Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.27

9.40 pm

Well, here I am, very late tonight, and with a new resolution concerning my blog writing. I usually try to start writing around 4.30 pm, and it takes me until at least 6.30 pm, if not longer. On the days when I start late, I usually don’t finish writing until well after 11.30 pm. So, why do I do it? Well, it’s addressed to all of you our there in Reader Land, of course, but I also write it for myself – to put down the days doings, with all my petty little trials and tribulations, my usually minor, but occasionally major, triumphs and milestones – in a way, it helps me keep my life in perspective – and if it gives any of you enjoyment, outrage, or a good belly laugh, well, I’d count that as a bonus!

However, I can’t keep on writing the way I have been, so I’ve decided to try a new way! From now on – well, starting tomorrow, I mean – I’m going to be writing “snippets” – paragraphs – here and there during the day. I’ll try it for a week, and see how it goes – maybe I only need a week’s holiday from the solid blocks of writing I’ve been doing – we’ll see. If this new idea doesn’t work out, I’ll try something else – but no matter which way I decide to go, I’ll keep on writing every day – besides, you’d all be eaten up with curiosity and frustration, if I didn’t disclose to you the continuing saga of my weight, what we’ve decided to do about the fishpond, aquarium, and aviary, and how Wynterthyme, Shekinàh,  Arisnoë, and Wïnter are all getting on! 🙂

You’ll see the extra additions throughout the day listed like this:

10.00 pm

I’ll publish each bit as I write it, and add more throughout the day with a simple Edit, Update, and re-Publish, so that everything should still remain in context, and within the right “earthdate”.

As for today, Easter Sunday, here’s a brief re-cap! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I thought the fluid was finally on the move! (and just as well too, after everything I ate today!) and today I went from 63.2kg to 62.6kg – down 6 points! Don’t worry though, I’ll be back up a couple of kilos tomorrow! And you know what? It’ll have been worth it! 🙂

As the day progressed, food-wise! We started off with one and a half Hot Cross Buns, toasted, with a scraping of butter, for breakfast. Those Ferguson Plarre HCB’s really are the best I’ve ever tasted, and that’s not just me “waxing lyrical” about them! They really are fantastic! Lunch. Julian made a really great salad – Iceberg lettuce, red and yellow capsicum, mixed cherry tomatoes cut in half, spring onions, Kalamata olives, european cucumber, celery, and cubes of Fetta cheese. I like my salad “naked”, but although there was dressing for it if anyone wanted any, no-one did, and we all enjoyed the salad “au naturel” (we should have those salads more often – it was really very nice…) There were fresh bread rolls with butter, Nandos chicken tenders, Nandos chips, both hot and mild peri-peri sauces, plus some Perinaise (peri-peri mayonnaise) to dunk the chicken tenders and chips in. There was a bottle of Chandon for before lunch, and a bottle of red wine that everyone had with lunch – I was the odd one out, I had a half glass of white wine (I like red wine, but it doesn’t like my stomach! :/ ) Dessert was the extremely delicious and “chewy-like-a-brownie” Flourless Chocolate Cake, with runny low-fat cream (Julian’s only concession to us “dieters” – Lee, Kate, and myself!) which was followed by coffee, and some of Kate’s home-made, simply scrumptious, “Confetti Cookies” (I think that’s what they’re called!) They’re supposed to have “pastel” M&M’s sprinkled on top of them, but as they’re not available here, she used ordinary M&M’s – and those Cookies were “Baby Bears”¹ (“just right!” ) We’d bought a box of Cadbury’s Roses Chocolates, as “after lunch chocolates”, and… they’re all gone! I think all that’s left of our luncheon today is one-third of the Flourless Chocolate Cake, which Julian and I shall polish off for dessert over the next three or four days – but truly, it was a wonderful feast, and I don’t regret one crumb of it all! 🙂

You know, Julian and I realised this morning that this is the first Easter in as long as we’ve been together – 30 years – that we haven’t had a Colomba² – an Italian Easter cake – for Easter Sunday! To tell the truth, they’re usually all over the place before Easter – in Supermarkets and Delicatessens – I haven’t seen any this year! No wonder we “forgot”!

And that’s about it from me for tonight – Drop in again tomorrow night and see how my “write as I go” plan is working out, and if I need to reach for the Optifast again after my gluttonous lunch today! However I’m afraid you don’t get out of my nightly little “bon mot” that easily! 😉 So, until tomorrow night, do try very hard to bee good, remember that if you can’t amaze people with your intelligence, confuse them with your wisdom, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on how you feel at the time… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹“Baby Bears” – because of what Goldilocks said when she sat on Baby Bear’s chair (and broke it!), ate Baby Bear’s porridge (and scraped the bowl) and fell asleep in Baby Bear’s bed – because they were all “just right” for her! Hench the term “baby bear” means “just right!” K?

²“Columba” is “Dove” in Italian – the cakes are sort-of like a Panettone, only without the fruit in it, they’re covered in a thick-ish coating of meringue and big fat sugar crystals, and are baked roughly in the shape of a flying dove.

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