Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.14

Goodness gracious, I feel as though I’ve been running from pillar to post today! We had another nice sleep-in this morning, because it was a Public Holiday, but ever since breakfast I’ve been running around Draenor like a chook with its head cut off, hither, thither, and yon! Still an’ all, we finished that painfully obtuse quest, “The Legacy of the Ancients”, and Mouselet and Wynterthyme now have their level 3 Lumber Mills – at long ruddy last! Remember when I told you yesterday that we were supposed to get something from a Petrified Ancient, and although we’d killed two of them, it didn’t “drop” for us – and that Julian “Took out a Ticket” (left a message for one of the Moderators) ? Well, he got a reply this morning! The Moderator told Julian that he’d had a very detailed look at our logs from yesterday, saw that we had indeed found, and killed two Petrified Ancients without getting the required drop from either of them, and that we weren’t trying to diddle them into giving us a freebie item so that we could get out of doing a rather nasty, long, and very involved quest… and each of us found that we had the item waiting for us in our (in-game) mail boxes, with a short, apologetic note! The way the quest was worded, it had sounded like a book of some sort, so all we had to do was read it, and get on with finishing the rest of the quest. Well, as it turned out, it wasn’t a book at all, even though it was called “the Barkskin Tome” – it was a receptacle for bits and pieces of four different Ancient trees! Naturally this involved a lot of running around in different zones, chopping down medium-sized trees until we made the Ancient we were after angry enough to come out and confront us – whereupon we killed him! So we eventually got our required bits of tree, took them all back to the Lumber Mill and handed them in. As a reward, we were told that we could now go and buy – at enormous expense (1.5 thousand gold!) – the blueprints for the Level 3 Lumber Mill – and of course, then you had to pay the workers, in gold and Garrison Resources, to go and build the ruddy thing! And all because we wanted to be able to chop down “Large Trees”! *sigh* Anyway, no tree in Draenor is safe from Mouselet and Wynterthyme now! (fx: echoing, evil laugh: Muuhahahahaha! /fx)

So I went back to my “architect’s table” in my Town Hall, and went through all my buildings. I noted with interest that I now have the facilities to open up a Menagerie – of course, you do need to do a quest first, to “unlock” it! (Winter rolls her eyes) No, I don’t have any real idea what advantages a Menagerie will give me, and at this point in time, I’m not in any great hurry to find out, or to get one – all in good time! 😉 What I did do after I’d completed my level 3 Lumber Mill was check up on which Buildings were Level 3, and which were still Level 2. The Level 3 Buildings so far are: The Town Hall, the Lumber Mill, the Herb Garden, and the Mine – all the main earners for me. I thought I might have been able to get my Mage’s Tower to Level 3 today, too – all I needed was another 61 Ogre Waystones – or so I thought – so off I went to get them, slaughtering Ogres left, right, and centre! It didn’t take me long to get over seventy Waystones, even though someone else was running along in front of me, collecting the Waystones too! When I picked up my 62nd Waystone, I got the Achievement I needed to unlock the Level 3 Mage’s Tower, so I quickly Hearthed back to my Garrison, ran into the Town Hall, triumphantly bought my Blueprint, learnt it, and turned to the architect’s table to order the construction… Guess what! The Tower needs 1200 Garrison Resources to bring it up to Level 3, and I only had 951! *sob* I even raided my Full Garrison Cache to get me up to that many – I’ll just have to wait until it replenishes itself, or until I can score a few good Follower Missions that will net me some Resources – I only need another 249… :/

After lunch, Julian moved the cupboard that used to be in the hallway to the garage, into his Commodore 64 room, where it’ll look better, and be of more use (it’s the same as the two cupboards that we’ve got here in the Den!) Then he went off to Ikea and bought another white cabinet like the one next to Miranda (the big mermaid lamp) to put in the hallway to the garage, and which he’s currently putting together. We’re both hoping that it’ll be more practical than the large cupboards were… I think it will be, as it’s only about table, or desk high, I reckon it’ll be useful for dumping things on when we come in from outside, or doing the shopping. Anyway we’ll see what it looks like there when it’s finished. Tonight I should have time to go back and help Arisnoë get her Spirit Bear – for the past four nights I’ve been flat-out at eleven o’clock – either writing my blog, or trying to finish off one of Wynterthyme’s stupidly complicated quests. Tonight will be my third attempt to Tame this bear – and what is it that the ubiquitous “They” always say? “Third Time Lucky!” 🙂 so please cross all your fingers, toes, and eyes for us! 😉

Food stuffz: last night, being Sunday, we had an omelet for dinner, and it was one of Julian’s nicest! Ham, tomato, diced yellow and red peppers, low-fat Halloumi cheese, and chopped spring onions – very delicious! 🙂 For dessert I had the last of the bought figs, and we both had some more of that extremely nice, very low-calorie, Coles brand Rice Pudding. For lunch today I very daringly had a wrap – it was delicious too, with basil-pesto hummus, ham, tomato, sliced yellow and red peppers, and chunks of low-fat Halloumi cheese – I’d eat them every day for lunch, if I thought I could get away with it, weight-wise! Tonight we’re having King Island fillet steak, probably with chips, half a tomato, and either green beans or sugar-snap peas (I think we’ve finished off the Brussels sprouts – and besides, I’m not supposed to have too many of those because they contain too much vitamin K, which stuffs up my Warfarin dosages) I’m not sure what we’ll have for dessert – there are no figs left (unless there are some ripe ones hanging over the back fence!) and I don’t think there’s any more of my current favourite, the very low-calorie, Coles brand Rice Pudding – so I might just have to rough it with low-fat yoghurt or a Chia Pod, instead! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. was rather disappointing – I went back up again – two points! From 62.9kg to 63.1kg :/ Well, it’s not too much, I suppose, and I am still around-about the weight I want to be, so – we’ll just have to see how much damage that yummy wrap I had for lunch today does! 😉

And so to tomorrow – I’m not sure if my favourite eldest daughter is coming over or not – if not, then no doubt I’ll be Darting around Draenor, either dragging Arisnoë up by her bootstraps towards level 100 – if she’s got her Spirit Bear, that is, or trying to wrangle more Garrison Supplies out of thin air for Wynterthyme – or even running a brand-new new Night Elf, called Moonsöng, through the baby areas! (yes, I went and created another character! Sorry! :/ ) In other words, whatever happens tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be busy – which means that there’ll be lots to tell you all tomorrow night – because right now, that’s about it from me for tonight! 🙂 Do drop in again tomorrow night though, to find out if Arisnoë finally got her Spirit Bear, if Moonsöng is still in Dolanaar (the baby area), what nasty or nice surprises my weight decided to spring on me in the morning, and whether or not Wynterthyme managed to get the Garrison Resources needed to upgrade her Mage’s Tower to Level 3! Lots-a-things! 🙂 Until then though, do try to bee good, remember that obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal – and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on your preferences, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂