Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.22

Well, hooray and hallelujah! With a bit of luck, this’ll be the last night that I have to start late – until this time next week! My favourite eldest daughter was over today, but until she arrived I caught up with Wynterthyme, Shekinàh, and yes, even Arisnoë, who was still sitting forlornly in Grizzly Hills, waiting for her Prince Charming Spirit Bear to appear! For some reason, everything seems to be going terribly slowly, WoW-wise – I just don’t seem to be making any headway at all… whenever I say to myself “Yes, today I’ll…” and plan a course of action for Shekinàh, or decide to take Wynterthyme out for a quest-run in Gorgrond, or the Tanaan Jungle, or Nagrand – I either get caught up in organising my Followers and their Missions, or “servicing” Work Orders for my various Building enterprises – and I simply – run out of time – before I have to start my writing for the day! bleech! Never mind, I should be able to get a decent run at things tomorrow morning, at least until after lunch. The great Clarke is supposed to be gracing our doorstep sometime tomorrow afternoon – but (and please don’t take this the wrong way, Clarke, if you happen to be reading my blog tonight) I’ll believe it when I see it – and I’m certainly not going to be holding my breath – even though Julian said that he’d rung him to confirm his presence tomorrow – he’s let us down too many times lately! Anyway, I wouldn’t be able to play WoW tonight, even if I didn’t have to write this – all the WoW servers are coming down for maintenance tonight, and will be offline for several hours! (let’s hope that this lot of maintenance fixes some of the horribly annoying little “bugs” that have been driving me to distraction lately!) Oh well, at least I can rest easy about the fact that even if Arisnoë can’t get her bear tonight, at least no-one else can, either! 😉 Wynterthyme now has eight ships in her Fleet – 2 Transports, 2 Destroyers, 2 Battleships, and 2 Submarines – but she’s run out of oil and can’t send them out on Missions! It never rains but it pours, eh?! I really need to get Wynterthyme out to do some questing, and to glean some more timber and skins while she’s trying to earn Reputation points for the Council of Exarchs – but Farming for anything – Reputation or Reagents – is almost as boring as walking on the treadmill every morning, and I’m afraid I don’t handle it with very good grace :/

I suppose you’ve all probably noticed that the blog Template has changed  yet again – expect it to do so fairly regularly for a cuppla days, while I pretty much go through all of the Free Templates, searching for one that I really, really like… the trouble is that most of them don’t allow a wide enough column for the text – in fact, most of them simply present you with a narrow little strip down the centre of the page for text, or jam a narrow column over on one half of the screen, leaving the whole of the other half for their silly “Widgets” (the Calendar, Archives, Follow button, and Admin stuff) which would be much more better positioned at the bottom of the page, or hidden in a slide-out panel! I have found a couple of Templates that give you a reasonably sized central text column, but so far, those don’t give you the option of making a personalized header!  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find something – sooner or later! 😉

While my favourite eldest daughter and I were lolling around watching recorded TV series, Julian went off to do a bit of shopping. I wanted him to go to Ferguson Plarre to get some Hot Cross Buns to “try out” before Friday, so I’d added “Hot Cross Buns – one dozen!” to the shopping list. Unfortunately, when he got to Ferguson Plarre they’d sold out! A bus load of little old ladies from a Retirement Village had been in and bought the lot – but they’ll have more tomorrow morning! So Julian has ordered two dozen of them, to be picked up tomorrow morning! He then went over to Doncaster, because last time he was over there he forgot to get more Nespresso Pods, and we were running dangerously low – and heaven forbid that we should run out of coffee on the Easter Long Weekend! We were also starting to run low on tea, so he went to T2 as well, and picked up a most curious “special” tea! Baxter’s Buns, which we’re sampling, even as I type! It’s a loose, flavoured black tea, which you can have with milk in it, and it’s really very, very nice! They also make a Caramel Brownie “special” tea, which Julian didn’t get, unfortunately, so I can’t tell you what it’s like – but it sure sounds scrumptious! 🙂 (psst! Specially for the chocoholics amongst you! They have several Chocolate Teas, too!) Anyway, I just finished my cup of Baxter’s Buns tea, and it was really very nice – if you’re into flavoured black teas, do get some – it’s only 50 cents more than T2’s other flavoured black teas, so do get some to enjoy over the Easter break! There was a fair amount of “throw-out” in the bottom of the cup, even though Julian used a tea strainer when pouring it, but forewarned is forearmed, so you shouldn’t cop a mouthful 🙂

Apropos of the Ferguson Plarre Hot Cross Buns – because he was unable to get any there this afternoon, and having ordered some for tomorrow, he tried again at Baker’s Delight over at Doncaster (upstairs, just down from Woolworths) but… a woman ahead of him at the counter bought the last ones! Not to be thwarted, he tried again at a bread shop (which he can’t remember the name of!) downstairs, and brought home a dozen quite nice looking Hot Cross Buns, which we sampled for dessert tonight. We had one each, cold out of the bag – we didn’t warm them in the oven or the microwave, and we didn’t toast them – just cut them in half and added a small scraping of butter – because you simply can’t eat Hot Cross Buns without butter – and I have to admit, they weren’t bad at all! They had a decent amount of fruit, and more importantly, spices, in them, for a change (it’s a mistake all the supermarkets make with their Hot Cross Buns – not enough spices! They’re almost white inside! They should be a sort of a dark ecru colour with spices inside!) I thought they were perhaps a trifle heavy – maybe a bit “doughy”? but that was probably because we didn’t warm them up in any way… I’m looking forward to sampling the Fergus Plarre ones tomorrow night! 🙂

Food stuffz: we had chicken sausages for dinner last night, with mashed potato (made with low-fat Greek yoghurt instead of milk and butter!) snow peas, and half a tomato, and I had the last of the store-bought figs, and a small dish of the delicious Coles brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding for dessert. Today for lunch I had a wholemeal sandwich, with basil-pesto hummus and sweet chili sandwich chicken chunks, and for dinner tonight we had a wonderful little piece of steak – once again cooked to perfection – with chips, half a store-bought tomato, and some steamed mixed broccoli and cauliflower florets. For dessert I had one of a new lot of store-bought figs, and one of the Hot Cross Buns that Julian got over at Doncaster this afternoon, split in half and with a scraping of butter on each half.

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t too bad – I went up another point, from 62.8kg to 62.9kg… I was going to say that hopefully that would be the last of the “going up!” bit until after Sunday – and while that would be very nice, I don’t think it’s going to happen – not while I’m “testing” Hot Cross Buns, anyway! So, it’s a toss-up! Continue testing Hot Cross Buns and allow my weight to slowly creep up a bit, or deny the Hot Cross Buns, and have Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat ricotta and tomato for lunch, and maybe start drifting downwards again… but it’s Easter – last Easter I was Optifasting, and nothing but Optifast bars and soups passed my lips – and I said to my family, as I watched them all eating chocolates and Hot Cross Buns, and hoping fervently that I would have hit maintenance before Christmas, “This isn’t forever! Next year, I’m going to enjoy Easter!” Well, it’s now “next year”, and I’m going to enjoy Easter! 😛

And so to tomorrow – hopefully it’ll be a fairly quiet day and I’ll be able to get a decent bit of WoW-ing in – but who knows… I haven’t been out to do any of the shopping that I’ve been wanting to do yet, and I’m starting to get a bit antsy! I have “things to get” before Sunday, and I’m very quickly running out of time! I know Julian is planning some sort of shopping “Raid” on Saturday, and although I’ve lost over 71 kilos, and I’m doing quite well at getting around shopping centres under my own steam, without the wheelchair, I’m not as quick on my feet as I was thirty years ago, and quite frankly, I don’t want to get caught out! I’m hoping against hope that we can do some shopping on Thursday… And with that plaintive plea, that’s once again about it from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to see how much the Hot Cross Bun affected my weight, if I’ve managed to get any further with Wynterthyme and Shekinàh, and whether or not Clarke turned up, this time – or if there’ll be another excuse (I’m actually betting on the latter! Prove me wrong, Clarke!) Until then, however, do see if you can bee good, remember not to just go through life, but to grow through life, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂