on the Fish House Lid, and that will be ready to go on later this evening. And if you’re really good, I’ll even get Julian to take some photos of it so that you can all see what it looks like in situ! And once again, that’s about it from me for this evening! Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night – feedback on the new way of presenting the recipes isn’t mandatory, but would be appreciated – find out what we thought of Elephant Corridor, see how my weight is going (or not going, whatever the case might be!), and whether we did get any WoW-ing in. But until then, please endeavour to bee good, don’t forget that the strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose, and remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm and dry, no matter what the weather’s like outside, and to always, always drive carefully, but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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