Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.05

04.32 pm

Yup, here I am again – I feel as though I’ve been writing for the past three or four hours! Well, I haven’t, but I have been diligently head down, tail up, writing, writing, writing… If you go and have a look at the Recipe page, you’ll find three recipes there for you all – there’ll be more later on, as my enthusiasm for the project waxes and wanes – so look here for news and I’ll let you all know when the next “installment” gets published! 🙂 Enjoy!

So, what did I do this morning? Not much, really – I played WoW, ran around getting Wynterthyme’s  Fishing Daily done, and sending her Fleet and her Followers off to collect lots and lots of nice saleable “stuffs” for her – and then I went and deleted a few characters, just so that I could create two new ones, Akåsha, a Draenei Hunter, and Påndora, a Night Elf Hunter – why, I have no idea, except that it seemed like the right thing to do at the time! 🙂 Julian and I have decided to go with two different characters – both on Quel’Dorei rather than elsewhere, and Alliance, rather than Horde, so that we can take advantage of the Guild Bank (which now boasts 64 thousand gold, and the odd bits of loose change in silver and copper!) So, instead of Coppertop and Jemima on Azuremyst, we’re now going to be working with Wïnter (guess who! 😉 ) and Malinconia (Julian) Wïnter is on my second account, and Julian brought Malinconia over from the PvP Realm, Azshara, last night. Malinconia still has a few levels to go to catch up with Wïnter, but as soon as she does, we’ll be galloping off into the sunset, looking forward to setting up our own Garrisons. Now, I know you’re not going to believe me, but all of that took me the better part of the day! (thank ghod for coffee!) and now that I’ve created my two newbies, I’ll play with them for a day or two while Malinconia (level 87) catches up to Wïnter (level 92) though knowing Julian, it’ll probably only take him half an hour! :/ This is the sort of thing we do all the time – we have two characters that play mostly with eachother, like Wynterthyme and Mouselet, and when we get them up to the top level, with not much more to do except Farm, and run the occasional Dungeon or two, we pretty much “retire” them, and chose another two of our highest level characters (like Coppertop and Jemima, or Wïnter and Malinconia) and work with them until they get to “retirement age” – rinse and repeat as necessary! Of course, in between the times when we’re playing together, we both play our other lower level characters – building them up until they’re ready to take over from our current “Dynamic Duo”.

Just scooting back to this recipe business for a moment, I found what looked like a really yummy recipe for something called “Southwestern-Spiced Port Tenderloin“. I found it in one of my daily newsletters from “the kitchn” – they usually have interesting articles and recipes – and I always like the sound of “make it once, eat all week” recipes… but I fell into my usual trap. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before – but I have absolutely not the vaguest idea about just how big things actually are (although there are usually a few clues and hints – which I almost always manage to miss!) Take this recipe, f’rinstance. It calls for 2, to 2.5 pounds (not kilos, pounds!) of pork “tenderloin”. Firstly, neither of us are familiar with the term “tenderloin” – we don’t use it much here in Australia, we tend to use the British terms, like “fillet”, instead of “tenderloin”, and “scone” instead of “biscuit” – but Americans have to be different, don’t they! This afternoon Julian actually rang me from the supermarket to ask me what a tenderloin was – I said I didn’t know! We both thought it might be something to do with a pork fillet – only bigger, more like a lamb backstrap in size. Well, we were both right, and we were both wrong. I should have twigged when I saw the photo with the cooked pork sitting on a chopping board, next to some beans. Look at the pork, Winter! Now look at the beans… now look at the pork again… the pork, when actually looked at in relation to the beans, isn’t very big, after all! In fact, it actually is a pork fillet! duh! So, can you imagine how much it’s a-gonna cost you, to buy 2 to 2.5 “pounds” (why can’t the Americans go metric, like the rest of the ruddy world! *annoyed look at screen*) or about 1.1 kilos worth, in metric? Quite a lot, actually! This recipe had better be extra good – however no matter how good it is, or how many meals $t provides, I don’t th$nk we’ll be mak$ng it terribly often$ Anyway, I’ll let you know what it’s like when we have it – either tomorrow, or Saturday, I suspect – I don’t want all that $$pork$$ going to waste! Hmm… I think it might be worthwhile starting to write up a “Glossary of American terms, and what they really mean in English”, just so that we don’t get caught like this again! :/

And now to the interesting bits:

Food stuffz: Last night we had our second last meal of the extremely tasty Lamb & Harissa Lasagne with Feta and Oregano – would you believe, we still have one more meal of that left? It’s really yummy – that’ll prolly be the next recipe I’ll be putting on the Recipe page – a bit like this, the newest will go at the top… and I’ll always warn you at the top of my nightly ramblings if there’s anything new in the way of recipes posted… Where was I? Oh yes, dinner last night… Lamb and Harissa… yummy… and for dessert I had a Corella pear (oh dear, I only have one left! I should have put them on the shopping list!) one really yummy big, plump, sweet date, and a small tub of low-fat fruit yoghurt (there was no more Rice Pudding left, and again, I forgot to put them on the list 😦 ) Today for lunch I had a ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich, with the very nice Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread – quite delicious, after I’d let it cool down enough so that I didn’t burn my mouth on the boiling cheese! 😉 Tonight we’re having pan-fried chicken breasts, on rice, with finely chopped spring onions in it (I’m not sure if they’re our spring onions or not!) and hopefully, a half a tomato. For dessert, I’ll probably have my last Corella pear, another low-fat fruit yoghurt, and a dried fig.

Weigh-in this morning. Was good, which really surprised me! I tell you, there ain’t no rhyme nor reason, only some swings and roundabouts, with my weight! I went from 63.8kg to 63.5kg this morning – down three points! While I’m on those terrible little fluid adoring and fluid retaining pills! I’m not complaining, mind you, I’m just totally mystified!

And so we move on to tomorrow. I’m not really sure what’s happening tomorrow, except for the fact that I have my next Warfarin blood test (I think I’ve decided that I really don’t like people sticking needles in my arm, after all!) Still, I guess it’s gotta be done :/ I suppose I’ll probably spend most of the day on WoW, starting out my two newbies, but apart from that? Who knows? Anyway, once more that’s about it from me for tonight – please drop in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight did (I bet it’ll be up again!) if I still have any blood left, and how Malinconia is going towards catching up with Wïnter (she only has five levels to go!) as well as telling you all about any other adventures we got up to! In the meantime, do try to bee as good as possible, don’t forget that he who spends time regretting the past loses the present, and risks the future, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to make sure you stay warm and dry because “winter is coming”* – but most of all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Don’t be silly! I’m already here! Oh… you mean the other, more seasonal winter! *sheepish grin*

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