Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.21

Reprise last night’s statement about being late again… and I’ll probably be late again tomorrow night too, if my favourite eldest daughter comes over – but… what’s an hour or two here or there –  or even now and then, hmm? 🙂 So… my day, with all its adventures – and quite a few misadventures, too! Of course, I played WoW – Wynterthyme is busily building her very first Submarine – unfortunately it meant getting rid of one of her Destroyers, but she has a fair way to go before she gets her Shipyard upgrade – at the moment she can only have six ships – she’ll have to work out which ones to keep, and which ones to “decommission” (which basically means destroying them – because when she can have more ships she’ll have to create new ones – she won’t be able to “recommission” them 😦 ) So this time around, she’ll end up with two Transports, two Destroyers, and two Submarines – and may the Horde have mercy on her small Fleet! At the moment she has two Transports, three Destroyers, and one Submarine – I’ll work on evening everything out for her tomorrow morning! Then I went over to work on Shekinàh… I hope she never finds out just how close she came to getting deleted today! :/ Honestly, I very nearly did… I was struggling through a long quest chain, and I’d finally got myself to the last scenario – I had to kill a certain “Commander Vorka” – and I just kept dying! Over, and over, and over – I lost count at twenty! The wretched thing about dying in this game is that the mob you’re fighting is restored to complete full health when you die! If you’re in the sort of situation I was this morning, where you’re resurrected exactly where you fell – which is usually quite close to where your enemy is – you come back with low health. Now, there are three ways to get your health back. 1. You can just wait. Eventually your health will regenerate. 2. You can take a Healing Potion – unless you took one just before you died, because Healing Potions have quite a long cool-down period! I’m not quite sure how long it is, but it’s certainly long enough for your enemy – who’s back at full health – to notice that you’re back and to begin attacking you – which usually means that you die again – rather quickly – then just rinse and repeat! Then there’s option 3. You can sit down and eat something, if you’re far enough away from your enemy to be out of combat, because you can’t sit down and have a nice healing sandwich when your life is in danger – and of course, in the situation I was in this morning, I wasn’t far enough away. So I just kept on… dying. I never even had enough time to call back my Pet, who’d got bored when I died, and wandered off somewhere! I just wasn’t fast enough – heck, half the time I couldn’t even find where my ruddy cursor was, amid all the special battle effects! So eventually I got totally fed up with the whole stupid situation – you apparently can call your Garrison Guard to assist you – but they got killed quicker than I did! In the end, after dying more than 20 times (I wonder if that’s some sort of Blizzard record?!) I logged out with the intention of deleting Shekinàh – because if I couldn’t play her, there was no point in having her! Luckily Julian came to my rescue as he always does, and he managed to get Commander Vorka down for me (he’s much better coordinated than I am, and unlike me, he always knows where his cursor is!) So Shekinàh lives to fight again another day… for now, anyway. I find it very annoying that Blizzard are so inconsistent – about ninety-nine and three fifths of the mobs have been nerfed almost out of existence, but some of the End Bosses, like Vorka, are simply too hard – according to the Forums, most people had difficulties finishing off this particular quest chain – some even said that they couldn’t finish it – so maybe I’m not such an abysmal player, after all?! I know that I’ve complained in the past about the lack of challenges in WoW and Rift, and it’s true! Most of the main quests and bonus quests are too easy! But just because I like a bit of a challenge, doesn’t mean that I want the quests to be nigh on impossible to complete without help!

Food stuffz: well, last night we didn’t have any dinner – we just had a Chia Pod each – mine was the plain vanilla one, which does however, have the slightest hint of chocolate flavour about it. Today for lunch I had a lovely, delicious wrap, with basil-pesto hummus, ham, tomato, sliced red pepper batons, and Halloumi cheese – very messy to eat, but also very delicious! 🙂 And for dinner tonight, we had a different type of chicken sausages, with mashed potatoes – this time with Greek yoghurt instead of milk and butter – half a tomato (not one of ours tonight :/ ) and snow peas. A very, very nice dinner! And for dessert I had the last of the store-bought figs, and some more of that delicious Coles brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding… so I’m expecting my weight to go up a bit more, tomorrow morning!

Weigh-in this morning. Surprised me! I expected to go up quite a lot, after all that chocolate cake yesterday, but I only went up two points! From 62.6kg to 62.8kg – totally amazing! However, I’ll probably go up a fair bit more tomorrow morning, after that yummy wrap for lunch today (I wouldn’t mind having those wraps for lunch every day, and dinner as well! I really like them, even if they are quite messy to eat!) and the heavenly Rice Pudding for dessert tonight (not to mention the chicken sausage and the mashed potato, even if it was made with low-fat Greek yoghurt!) Still, we’ll just have to weight and sea what transpires when I get on the scales in the morning! (I’ll probably have gone up to around 69.9kg or something! :/ )

So, apart from the sickening debacle with Commander Vorka this morning, the rest of my time in Draenor passed without any other unpleasant incidents, and I was quite pleased with Shekinàh’s overall progress. Josh was over today and my hair looks really nice again, thank goodness. And this week I have an agenda! We will be going to Bunnys to get both a large tub for the kumquat tree to live in, and a fish-pond scoop-net-thing with which to remove the dead leaves and scruff from the mud puddle around the water feature by the front door! We’re also going to be going up to the shopping complex on the corner of Burwood Highway and Blackburn Road to get some Hot Cross Buns from Ferguson Plarre (well, I mean we have to test them before Friday, don’t we, to make sure that they’re going to be suitable for the Easter long weekend! 😉 ) We still have to get Easter Eggs, too… *sigh* So much shopping to do… so few places to store everything I want to get… 😉 Tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter will be over again, though I’m not sure what we have left to watch! I’ve actually been thinking about Netflix, and wondering just what series they have to offer – Julian says you can’t go and see what they’ve got until you sign up for it, which is ridiculous! What if you sign up, and then find that they don’t have anything that interests you! And are all the series they do show littered with ads, like the Foxtel ones? (The never-ending “ad show”, infrequently interrupted with a few seconds worth of the Shannara Chronicles on the SyFy channel springs to mind!) because if so, I’m not interested! Still, that’s a discussion for another time, because that’s really about it from me for this evening! 🙂 Don’t forget to call back tomorrow night to find out how much my weight had gone up by tomorrow morning when I clambered onto the scales – and what I said about it – and whether or not Shekinàh has got enough Garrison Resources with which to send her growing band of Followers off on Missions, or not. However until tomorrow night, please do try to bee good, and don’t forget – no one is remembered for being normal!Remember to keep warm – or cool – depending on your preferences, to look after yourselves, and to always drive carefully – but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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