Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.04

Here we go again! YANH! (Yet Another New Header! 😉 ) What do all think of it? The background is one I made years and years ago, and has been a good stand-by ever since – the rest I cobbled together from various bits and pieces. I thought it looked quite nice – but there you go, I’m back into my “Violet” movement again – I wonder if it’s because when we were out this morning, I wandered through an Apothecary, and they had a very attractive stand of room reed diffusers (reed room diffusers? *shrug* …I dunno) – you know, those pretty perfume-type bottles with half a dozen sticks of cane poking out of them? Right, well Julian and I don’t think much of them – they start off scenting the room nicely, but after only a day or so, the smell vanishes and you’re left with a rather forlorn bottle that has about half a dozen oily and somewhat dusty sticks of cane poking out of it. Oh, I’ve been told that you really have to rotate, or twiddle, the cane sticks every day to get the best effect, and I’ve been told that you should thoroughly wash and dry your cane sticks at least once a week for them to work properly, and lots of other variations on the same theme – and I’ve tried them all! Sadly, none of them really work – so when I saw them all lined up in the Apothecary today, naturally I stopped and sniffed at each one, to see if any of them would be worth getting… They were all “alright” – nothing there really grabbed my fancy, but then I noticed that, hey! They had candles, too! I’m looking for candles at the moment, as the one that I’m currently using in the bedroom has almost reached the un-burnable stage. Now, as I said, Julian and I don’t think much of the room reed diffusers (or reed room diffusers – whatever!) even if I do always go and sniff them, to see if any of them smell nice enough to be worth experimenting with again… we also don’t really like soy candles, and that’s about all that anyone sells anymore! Why don’t we like soy candles? Well, despite what the chandlers always try to tell you, they don’t burn as well or as evenly as the paraffin wax ones. When you light them, the soy wax melts into a horrible yellow oil, which when cooled, becomes a horrible yellow layer of soft, greasy soy wax on top of the as-yet un-melted white soy wax underneath! But of course, soy candles are sooo popular! Everyone wants soy candles! (because you can’t buy the paraffin based ones anymore! That’s the reason why “everyone wants them”!) Anyway, getting back to the Apothecary this morning, in amongst all those diffusers were four or five boxed candles – soy ones, to be sure, but they had fairly promising names, like “Citrus Woods”, and “Hibiscus Flower”, and “Lemongrass”…. and…. “Violets”. I had to sniff all of those, too… I don’t much like the smell of Lemongrass, but I sniffed it anyway, and as usual, I wrinkled my nose and moved hastily on to the next one… the Hibiscus scented one was disappointing – it lacked “body”, and was so faint that you really had to stick your nose into the box to be able to smell it at all. The Citrus Woods was another disappointment – it smelt more like our camphor wood chest, than anything “citrus-y”! I saved the Violet one till last, as I love the smell of violets, and it was in a pretty mauve glass container, too (what was I saying earlier? 🙂 “Oh gosh, I wonder what on earth could have put me into a “Violet” frame of mind”, hmm?! 😉 ) Well, I guess that sometimes a violet just doesn’t smell like a violet – and this was one of those times, because whatever it was that it did smell of, it certainly wasn’t violets! It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t violets, either. I left the Apothecary with some mousewash, some fluffy soap, and a tube of toothpaste… :/

We left straight after breakfast to get my Warfarin blood test done, then we went up to Knox City, where I went to Butterfly and bought a couple of silver guard rings – as soon as I can locate my “good” rings, I’ll see if they’re going to work or not – but they look quite good on their own anyway, with just my original wedding ring between them. We had lunch up at Knox, and when we came home I did a bit more running around with Wynterthyme – I got her to two and a half bubbles to ding, went back to Stormwind, and turned off my experience bar – Julian got to about the same  point, and turned his off, too – so between now and next Sunday, we can both go out harvesting anything we can get our greedy little paws on, without getting ahead of eachother 🙂 Next Sunday, with a bit of luck, we should both ding level 100 at around about the same time, and then experience bars will be a thing of the past, until the new expansion goes live, around about September!

Food stuffz: last night we had King Island Beef sausages for dinner, with green beans, half a tomato (store-bought – none of ours are ripening! There are plenty on the plant, and they’re getting nice and plump – but they’re not going nice and tomato-red yet!) and we had a new and different type of chip – not the “sea salt and cracked pepper” this time, they were “sea salt and rosemary”, which were very nice too! Not quite as good as the cracked pepper ones, but nice enough to warrant getting them again. For dessert I had an apricot (they’re large ones, otherwise I would have had two) and some of the delicious Coles brand low-calorie Rice Pudding that we both like so much. For lunch today I had my usual “lunch in a shopping centre somewhere” – which is nearly always a BLT, with some sort of “cake slice” to follow for dessert. Today’s “cake slice” was an extremely nice “berry crumble” – no cream or anything, just the berry crumble, but it was really yummy! Tonight we’re having lamb backstraps, pan-fried, with all the usual suspects – half a tomato, green beans (or sugar-snap peas) and probably more of the “sea salt and rosemary” chips. I hope so, anyway. As there are no more figs ripe enough to pick yet, I’ll have another apricot for dessert, with maybe a Chia Pod because they’re fun to eat 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I’m still confused… anyway, this morning I went down two points, from 63.1kg to 62.9kg, so Batman is starting to grow a cape under his right-hand pointy ear 🙂 I do know one thing though – this weather definitely isn’t good for me! I’m starting to retain fluid again, and my feet are getting quite puffy and swollen. I think I need to move to Tasmania, or New Zealand – or anywhere that’s cooler and has less humidity than here, anyway! 😦 So – I wonder what my weight will do after the BLT and the berry crumble? Go up again, I suppose – but I would like it to get down to, say – 62.8kg or a bit lower? for next Wednesday – just so that I can smirk smugly at Dr. Y. when I tell him what I weight now! 😉 (and to think – all the doctors – including Dr. Y. – said that I wouldn’t be able to do it, without having drastic – and permanent – weight loss surgery! …I think I have every right to smirk smugly at them all!)

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – I know we have to front up at the doctor’s to pick up some new scripts, but apart from that, I think tomorrow’s relatively clear – I hope so, anyway – as I haven’t had a chance to do anything with poor old Arisnoë today – she’s probably moping around Pandaria feeling very neglected! I’ll have to see if I can run her through a couple of quests tonight, to make up for neglecting her today. I must find time to file my nails down tomorrow, too – they’re getting long enough to interfere with my typing, and that means that they’re going to start breaking, very, very soon! Besides! I want them to look nice for next Wednesday! 🙂 And having said that, I think it’s also about time for me to say “…and that’s about it from me for tonight!”, so I shall! 🙂 …and that really is about it from me for tonight! Do stop by again tomorrow night though, to see if Batman’s cape is going to turn into an antenna after all, depending on what my weight does with the BLT and the piece of berry crumble that I had for lunch today – and I’m sure you’re all very eager to find out how Arisnoë is progressing on her quests towards level 90! One thing’s fer sure though – there’ll be lots to tell you all tomorrow night, so make sure you don’t miss anything! 🙂 However, until tomorrow night, do your very best to bee good, if not gooder, remember that intolerance betrays a lack of faith in one’s cause, and don’t forget to stay cool – or warm – depending on your preferences, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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