Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.11

…Just because I didn’t really like the header that I did yesterday… Well, most days around here are fairly quiet, but today has really been a quiet day for me – our cleaning lady came, dusted, terrorised poor Flipper with the vacuum cleaner noise, mopped, and left. And once again, I forgot to ask her to sweep and dust the front and back decks! I really need something to remind me – so I think that a nice, long, relaxing visit to Office Works might be a good idea, so that I can get some Post-It notes, then – if I can remember what I got the Post-It notes for – I can write “Remember to tell K to dust the front and back decks!” on one of them, and stick it in the middle of my Monitor screen. Well, maybe not in the middle of the screen – that would make it a wee bit hard to read emails… and kill things… and make headers…

So once again I played WoW nearly all day, for a change! 😉 I’ve left Wynterthyme sitting in the middle of Grizzly Hills waiting to see if Arcturis turns up or not. And so far, he hasn’t! Or at least, not when I’ve been looking! I’m even beginning to wonder if he’s still in the game, or if Blizzard have removed him – but I don’t think that that’s the case – if he doesn’t exist any more, then why are there always a lot of high-level (level 96+!) Beastmaster Hunters, parked in a rough circle around his spawning point? And as for the Spirit Cat (which Wynterthyme already has) there’s been no sign of him, either, and I’m finding that quite a lot off-putting, actually! He has more than a dozen spawn points, all around the Sholazar Basin. It’s not a terribly big area, so you’d think it would be reasonably easy to catch up with him fairly often – I always have in the past (alright, it was about four or five years ago, but still…!) Also, I haven’t seen any sign of the mob of Beastmaster Hunters that are always hanging around the spawn point for Arcturis – oh, you see the very occasional character flying past on their way to Wintergrasp, or wherever, but I don’t think they’re responsible for shooting Loque’nahak – because I would have found his poor cold, still, body lying on the ground, at least once or twice, as I patrolled the perimeter looking for him! No, I don’t know what’s going on with those beasties – I know they’re “Rares“, but really, this is going a bit beyond “rarity”! It’s beginning to look a lot more like “extinct-ity”, and I’m not appreciating it! :/

After wasting a lot of time sitting around clicking on my “/tar Arcturis”, and “/tar Loque’nahak” macro (“/tar” means “target [insert name of the creature you’re hunting]”, remember? 🙂 ) I moved on to Arisnoë, and did a bit more questing and exploring with her. It’s not easy, you know, with Arisnoë being a new-comer to Draenor, and only level 92 (she went up to level 92 this morning) the countryside isn’t very pleasing to the eye, I’m soloing, instead of working with another character in group mode, so leveling up is not only a lot harder to do, but it also takes a lot longer to complete quests! And some of the mobs I’m having to deal with are really, really mean and nasty! I died twice today fighting a multi-headed winged beast – only a level 92 mob, the same as me and my turtle, and we usually deal with level 92 mobs with not too many hassles – but these [censored] sods just wouldn’t go down – I suppose I really should look at my Combat Log next time it happens to see how they manage to take me down so easily – maybe it’s poison breath, or something – but one minute I’m fit and healthy and battling away – the next minute, I’m lying there dead! Anyway, I’m giving them quite a wide berth, for the nonce –  at least until I get a little “older”, anyway – then it’ll be them lying there dead (and skinned!) Arisnoë’s Garrison is coming along reasonably well – I now have a level 2 Great Hall (the Alliance call theirs a “Town Hall”) I’ve opened up my Mine, and put up a few new Buildings, but it’s still pretty primitive and rough, compared to the neat and orderly Alliance Garrisons! I can’t wait until I get out Frostfire Ridge – the area where I am now – because as you all know, there are three things that I really hate having to fight in – underwater, in a snow storm, and in the dark! And Frostfire Ridge is – shall we say – prone to blizzards and snow storms! 😦 And Arisnoë’s Garrison is right in the most snow and blizzard-prone part of it! :/

Food stuffz: last night for dinner we had some lovely, slow-cooked Corned Silverside – it had hardly a skerrick of fat on it, but just enough to impart some flavour to the meat. With it, we had some very delicious mashed potatoes, a half (each) of one of our own, home-grown Heirloom tomatoes, which I reckon was the best one that we’ve had of those yet! Firm, juicy, lovely taste and texture – a wonderful tomato! And we had some home-grown green beans – which were really different from the beans you buy in the supermarket, or frozen beans! They were quite dark green on the outside, and when you bit them, or cut them, they were almost grassy-green inside. Julian thinks he might have left them on their vines a bit too long, but I didn’t think so – I thought they were delicious! For dessert, I had a fig – yes, Julian did buy some – and a low-fat strawberry yoghurt. For lunch today I had two Ryvita crispbreads, with Philly Light, some sliced up left-over Corned Silverside, sliced tomato, and a dob of basil-pesto hummus. They were very yummy, especially with the Corned Silverside, and for some obscure reason, weren’t quite as crumbly as they usually are, which was a real bonus! 🙂 Tonight we’re having pork cutlets, pan-fried with a little butter, olive oil, and pepper, with which we’ll probably be having chips, half a tomato, and something vaguely green – probably the rest of the Brussels sprouts, and for dessert, I’ll have the (I think!) last remaining Chia Pod, and another fig (I wish there was a way of eating figs where you don’t get sticky white fig-sap all over your fingers – even soap and warm water doesn’t seem to wash it off terribly well!)

Weigh-in this morning. Was not good! I went up yet another two points, from 63.5kg to 63.7kg! Yesterday, not only did my feet look like sausage balloons, but my fingers got swollen too – so much so that I could very happily have gone out, and worn all my good rings without the slightest fear of them falling off! I really, really hate this [censored] humid weather, and what’s more, it really, really hates me too! 😦  My feet are still swollen today, but at least my fingers have almost gone back to their ring dropping sizes! Thank heavens for small mercies, eh?! :/ What we need is a good, old-fashioned thunderstorm, to clear the air and burn up the humidity – or perhaps we should start seriously thinking about moving to Tasmania, or New Zealand!

This weekend’s a long weekend, though we probably won’t notice too much difference – once upon a time, “when I was a gel”, as they say in the classics, for starters, nothing was open on Sundays anyway (except Churches, of course) and the holiday Monday was sacrosanct – again, nothing was open – not even a Milk Bar, so that you could go and buy some milk, or  bread, or lollies! No! One did all one’s shopping on Friday night, or Saturday morning (and even that got grumbled about!) – these days, everything’s open just about all the time – even on Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday! So – what’s in a Public Holiday then, apart from some office workers not having to go in to work on the Monday (and sometimes even the Friday before!) but heaven help you if you work in Retail – you’re expected to show up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, on Friday morning, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and of course, the Public Holiday Monday morning – for which you do get paid quite well – or so we’re led to believe, anyway. The point I’m trying to make, in a sort of a round about and typically long-winded way, is: is there really any point in having Public Holidays any more? It would make much more sense to just roster jobs a bit better, and then everyone could have one day off a week, or two days off every fortnight – or something. What do all of you out there in reader-land think? But as for tomorrow, I guess I’ll be up to my eyeballs in Frostfire Ridge, Shadowmoon Valley, Grizzly Hills, and the good old Sholazar Basin, still looking for Arcturis, and Loque’nahak… I’m not sure what Julian will be doing – he’s trying to unpack, and set up, his Commodore 64 Room, so he’ll probably do a bit more of that, however at this particular point in my epic dissertation, I have once again to inform you all that – well, that’s about it from me for this evening! 😉 Please do drop in again tomorrow night, to find out what sorts of adventures and scrapes I’ve managed to get either myself, Wynterthyme, or Arisnoë into, and how I manged to extricate us out of them, and whether or not my weight has decided to start behaving itself again – or if I’m starting to reach for the Optifast again! There’ll be lots more to regale you all with, so don’t miss out! Until then though, please try to bee good, remember that success comes in cans, not cant’s, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep cool – or warm – depending on your preferences, and to look after yourselves… but most of all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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