Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.05

Good grief! Is it the weekend already?! Why is it, that when you’re a child, time seems to pass with agonising slowness… It seems forever, until next Christmas, or your next Birthday – but as you grow older, the time seems to speed up, passing faster and faster every year, until you get to my age – Christmas was yesterday, and you wake up on Boxing Day morning, to find that it’s the day before Christmas, a year later, and you haven’t even started the Christmas Shopping yet!! And because time seems to pass in such a blur, you find yourself in danger of missing out on things, like Julian’s “Big Birthday Bash”, which oversight we’ve managed to explain away by saying that Julian and I are going to have a joint “Big Birthday Bash” on Sunday, March 20th (aren’t we, Julian! *glare*) at one of our favourite Eateries – either The East Empress Bistro, in Glen Waverley, or The Tender Trap, in Doncaster. Either will do – just book it! We also put off our Saint Valentine’s Day dinner because we didn’t want to go out for dinner to be given a “Special” much shorter menu, with very few choices, lights so dim that you need to bring a torch with you in order to be able to read it, and an atmosphere of totally false bonhomie – we prefer to go out together a week or so later, when we can read a full menu and enjoy ourselves without all the brouhaha of a totally commercial “celebration”. Well, we haven’t been yet – but we will, we will…

This morning we went out reasonably early – we had to go and get a couple of prescriptions renewed – and as we’d run out of cereal and stuff for dinner tonight, we stopped off at The Glen on our way home, did our bit of shopping – and had lunch there, where once again, I probably ate too much. So much for getting my weight down as low as possible before Wednesday morning! :/ Anyway, when we got home, I jumped straight into World of Warcraft – I’m supposed to be working on a spread-sheet of my weight loss, going right back to August 18th, 2014, and I did start, but then I realised that I was going about it all wrong, and that I should have been doing a line graph, which my favourite eldest daughter had shown me how to do several months ago, only I couldn’t remember what she’d said now. Julian growled at me, and told me to look it up on Google – which I had, but I couldn’t get my head around it, so I think I’ll just wait until Lee’s over here next week, and she can show me again… So I didn’t bother with that today, I did all my bits and pieces with Wynterthyme and her Followers, then I picked up where I’d left off with Arisnoë. That went quite smoothly, and I got a fair way with her – I could probably have even made it to level 89 this afternoon, but her bags were full, so I thought I’d just make a “quick trip” back to Orgrimmar to empty out her pockets, and then go back to my ever lengthening quest chain. Arriving in Orgrimmar, I went to the Guild Bank, but my bags were so full, and the Guild Bank was in such a mess, that I didn’t have any room to sort through things. In short, we needed another Guild Bank Vault. Well, we had the money in the Guild Bank, from when I’d sold Mouselet (I think it was Mouselet!) a slice of Watermelon (worth about four copper pieces!) for 3500 gold on the Neutral Auction House in Booty Bay, but… I wasn’t the Guildmistress, was I, so I didn’t get the option to buy another Guild Bank Vault. Bother. I logged into my secondary account, located the Guildmistress, bought the new Guild Bank Vault, swapped the Guildmistress-ship over to Arisnoë, and Bob’s yer uncle! I went back to Arisnoë, with whom I spent the remainder of the afternoon, rearranging the entire Guild Bank into a more logical and easier to manage order – four items at a time, because that was how many bag slots I had left! You know, it’s only just occurred to me, as I’m writing all of this, that I could have (should have!) transferred the contents of my bags into my Personal Bank – I’d have been able to move the Guild Bank things around a whole lot faster with more empty bag slots – and moved everything I’d temporarily stored in my Personal Bank back to my bags afterwards! Why couldn’t I have thought of that three hours ago?! …So much for the “quick trip” back to Orgrimmar! :/ Anyway, the Horde Guild Bank on Quel’Dorei is now all sorted out and nice and neat and tidy, Arisnoë’s bags are nice and neat and mostly empty, and she’s all set up for the run to level 89 tonight! Hopefully! Tomorrow, of course, Wynterthyme and Mouselet will take over, in their bid to reach level 100! They’re so close now – only about two and a half bubbles left to level 100 – no excuses will be accepted, from here on in, it’s “Level 100 or Bust!” Mind you, I don’t know what we’re going to do when we do get to level 100 – we’ve never been Raid or Dungeon-type players – so I suppose we’ll just concentrate on building up our Garrisons, and improving our armor and gear for the advent of the next Expansion, “Legion”, supposedly going live in September! If there’s one thing that Blizzard does do well, it’s the expansion “trailers”, and this one for “Legion” is one of their best! – they really inspire you to pre-pay, and buy the expansion – we haven’t yet, but I have a feeling that we will… (because we always do!)

Food stuffz: last night we had lamb backstrap, pan-fried (but not marinated this time) with half a tomato, “sea salt and rosemary” chips, and green beans, and for dessert, I had one large-ish apricot, and a Dark Cocoa Chia Pod (my flavourite! 😉 ) Today we had lunch at The Glen, upstairs in the Food Court – this time we both chose “Muffin Break” food – I had a chicken and lettuce sandwich, followed by a diet-breaking, weight-making, sinful chocolate mud-cake slice, with really thick, gooey, absolutely delicious chocolate frosting! I can almost guarantee my weight will be up in the 69kg mark tomorrow morning! (well, hopefully it won’t go up that high (6 kilos, in one foul swoop? It’d better [censored] not!), but my weight certainly won’t be going down tomorrow, that’s fer sure!) Tonight we’re having pan-fried pork fillet, with rice, spring onions, half a tomato, and green beans, and once again, I’ll have one large-ish apricot, and a Blueberry Chia Pod. I also think that I’d better not go out for lunch for the next week, but eat a couple of Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat ricotta and tomato for the next five or six days! :/ mia culpa, etc., etc… (and yes, that chocolate mud-cake slice was worth it! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t pretty! :/ What with the berry crumble yesterday, and the chocolate mud-cake today, it’s going to be even uglier tomorrow! But I am suffering from fluid retention at the moment, and my weight will go down again… However today I went up five points – from 62.9kg to 63.4kg – and I have a feeling that I can expect the same tomorrow morning. Well, I’m the one who’s been saying that I thought being in the low 62kg zone was too low, and that I’d prefer to stay in the 63 to 64 kg zone, so I guess I can’t complain too noisily now that I am in the mid 63kg range, can I! 🙂

I must say I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and reaching level 100 – for one thing, it will (should, anyway!) open up level 3 Garrison opportunities – to upgrade my buildings and Followers, thereby bringing me in more Garrison Resources, which appear to be “Garrison-speak” for “currency”! Whether Wynterthyme and Mouselet will go on to attempt to gain their Draenor Flying Licences or not, I’m not sure – my favourite eldest daughter did leave me a very detailed list of all the Draenor Flying Licence requirements in a Blog Comment a couple of days ago – it certainly makes for very interesting, if extremely daunting, reading! Anyway, once again that’s about it from me for tonight – but do drop in again tomorrow night, and see just exactly how much my weight did go up in the morning (probably a lot! :/ ) and whether Wynterthyme and Mouselet did make it to level 100, if they died getting there, and if they did, what was it that took them down – as well as what boosts, advantages, and/or rewards did they receive when they finally did ding 100! Until then though, do be patient, and please try to bee good – remember that the best way to predict the future is to create it, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on what the weather decides to give you… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂