Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.30

09.37 am

And now… the continuing saga of “Who’s a lazy girl, then?” and why I didn’t return to write anything after my briefest-of brief morning “note to self”!

I…. ah…. I…. mmm… I got a trifle caught up! With “thingz”. Yes, mostly WoW, I admit it – however I did get quite a ways with Wïnter – she’s doing well, and starting to come to grips with questing for Garrison Resources. Shekinàh didn’t even get a look-in yesterday, and I spent an hour and a quarter, sitting around in Grizzly Hills last night, consoling Arisnoë, when Arcturis, the Spirit Bear, failed to report in for his Taming Date at 11.00 pm. I dropped in on her around 10-ish, and she was getting all excited, thinking that tonight would be “the” night, and there was no-one else there to interrupt them! I sat and held her hand (er… that is, I sat and spammed the macro to Target him, if and when he made an appearance, which as it turned out, he didn’t!) from about 09.50 pm until 11.13 pm. It was very sad – I left her sobbing into her red and white spotted handkerchief (the one she ties to the end of a long stick, and packs all her worldly possessions in, when she’s going walkabout!) because it was late, and I was feeling horribly guilty about not writing anything all day (more-or-less) so I decided to escape my guilt by getting ready for bed – trying very hard not to think about how guilty I felt (but not doing anything about it anyway)

So, to re-cap… it was a bit of a “bitty” day, Julian and I managed to get our Daily Oil quest done, though I was still bemoaning the fact that I was never going to achieve the Achievement that would allow me to upgrade my “Storeroom” (the building where my Banker, and the Guild Bank live) to level 3 (to gain me a Transmogrifier, so I could change my appearance, which would be very cool!) The Achievement blurb said I had to loot 10,000 gold in Draenor – and so far, I’ve only managed to loot less than 1,000 gold, and I was worried that I’d probably die of old age first! The Achievement blurb lied! I really only needed to get 2,500 gold! Anyway, Julian went off looking, and found a really neat trick that allows you to loot gold by selling surplus Garrison Resources – it works, too! Now all I have to do is earn myself another “surplus” of them, as I sold nearly all of my (non-surplus!) Garrison Resources last night – but at least I’m more than halfway there now! 🙂

And basically, that’s what kept me away from writing yesterday…

Now to the nitty-gritty bits.

Food stuffz: as Julian was out taking my favourite eldest daughter to an appointment, he made my lunch early – a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, on that lovely Baker’s Delight wholemeal and seed-crusted bread. Most yummy! 🙂 Then I ate several “bits” of one of my Easter Eggs – as a sort of dessert. Dinner was the herbed lemon chicken that we’d been going to have the night before, only Julian was feeling “delicate” so we didn’t. It was simply pan-fried, and served on a bed of steamed rice, with sautéed onion – I thought it was very nice – the chicken was a trifle dry, but still tasty. Then I had the option of either having the very last of the Hot Cross Buns for dessert, or for breakfast this morning – I chose the latter, so for dessert I had one of my Corella pears (I think perhaps we’d better wash the remaining ones before I eat them – the skin was quite bitter! I dunno – maybe it was some sort of spray, or maybe it wasn’t quite ripe enough – but, better to be safe than sorry, eh?) and some of that very excellent Coles-brand very low-calorie Rice Pudding. Then I had some more tiny bits of Easter Egg… (well, it’s gotta be eaten, doesn’t it!)

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Was only to be expected – in other words, I went up another point – from 63.8kg to 63.9kg. I expect this upwards trend to last about a week and a half – at this rate though, I’ll probably be reaching for the Optifast again by the end of it! 😦

And that, gentle readers, was my day, yesterday. Although I wasn’t around to tell you to bee good, I very much hope that you were/did/still are! Do look in again tonight – there’s sure to be lots more news for you all, but in the meantime, remember that some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen, so try to be one of the “others”, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – take your pick! 🙂 but most of all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

 2.33 pm

I’m on my lunch break! I had lunch late because Julian had to go out to get stuff for the banana cake he’s making this afternoon. Ermm – because our usual breakfast is 2 Uncle Toby’s VitaBrits, plus 2 hundred grams of bran (I have All-Bran – Julian has Vogel’s Ultra Bran, because it doesn’t get soggy and mushy like All-Bran – which is, of course, why I prefer All-Bran! 😉 ) half a sliced banana (each) and 200 ml of the A2 Light milk. However, since Easter snuck up on us and hit us over the head with delicious Hot Cross Buns from Ferguson Plarre, we’ve been having one and a half toasted buns – each – for breakfast instead (that’s 3 half toasted buns each, with a mere scraping of butter) and of course, the bananas that we already had for our usual breakfasts, started to go a little “spotty”, or “over-ripe”, as they say in the classics… and because we had our last Hot Cross Buns for breakfast this morning, this means that we’ll be back to the Uncle Toby’s VitaBrits for breakfast again, tomorrow morning, but alas, we wouldn’t have any bananas! Even if Julian wasn’t using the slightly over-ripe bananas in a banana cake, they’d be just a bit too over-ripe to slice up on our cereal – hence Julian’s late dash to the Supermarket for cake and breakfast ingredients! So anyway, not wanting to waste these bananas, I suggested that at least some of them might be saved by turning them into a banana cake. “Good idea!”, said Julian, quickly followed by “Find me a recipe!” – so I did! I found him three recipes (I love confusing people!) After discussing the merits of each recipe, and discarding the one that contained Buttermilk, because he hadn’t bought any of that, he’s picked one and is currently in the kitchen, making this culinary delight. I think. I can just hear “clunking” noises coming from the general direction of the kitchen!

 So as I said, we had a late(ish) lunch, and I’m about ready to hop back into WoW – I’d quit out of it just before lunch, when I realised that I’d unintentionally enmeshed young Wïnter in the stupid quest chain that culminates in the almost impossible task of killing a really, really tough Gold Elite Boss – Commander Vorka. You may remember me gnashing my teeth over him, and on the verge of deleting poor long-suffering Shekinàh because of him! So this time, before I get too impassioned, I think I’ll just go and play around with Wynterthyme, and when Julian’s got the cake in the oven, I think I’ll let him came and fight Commander Vorka, for me!

More later… 🙂

09.32 pm

Here I am to fill in the salient points of the day – namely, what I ate, and what my scales told me – so here’s the break-down:

Food stuffz: last night for dinner we had pan-fried herbed lemon chicken breasts, and some steamed rice with fried chopped onion – which all went together beautifully. For dessert, I had one of my Corella pears, just quartered and cored, and I could have had the last of the Hot Cross Buns, but I decided that I’d much rather have them for breakfast this morning, so I had a small bowl of the really yummy, Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding instead. For lunch today I had a sandwich on a new sort of bread – it’s another “Coles own”, supposedly “baked fresh on the premises” every day sort of bread, but it was surprisingly light and tasty. It’s a whole-grain, rather than a whole-meal bread, and has lots of seeds and “interesting looking” fiber. If it came to a “you be the judge” contest, I’d put the Baker’s Delight wholemeal slightly ahead of this Coles one – the Baker’s Delight really tastes better all round, I think. Anyway, it was a yummy sandwich, on the new bread, and containing the chopped up remains of last night’s chicken. Very delish! 🙂 Again, as a sort of a dessert, I ate two of the chocolate “carrots” from my Easter Egg box, and one of the small, chocolate cream-filled Lindt Easter Eggs (approximately 3.5 cm x 2 cm in size!) For dinner tonight we had the last of the new Beef Sausages (sorry, I can’t remember the make – the same as the last lot we had though, if you feel like backtracking through a couple of nights to look them up!) with half a home-grown tomato, chips, and green beans. For dessert, of course, we had a slice of Julian’s freshly baked Banana Cake, and it was a great success! I couldn’t believe how high it had risen! It tasted exactly like Banana Cake (funny, that! 😉 ) and the icing, which was really just whipped Philly Light and icing sugar, was absolutely scrumptious! It tasted a lot like a tub of “[name a fruit] cheesecake yoghurt”! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Is still on the rise, I’m afraid! I went from 63.9kg to 64.1kg – a rise of two points. I have two Easter Eggs to go – one small one, and one medium one – and there’s about (Winter guesses wildly) three? slices of the Flourless Chocolate Cake left in the fridge, and about half the Banana Cake – Julian cut off some to wait in the fridge for gluttonous mouths to gorge on, and he froze the rest. Neither of us knows what we can expect to happen with the icing, because neither of us has ever tried to freeze Philly Light before! It’ll either work, or it wont.. If it doesn’t, we can always scrape it off and put something else on it, like whipped cream… 😉 Anyway, it’s now only the two Eggs and the cakes that are standing in the way of my weight loss – I’m sort-of trying to eat it all as surreptitiously and as quickly as possible, to get it all over and done with, and behind me, so-to-speak – until next Easter…

Which, of course, brings me to tomorrow. I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – we may be off to see if I can finally get to change my name with the Medicare people, and perhaps to look in at a couple of lounge suites on the way home – the one we did purchase for use in this house hasn’t really been… satisfactory. But for the moment, that’s about it from me for today – don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to find out what sort of adventures the two of us had, whether my weight is still rising (like Julian’s Banana Cake did this afternoon! It was quite remarkable!) and whether I’ve finally had the name changed on my Medicare card! Until then though, please try to bee good, don’t forget that one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention, and remember to always drive carefully, to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂