Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.13

05.50 pm

Oh my goodness! It’s Friday 13th! No wonder I haven’t been able to make much sense of a tutorial site I’ve been trying to read! I’d heard (or read somewhere) that I could attach “sub-pages” to particular pages (in the blog) F’rinstance, I want to change the “Recipes” page to become what’s called a “parent” page, and to be simply an index-type page, with sub-pages, called “children”, coming from/linked from that first Index-type page – if you can follow what I mean. Well, I found the Word Press “how-to” site without too many problems, but as I said – I read it, very carefully, three times, and while I understood perfectly what they were talking about, they didn’t really give me any clear instructions as to how to actually create these ruddy “children” pages, so not only will the “Recipes” page have to remain as it is a while longer, but I’m also starting to write much later than I wanted to, which means that tonight’s blog will either have to be painfully short, or be finished after dinner, when I really don’t want to be writing anything! Or, I can Publish whatever I get finished by dinner time, and complete the rest tomorrow – which I’d really rather not do… and all because it’s Friday the 13th! If I’d realised it was Friday the 13th this morning, I probably would have stayed in bed! :/ But I didn’t, and I did get up and do my treadmilling…

My most favourite eldest daughter came over today – I asked her about the “parent” and “children” type pages because she’s used Word Press and other blog hosts a lot, and I sort-of thought that she’d know – but she didn’t, so we went into the lounge room and watched “The 100”, which is really getting dark, and “Orphan Black” which seems to get more and more convoluted with every episode – but gee, it’s good! 🙂 Then it was lunch time and Julian joined us on the couch to watch two episodes of “Person of Interest” while we ate our sandwiches. It’s the beginning of the very short (only 13 episodes!) final Season, and “The Machine” (the good AI!) has been kept in a series of memory cards in a specially constructed suitcase, to keep her from being destroyed by Samaritan, the wicked, bad, and thoroughly evil AI who’s attempting to take over the world, and is (probably!) planning on getting rid of us puny and totally nonsensical and unintelligent (compared to itself!) humans altogether! Oooh! Bad things are happening! Bad! Bad! 😯 We did have another episode, er -I think, but Julian had to get back to varnishing the Fish House, and because he’s watching “Person of Interest” with us, we’ll save it up ’till next week, so that he doesn’t miss any of it. Then we watched an episode of “Arrow”, and an episode of “Flash” – and then it was time for Julian to drop Lee back to her place, and I came in here to start – well, to try to start – learning how to nest pages in Word Press… only I didn’t really understand how to set it up initially – they kept blathering on about “templates” and “default templates”, and I’m absolutely positive-certain that they weren’t talking about the Templates that I use to make the blog “pretty”! Oh well…

Julian is starting to cook the dinner – so as much as I don’t want to, I shall post this before dinner, and finish it off tomorrow morning while Julian’s out doing the shopping!

Wynterthyme has done as much with her Garrison as she possibly can before the “Legion” expansion which will be released at the end of August this year – I must remember to ask my very favourite eldest daughter (she was a tester for the Alpha, and is now testing out the Beta) if there are any changes coming to the Garrisons with the expansion – she’s already told me that there are heaps of changes coming to the Beastmaster Hunter – most of which, she says, I will not like! :/

Dinner’s ready – catch you all tomorrow! 🙂

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