Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.04

04.13 pm

I did think, very briefly, of playing WoW for half an hour or so before settling down to write, but then I thought – “no… if I get started now I might actually finish before dinner for a change!” and seeing that I really hate having to start writing again after dinner (and television) well, here I am! 🙂

Not all that much happened today – I played WoW this morning, and took Arisnoë out for a run fly – originally to do some straight-out questing, but as I had a Fishing “task” to complete in the Spires of Arak, I thought I’d do that first. But I didn’t, because I got totally distracted by the sight of all the treasure chests marked on the map for Spires of Arak, and I went after those, instead! (do any of you out there in Reader Land get the vague sort of impression that I really didn’t feel like questing this morning? 😉 ) So while Julian went outside to give the mostly clean puddle underneath the Water Feature another scrub and polish, I went zooming around the countryside collecting lots and lots of treasure! Nothing that I could actually use, mind you, but certainly worth collecting, if only for their monetary value! Oh, and before that, I took myself back to Stormwind and the Auction House, to find some spiffier armor for myself – what I’d been running around in looked really daggy! Well, I think I’ve worked out why nearly all the low-level gear is so damned expensive! Blizzard, bless their tiny, wizened little hearts, have decided that, like Rift, you can chance the way you appear to other’s eyes, whilst still wearing your excellent, but daggy-looking armor. However, unlike Rift, where all you need to do is a quick “Superman-like” gear change, in your nearest, unmarked “Out of Order” phone booth, oh my goodness me, no! Blizzard makes you go to a special shop and “Transmogrify” your daggy-looking gear… into something “more trendy”, and which you’ve just procured from the Auction House – at enormous expense! The Transmogrification itself isn’t “free”, either – it too costs you gold! Now, I reckon that people picking up nice looking gear, either through “drops”, or quest rewards or whatever – have a go at selling it on the Auction House, for unbelievably exorbitant prices. Some silly bunny (like me, f’rinstance!) will usually come along and pay what you’re asking, simply because they want to look “pretty”! And if they don’t sell it? Not a problem, because while it’s sitting on the Auction House for a 48 hour period, it’s all time that it’s not taking up room in your personal Bank vault! If you’re lucky, you make a mint – if you’re unlucky? You get free banking space! In fact, you just can’t lose – it’s a win-win situation for the seller! So, I bought some new gear for Arisnoë, for about 1.5 thousand gold (not out of the Guild Bank, either!) so that she’ll look good out on the Battle field. Then I went of to do some questing, decided to do my Fishing task first instead, but got distracted by the treasure chests marked on my map…

And by the time I’d done all of that, it was lunch time! After lunch, I went and brushed my teeth, put on some makeup, and put my shoes on – we were finally going Fish House shopping! Then Julian found a discrepancy in one of our Bank Statements, which necessitated a phone call to the Bank – where we were put on hold because “our call was important to them”. Ten or so minutes later Julian was put through to a nice person who took down all the details, which resulted in Julian’s card being cancelled, and a new one ordered for him – luckily, mine was OK, so we’ll probably be working off mine until his new card arrives. We were finally able to scramble into the car and go off to look at Fish Houses! There was a really, really nice one, on its own stand too, and with a very nice “hood” thing over the top of it where you’d put your tank lighting and so forth. Unfortunately, it was a little on the “super-large” size, at 3 feet long (about 92cm) about a foot and a half wide (about 43cm) and maybe 2 feet deep (about 61cm) …I think! however we all know how dreadful my maths is, don’t we! Anyway, we figured we’d have to buy an awful lot of new fishes to put in with Auric and Dapple, in order to make a tank that size look “lived in”. There was another tank that was only 2 feet long, (about 61cm) but that one seemed just a wee bit too small… in the end we opted for an in-between size of 2.5 feet long (about 74cm) with all the same sorts of dimensions regarding the width and depth (I’m sorry, but dreadfully lazy me simply can’t be bothered looking them all up and writing them all down – again!) It too has its own stand to sit on, and hood, for the lighting – unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock – the guy’ll have to get one in for us – and it should be ready for collection by next week. Then we’ll need gravel, plants, rocks, more fish, including a freshwater catfish (they’re only little!) to help keep the bottom of the tank clean. I wonder what Auric and Dapple will think of their new abode, and the new playmates we’ll be getting for them (we’ll be moving them in first and letting them settle in properly, before going off and buying more goldfish for them to play with!)

After our excursion to the Aquarium, we came straight home, and had a much needed cup of coffee! 🙂 Then I had that little “conversation” with myself about playing WoW, or settling down to write – and that’s really the contents of my day, so to speak! Now I’ll get stuck into the interesting bits…

Food stuffz. Last night we had beef sausages for dinner, with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our almost “de rigueur” half a tomato. I’m starting to wonder though, whether the beef sausages we’ve been getting are gradually shrinking or something, as they seem to be getting smaller? Maybe it’s just my imagination… For dessert I had one dried fig, a small tub of low-fat passionfruit yoghurt, and the last slice of Julian’s latest cake. Oh! Good news! I did manage to locate the recipe for the really lovely, yummy almond-meal cake that I was raving on about a little while back – I’m going to put all the ingredients down on our Shopping List for tomorrow, so that Julian can make that, instead of the ultra-simple and easy to make Babka, for a change! 🙂 Today for lunch I had a really delicious sandwich made with the Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread with the sesame seed crust, basil-pesto hummus instead of butter, and sandwich turkey “chunks” – it was really the most delicious sandwich! For dinner tonight, we’re having the second-last (I think!) meal of our left-over Lamb & Harissa Lasagne with Feta and Oregano, and for dessert, I’ll be having one of my Corella pears, some of the delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie, Rice Pudding, and one juicy date (if there are any left – if there aren’t, I’ll have another dried fig instead!)

Weigh-in this morning. No rhyme nor reason, honestly, I’ve given up trying to figure out how it works, and what to expect every morning! I went from 64.1kg down to 63.8kg, which was good – especially as I’m on those wretched pills at the moment – but it’ll most likely be up again tomorrow morning *shrug* just as long as I don’t go up as high as 65kg, because then I would have to go back on the Optifast!

And there you have it – the sum total of my day – well, this far, anyway! 🙂 There’s still time for anything to happen, before midnight tonight! 😉 Julian and I have decided to work with some of our “extraneous” characters on another Realm, now that everyone can fly in Draenor, and Wynterthyme and Mouselet have pretty much done as much as they can do, apart from Dailies and Dungeons, before the expansion in a couple of months – so we’ve gone back to another Realm, Azuremyst, and two Horde characters that we got up to level 80 (which was the level cap when we left them) Coppertop (me) and Jemima (Julian) We spent most of last night catching them up and setting everything out properly – crikey, it must have been sooo long ago that we last played them – Coppertop, who’s a Beastmaster Hunter, didn’t even have a bow or a gun! All she had was a Polearm! Yes! way back then, Hunter’s usually fought with melee weapons! All fixed up now though – I bought her a new gun on the Auction House last night! 🙂 Of course, the Guild Bank over on Azuremyst isn’t all that wonderful, and at level 80, we still have a long way to go before we get to Draenor – but, we’ll see how we go – it’s early days yet! 🙂 And that, Gentle Readers, is about “it” from me for this evening! 🙂 Do call in again tomorrow night to catch up on all the latest news, trivia, and fun from this neck of the woods! Until then though, do try really, really hard to bee good, remember, there are two primary choices in life – to accept conditions as they exist, or to accept the responsibility for changing them, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep dry and warm, in this typically changeable Melbourne weather… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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