Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.31

01.34 pm

It’s the end of my lunch break, and I’m feeling… freed, somehow – because I’m no longer tethered to Easter Eggs and chocolates! That’s right, I’ve just eaten my last two Easter Eggs – one small Lindt one, and one medium-sized Haigh’s one – I’d actually opened up the Lindt one last night, and taken a healthy bite out of it, when Julian yelled at me “Don’t eat that now!” – something about eating that much protein? carbohydrate? whatever! so close to going to bed – apparently it prevents you from going into ketosis, or something. Mind you, most people don’t go into ketosis when they go to sleep at night, in fact it was my understanding of ketosis¹ that it only occurred when your body started to burn body fat instead of ingested carbohydrates and proteins – like I was when I was on the Optifast diet (in fact I think I was pretty much in a constant state of ketosis while I was on the Optifast – and I probably stayed in a state of almost permanent ketosis, for a lot longer than is considered wise, or safe, by most doctors – but hey! It did the trick, and I’m still perfectly healthy! 😉 ) So in glum disappointment, I put the Lindt Easter Egg back in the plastic box that I’d been storing it in, and left it until this morning. I opened up the Haigh’s one about ¾ of an hour ago, and now it’s all gone too! 🙂 Now I can start having Ryvita crispbread and low-fat ricotta cheese, and start concentrating on shedding some of this Easter Weight! Ahhh… once we’ve finished off what’s left of the Flourless Chocolate Cake, that is – which should only take two or three nights. I’m not counting the Banana Cake as that wasn’t “Easter fare”, and I don’t think it’s nearly as “fat producing” as the Easter Eggs and the Flourless Chocolate Cake. We’ll work our way slowly through the Banana Cake when we’ve finished the FCC one – and besides, most of the Banana Cake has been frozen, so we can eat it as slowly as we like, without it going “off”! 🙂

Anyway, I’m back off to WoW – we did our “Oil Dailies”, so I now have enough barrels of oil to at least send a couple of ships out on Missions…

More later –

¹Ketosis – paragraph 2 is the pertinent part – so in this case, ignore paragraph 1, unless you’re Diabetic…

11.05 pm

Back again – after a rather grueling day getting used to having Stables in my Garrison! Well, Wynterthyme’s Garrison, then – I decided to swap my Dwarven Bunker – which took Garrison Resources and turned them into interesting Armor and Weapons upgrades for my Followers – for about the only useful Building that would fit in its place – the Stables! The main advantage of having the Stables is that you develop the ability to interact with “thingz” without dismounting. Gentle Readers, this might not seem like a Big Deal to you, but I can assure you, it does to us players! If you’re galloping around the countryside and see a tree that you can cut down, or a herb that you can pick, or a dead animal that someone else has looted but not skinned – normally you have to dismount to cut, pick, skin, or loot, and because mounting isn’t “instantaneous”, this can get terribly irksome! You still have to dismount to fight (or shoot at) something, but other than that, you can stay on your ride and just lean over to do whatever it is you’re doing, except, as I said, for fighting. The Stable Masters do give you somewhat weird quests though – “Here! Take this special lasso and capture a Young [insert name of strange animal here] Don’t let it get too far away, and just follow it around until it’s Tamed” – so there you go, tethered to this weird-looking animal, charging around the countryside, following it, and dragging a bit of a train of killer wolves and whatnot behind you, for I suppose… oh, up to a minute? a minute and a half? Then, all of a sudden, the tether vanishes, the animal stops running, the train that was following you disappears into thin air, and hey, presto! one of the Stable Masters materialises in front of you and walks off with the newly tamed [insert name of strange animal here] It’s all very simple, really… Anyway, I’ve been using my hard-won Garrison Resources to buy sacks of Smuggled Gold, which, as their name suggests, are full of… gold! What’s more, opening up these sacks to get the gold is counted as “looting”, so I’m steadily creeping closer to the 2,500 gold I need in order to upgrade my Storehouse (read: “Banking Chambers”) to level 3. I only need to loot another 400 gold… *sigh* Of course, I still have to become “Exalted” with one of the Draenic Factions in order to upgrade my Trading Post to level 3 (which will mean that I can start building an Auctioneer, so that I don’t have to go back to Stormwind if I want to use the Auction House! Won’t that be très cool!? 🙂 ) and in this particular case, I just might die of old age first! :/

Food stuffz: last night we had beef sausages, chips, green beans and half a tomato, and for dessert, I had one of my Corella pears, and a small-ish slice of the beautiful Banana Cake that Julian made yesterday afternoon. This morning saw us back to our normal breakfast of Uncle Toby’s VitaBrits, 200g extra bran, half a sliced banana, and 200 ml of low-far A2 milk, as all the Hot Cross Buns have been eaten (*cry*) until Easter next year, and for lunch I had a sandwich featuring the extremely nice Coles-brand multi-grain bread, with tandoori chicken sandwich chunks. Tonight we had pan-fried lamb backstraps, with steamed rice and finely chopped spring onion, half a home-grown Black Russian tomato – which was delicious – a tiny bit “tangy”, plenty of “flesh” to it, firm, but juicy – mmmm! 🙂 and green beans. For dessert I had another of my Corella pears – I think it must have been that the first one I ate wasn’t quite ripe, and that was why the skin tasted a little bit “bitter” – because the one I had last night, and the one I had tonight, were both very nice, and not a bit bitter! We also had a very small slice of the Flourless Chocolate Cake, and I could see when Julian was putting the rest of it away that there’ll barely be enough for another slice each tomorrow night – so that’s almost all out of the way now, too! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Still horrible – and what’s more, my feet haven’t been this swollen for quite some time! :/ So, while I thoroughly enjoyed Easter, and will definitely repeat the enjoyment next year, I’m very glad it’s over for this year! I went up from 64.1kg yesterday, to 64.5kg today! Four points! Dreadful! At this rate, I will be reaching for the Optifast again! :/

So there we go – that’s about all I have for you tonight, but do drop in again tomorrow night to see what’s been happening around here, how my Garrisons are going, and if my weight’s still going up – or maybe it’ll start going down again now – who knows? Until tomorrow night though, please do try to bee good, remember – don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how! and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.30

09.37 am

And now… the continuing saga of “Who’s a lazy girl, then?” and why I didn’t return to write anything after my briefest-of brief morning “note to self”!

I…. ah…. I…. mmm… I got a trifle caught up! With “thingz”. Yes, mostly WoW, I admit it – however I did get quite a ways with Wïnter – she’s doing well, and starting to come to grips with questing for Garrison Resources. Shekinàh didn’t even get a look-in yesterday, and I spent an hour and a quarter, sitting around in Grizzly Hills last night, consoling Arisnoë, when Arcturis, the Spirit Bear, failed to report in for his Taming Date at 11.00 pm. I dropped in on her around 10-ish, and she was getting all excited, thinking that tonight would be “the” night, and there was no-one else there to interrupt them! I sat and held her hand (er… that is, I sat and spammed the macro to Target him, if and when he made an appearance, which as it turned out, he didn’t!) from about 09.50 pm until 11.13 pm. It was very sad – I left her sobbing into her red and white spotted handkerchief (the one she ties to the end of a long stick, and packs all her worldly possessions in, when she’s going walkabout!) because it was late, and I was feeling horribly guilty about not writing anything all day (more-or-less) so I decided to escape my guilt by getting ready for bed – trying very hard not to think about how guilty I felt (but not doing anything about it anyway)

So, to re-cap… it was a bit of a “bitty” day, Julian and I managed to get our Daily Oil quest done, though I was still bemoaning the fact that I was never going to achieve the Achievement that would allow me to upgrade my “Storeroom” (the building where my Banker, and the Guild Bank live) to level 3 (to gain me a Transmogrifier, so I could change my appearance, which would be very cool!) The Achievement blurb said I had to loot 10,000 gold in Draenor – and so far, I’ve only managed to loot less than 1,000 gold, and I was worried that I’d probably die of old age first! The Achievement blurb lied! I really only needed to get 2,500 gold! Anyway, Julian went off looking, and found a really neat trick that allows you to loot gold by selling surplus Garrison Resources – it works, too! Now all I have to do is earn myself another “surplus” of them, as I sold nearly all of my (non-surplus!) Garrison Resources last night – but at least I’m more than halfway there now! 🙂

And basically, that’s what kept me away from writing yesterday…

Now to the nitty-gritty bits.

Food stuffz: as Julian was out taking my favourite eldest daughter to an appointment, he made my lunch early – a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, on that lovely Baker’s Delight wholemeal and seed-crusted bread. Most yummy! 🙂 Then I ate several “bits” of one of my Easter Eggs – as a sort of dessert. Dinner was the herbed lemon chicken that we’d been going to have the night before, only Julian was feeling “delicate” so we didn’t. It was simply pan-fried, and served on a bed of steamed rice, with sautéed onion – I thought it was very nice – the chicken was a trifle dry, but still tasty. Then I had the option of either having the very last of the Hot Cross Buns for dessert, or for breakfast this morning – I chose the latter, so for dessert I had one of my Corella pears (I think perhaps we’d better wash the remaining ones before I eat them – the skin was quite bitter! I dunno – maybe it was some sort of spray, or maybe it wasn’t quite ripe enough – but, better to be safe than sorry, eh?) and some of that very excellent Coles-brand very low-calorie Rice Pudding. Then I had some more tiny bits of Easter Egg… (well, it’s gotta be eaten, doesn’t it!)

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Was only to be expected – in other words, I went up another point – from 63.8kg to 63.9kg. I expect this upwards trend to last about a week and a half – at this rate though, I’ll probably be reaching for the Optifast again by the end of it! 😦

And that, gentle readers, was my day, yesterday. Although I wasn’t around to tell you to bee good, I very much hope that you were/did/still are! Do look in again tonight – there’s sure to be lots more news for you all, but in the meantime, remember that some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen, so try to be one of the “others”, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – take your pick! 🙂 but most of all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

 2.33 pm

I’m on my lunch break! I had lunch late because Julian had to go out to get stuff for the banana cake he’s making this afternoon. Ermm – because our usual breakfast is 2 Uncle Toby’s VitaBrits, plus 2 hundred grams of bran (I have All-Bran – Julian has Vogel’s Ultra Bran, because it doesn’t get soggy and mushy like All-Bran – which is, of course, why I prefer All-Bran! 😉 ) half a sliced banana (each) and 200 ml of the A2 Light milk. However, since Easter snuck up on us and hit us over the head with delicious Hot Cross Buns from Ferguson Plarre, we’ve been having one and a half toasted buns – each – for breakfast instead (that’s 3 half toasted buns each, with a mere scraping of butter) and of course, the bananas that we already had for our usual breakfasts, started to go a little “spotty”, or “over-ripe”, as they say in the classics… and because we had our last Hot Cross Buns for breakfast this morning, this means that we’ll be back to the Uncle Toby’s VitaBrits for breakfast again, tomorrow morning, but alas, we wouldn’t have any bananas! Even if Julian wasn’t using the slightly over-ripe bananas in a banana cake, they’d be just a bit too over-ripe to slice up on our cereal – hence Julian’s late dash to the Supermarket for cake and breakfast ingredients! So anyway, not wanting to waste these bananas, I suggested that at least some of them might be saved by turning them into a banana cake. “Good idea!”, said Julian, quickly followed by “Find me a recipe!” – so I did! I found him three recipes (I love confusing people!) After discussing the merits of each recipe, and discarding the one that contained Buttermilk, because he hadn’t bought any of that, he’s picked one and is currently in the kitchen, making this culinary delight. I think. I can just hear “clunking” noises coming from the general direction of the kitchen!

 So as I said, we had a late(ish) lunch, and I’m about ready to hop back into WoW – I’d quit out of it just before lunch, when I realised that I’d unintentionally enmeshed young Wïnter in the stupid quest chain that culminates in the almost impossible task of killing a really, really tough Gold Elite Boss – Commander Vorka. You may remember me gnashing my teeth over him, and on the verge of deleting poor long-suffering Shekinàh because of him! So this time, before I get too impassioned, I think I’ll just go and play around with Wynterthyme, and when Julian’s got the cake in the oven, I think I’ll let him came and fight Commander Vorka, for me!

More later… 🙂

09.32 pm

Here I am to fill in the salient points of the day – namely, what I ate, and what my scales told me – so here’s the break-down:

Food stuffz: last night for dinner we had pan-fried herbed lemon chicken breasts, and some steamed rice with fried chopped onion – which all went together beautifully. For dessert, I had one of my Corella pears, just quartered and cored, and I could have had the last of the Hot Cross Buns, but I decided that I’d much rather have them for breakfast this morning, so I had a small bowl of the really yummy, Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding instead. For lunch today I had a sandwich on a new sort of bread – it’s another “Coles own”, supposedly “baked fresh on the premises” every day sort of bread, but it was surprisingly light and tasty. It’s a whole-grain, rather than a whole-meal bread, and has lots of seeds and “interesting looking” fiber. If it came to a “you be the judge” contest, I’d put the Baker’s Delight wholemeal slightly ahead of this Coles one – the Baker’s Delight really tastes better all round, I think. Anyway, it was a yummy sandwich, on the new bread, and containing the chopped up remains of last night’s chicken. Very delish! 🙂 Again, as a sort of a dessert, I ate two of the chocolate “carrots” from my Easter Egg box, and one of the small, chocolate cream-filled Lindt Easter Eggs (approximately 3.5 cm x 2 cm in size!) For dinner tonight we had the last of the new Beef Sausages (sorry, I can’t remember the make – the same as the last lot we had though, if you feel like backtracking through a couple of nights to look them up!) with half a home-grown tomato, chips, and green beans. For dessert, of course, we had a slice of Julian’s freshly baked Banana Cake, and it was a great success! I couldn’t believe how high it had risen! It tasted exactly like Banana Cake (funny, that! 😉 ) and the icing, which was really just whipped Philly Light and icing sugar, was absolutely scrumptious! It tasted a lot like a tub of “[name a fruit] cheesecake yoghurt”! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Is still on the rise, I’m afraid! I went from 63.9kg to 64.1kg – a rise of two points. I have two Easter Eggs to go – one small one, and one medium one – and there’s about (Winter guesses wildly) three? slices of the Flourless Chocolate Cake left in the fridge, and about half the Banana Cake – Julian cut off some to wait in the fridge for gluttonous mouths to gorge on, and he froze the rest. Neither of us knows what we can expect to happen with the icing, because neither of us has ever tried to freeze Philly Light before! It’ll either work, or it wont.. If it doesn’t, we can always scrape it off and put something else on it, like whipped cream… 😉 Anyway, it’s now only the two Eggs and the cakes that are standing in the way of my weight loss – I’m sort-of trying to eat it all as surreptitiously and as quickly as possible, to get it all over and done with, and behind me, so-to-speak – until next Easter…

Which, of course, brings me to tomorrow. I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – we may be off to see if I can finally get to change my name with the Medicare people, and perhaps to look in at a couple of lounge suites on the way home – the one we did purchase for use in this house hasn’t really been… satisfactory. But for the moment, that’s about it from me for today – don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to find out what sort of adventures the two of us had, whether my weight is still rising (like Julian’s Banana Cake did this afternoon! It was quite remarkable!) and whether I’ve finally had the name changed on my Medicare card! Until then though, please try to bee good, don’t forget that one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention, and remember to always drive carefully, to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂


Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.29


Well, I told you it would be a “bitty” day today, didn’t I! 🙂 As you can probably tell from the time (above) I’m now on my lunch break. Julian left to take the Lexus off to be serviced around the same time that I started my daily jaunt on the treadmill – usually between 08.00 am and 08.30 am – and didn’t get back before 10.00 am! There is a Lexus Service Centre in Nunawading, but he always takes the car down to their Brighton one, because the first and only time he took it to the closer Service Centre, they did a really lousy job, and when he complained to the Management there about it, they pretty-much just shrugged their shoulders at him and said “Oh well…” So now he takes it all the way down to the Brighton Service Centre… So the cleaning lady came (she’s just left!), and I’ve been pushing Wïnter through the long and very tedious “Dark Portal” entry into Draenor – where my teeny little Garrison is still confusing me as to where the front entrance is! It’s gone well though, and I’m about to go back to it and try to get it up to level 2 status before Josh arrives 🙂

More anon…

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.28

12.15 pm

Coffee and pre-lunch break! 🙂 Julian and I have been playing WoW pretty much all morning – you’ve no idea how much exercise you get, running around killing monsters for fun and profit, so it must be good for you, right? 😉 We did our “Daily” quest for oil – in fact, we did two, so I now have enough oil to send a couple more of my ships off on Missions. We also scored a second Garrison Hearthstone – sort-of – this one is a Compass which takes you directly back to your Shipyard, which in turn forms part of your Garrison, so it might as well be a secondary Garrison Hearthstone. I’m just darting back again, as I have a couple of things to hand in to different Factions, which might earn me some Reputation points! 🙂 Back soon-ish…

 04.45 pm

Here I am again with another snippet – once again, I’ve been hard at work om WoW, this time I’ve been busy leveling up young Wïnter! As you know, I got her to level 10 – but of course I couldn’t go and get Mangeclaw until she was level 11, because you can’t tame an animal that’s a higher level than you are… Oh, it was fun and games! 🙂 I got the quest that would take me to Loch Modan, and set out to level up mainly by Exploration (you get experience points for Exploration and Discovery) One of Julian’s characters, “Demsbank” (short for “Demelza’s Banker” – basically he was supposed to be the “Stay at home and do the banking” type character, but he got itchy feet…) managed to get up to level 20, simply by exploring the whole of Azeroth – dying countless times, collecting Flight Points, and doing a lot of “Death Running” (as explained in a much earlier blog – do you want me to explain it all again? No… I thought not! 😉 ) On the way to Loch Modan I also leveled up my Herbaling – I’d already taken my Skinning up to level 75, and I had another 20 or so Herbs to pick to get my Herbaling skills to that level – so by the time I’d completed and handed in my quest, I was just about ready to Tame Mangeclaw and boost myself up to level 90! Only a few more Herbs to pick… Finally! All ready to go! I hit the Boost button (now I have no more free Boosts left, I hope I’ve done the right thing!) and found myself, sans Pet, at the Dark Portal – no attributes to speak of, no healing potions, no back-up Pet plan – just me in my not-terribly-attractive new gear – “barefooted” so to speak! I conjured up a Flying Mount and flew back to Stormwind, where I proceeded to set myself up properly! Suitable level Healing Potion – check! Pet called – check! Re-Train and resume special attributes – check! I’m now back at the Dark Portal again, this time all set up properly…

Food stuffz so far today: Breakfast was one and a half Ferguson Plarre Hot Cross Buns each, toasted, and with a scrape of butter – totally delicious! I’d happily eat them for breakfast every morning, if I could! (well, maybe I wouldn’t – but they’re so yummy!) For lunch today I had a really delicious sandwich, made with our new favourite bread – Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread with sesame and poppy seeds all over the crust. The sandwich filling was some leftover Nandos chicken tenders, with some Iceberg lettuce leaves, and some of the basil-pesto hummus – one of the nicest sandwiches I’ve eaten this week! 😉 Then Julian and I really made pigs of ourselves! We both ate one of our Easter Eggs (they were about 9 cm long? I think?) Mine was “Hand rolled in Almond chips”, and it was really nice… I’d been wondering – should I eat the Easter Eggs as slowly as possible, one thin shard of chocolate per night, making them last as long as possible? Or should I try to get rid of them as quickly as possible, by gobbling down one whole, entire Easter Egg per day, the way I did this afternoon, so that they can’t sit there, taunting and tempting me! Oh well, I only have one more “normal” sized Easter Egg – I guess that’ll go tomorrow, if I’m lucky – and I still have the box of Lindt “Easter Selections” – bunnies, eggs, and (chocolate) carrots – then Easter will be over for another year, and we’ll go back to our normal breakfasts of Vita Brits, extra bran, half a banana, and 200 ml of skinny milk! Of course, while we’ve been having these lovely Hot Cross Buns for breakfast, the bananas that we’d normally have had on our Vita Brits have started to get a little bit “over-ripe” – so not wanting to waste them, and being in the middle of a somewhat more “festive” week, I’ve printed out three Banana Cake recipes for Julian, to see if he can master the art of cake-making! 😉

Back again soon….

 10.15 pm

Food stuffz so far today (continued) [Winter reads back over what she’s written… being a glutton with an Easter Egg… nice sandwich… banana cake recipes…] I reckon that just about brings us up to dinner time! 🙂 Well, we were going to have some sort of lemon chicken thingy for dinner tonight, but we had chicken for lunch yesterday, chicken in a sandwich for lunch today, and I think Julian’s been feeling a little under the weather from all the unaccustomed rich and heavy food (not to mention the medium-sized Easter Egg, and the fairly large chocolate Bunny that he ate today!) (and I’d though that I was being gluttonous!) so we had omelets… he had a plain one (just eggs) and mine had ham, tomato, spring onion, and cheese, because I was feeling perfectly fine – probably because I have a much higher tolerance for large doses of chocolate than he does! 😉 (sometimes it pays to be a chocolaholic! 😉 ) I even had a small slice of what was left of the Flourless Chocolate Cake – unfortunately there was no cream left, so I had it with a very small drizzle of skinny milk poured over it. My Corella pears that I bought on Thursday will be/should be ripe enough to eat by tomorrow – I hope so, anyway, but unfortunately, our store-bought figs started to grow beards, so we had to throw them out, so unless we can find a few more growing over the back fence, I’ll just have to go fig-less! :/ I can’t say that I’m terribly happy about what, and how much, I’m eating at the moment, but – as I kept on saying about my Optifast diet – this isn’t forever! Easter, and all it’s tempting trappings will soon be over, and I can get back to eating “properly” (read: “sensibly”!) again.

Weigh-in this morning. Was worse than horrible! I went up over a kilo – from 62.6kg to 63.8kg – but as Julian said, a lot of it is probably fluid, because you don’t put on that much weight (by putting on fat) overnight. I’m a trifle concerned, but I’m not worried (yet!) – I’m pretty much looking at the next couple of weeks from an academic view point – of mild interest, but of no great import – because Easter is an artificial and transient time, and not a lifestyle change. I shall be very interested in seeing where my weight goes from here – probably straight up! :/

And so to tomorrow – the Lexus is being serviced tomorrow, so it’s going to be a “bitty” sort of day because Julian will be in and out, dropping off the car, and picking it up again, as well as taking my favourite eldest daughter to another appointment. The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow morning, and Josh will be over in the afternoon. I have Wïnter to get through all the hassles of the Dark Portal and into Draenor, so that she can establish her Garrison – and I have Wynterthyme to take out questing – trying to get to “Revered” with one of the Draenei Factions, before I die of old age! Shekinàh is still messing around, trying to get her Garrison working properly, but she says that she keeps getting interrupted when I decide to take Wynterthyme out instead… whilst poor old Arisnoë is still sitting around in a Grizzly Hills meadow, waiting for her Prince Arcturis, the Spirit Bear to turn up. I tell you (Winter shakes her head resignedly) it isn’t easy being a Gamer! My mother would say that it’s “unproductive” – and it’s true, it is unproductive! But so is sitting around and watching sit-coms on TV, or reading the newspaper – or what passes for “news” papers these days! And while sitting around playing games might be “unproductive”, it’s certainly a lot better and safer than a lot of other pleasures and pastimes I could name! 😉 But anyway, that’s about it from me again for tonight – don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to find out if Julian’s stomach has settled down, if my weight continued to spiral upwards at a rate of knots, and if I ate my second last (and medium-sized!) Easter Egg, all in one go too! Until then though, please do try to bee good, remember that in general, people are always quick to believe what they want to be true, and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on your inclination, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.27

9.40 pm

Well, here I am, very late tonight, and with a new resolution concerning my blog writing. I usually try to start writing around 4.30 pm, and it takes me until at least 6.30 pm, if not longer. On the days when I start late, I usually don’t finish writing until well after 11.30 pm. So, why do I do it? Well, it’s addressed to all of you our there in Reader Land, of course, but I also write it for myself – to put down the days doings, with all my petty little trials and tribulations, my usually minor, but occasionally major, triumphs and milestones – in a way, it helps me keep my life in perspective – and if it gives any of you enjoyment, outrage, or a good belly laugh, well, I’d count that as a bonus!

However, I can’t keep on writing the way I have been, so I’ve decided to try a new way! From now on – well, starting tomorrow, I mean – I’m going to be writing “snippets” – paragraphs – here and there during the day. I’ll try it for a week, and see how it goes – maybe I only need a week’s holiday from the solid blocks of writing I’ve been doing – we’ll see. If this new idea doesn’t work out, I’ll try something else – but no matter which way I decide to go, I’ll keep on writing every day – besides, you’d all be eaten up with curiosity and frustration, if I didn’t disclose to you the continuing saga of my weight, what we’ve decided to do about the fishpond, aquarium, and aviary, and how Wynterthyme, Shekinàh,  Arisnoë, and Wïnter are all getting on! 🙂

You’ll see the extra additions throughout the day listed like this:

10.00 pm

I’ll publish each bit as I write it, and add more throughout the day with a simple Edit, Update, and re-Publish, so that everything should still remain in context, and within the right “earthdate”.

As for today, Easter Sunday, here’s a brief re-cap! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I thought the fluid was finally on the move! (and just as well too, after everything I ate today!) and today I went from 63.2kg to 62.6kg – down 6 points! Don’t worry though, I’ll be back up a couple of kilos tomorrow! And you know what? It’ll have been worth it! 🙂

As the day progressed, food-wise! We started off with one and a half Hot Cross Buns, toasted, with a scraping of butter, for breakfast. Those Ferguson Plarre HCB’s really are the best I’ve ever tasted, and that’s not just me “waxing lyrical” about them! They really are fantastic! Lunch. Julian made a really great salad – Iceberg lettuce, red and yellow capsicum, mixed cherry tomatoes cut in half, spring onions, Kalamata olives, european cucumber, celery, and cubes of Fetta cheese. I like my salad “naked”, but although there was dressing for it if anyone wanted any, no-one did, and we all enjoyed the salad “au naturel” (we should have those salads more often – it was really very nice…) There were fresh bread rolls with butter, Nandos chicken tenders, Nandos chips, both hot and mild peri-peri sauces, plus some Perinaise (peri-peri mayonnaise) to dunk the chicken tenders and chips in. There was a bottle of Chandon for before lunch, and a bottle of red wine that everyone had with lunch – I was the odd one out, I had a half glass of white wine (I like red wine, but it doesn’t like my stomach! :/ ) Dessert was the extremely delicious and “chewy-like-a-brownie” Flourless Chocolate Cake, with runny low-fat cream (Julian’s only concession to us “dieters” – Lee, Kate, and myself!) which was followed by coffee, and some of Kate’s home-made, simply scrumptious, “Confetti Cookies” (I think that’s what they’re called!) They’re supposed to have “pastel” M&M’s sprinkled on top of them, but as they’re not available here, she used ordinary M&M’s – and those Cookies were “Baby Bears”¹ (“just right!” ) We’d bought a box of Cadbury’s Roses Chocolates, as “after lunch chocolates”, and… they’re all gone! I think all that’s left of our luncheon today is one-third of the Flourless Chocolate Cake, which Julian and I shall polish off for dessert over the next three or four days – but truly, it was a wonderful feast, and I don’t regret one crumb of it all! 🙂

You know, Julian and I realised this morning that this is the first Easter in as long as we’ve been together – 30 years – that we haven’t had a Colomba² – an Italian Easter cake – for Easter Sunday! To tell the truth, they’re usually all over the place before Easter – in Supermarkets and Delicatessens – I haven’t seen any this year! No wonder we “forgot”!

And that’s about it from me for tonight – Drop in again tomorrow night and see how my “write as I go” plan is working out, and if I need to reach for the Optifast again after my gluttonous lunch today! However I’m afraid you don’t get out of my nightly little “bon mot” that easily! 😉 So, until tomorrow night, do try very hard to bee good, remember that if you can’t amaze people with your intelligence, confuse them with your wisdom, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on how you feel at the time… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹“Baby Bears” – because of what Goldilocks said when she sat on Baby Bear’s chair (and broke it!), ate Baby Bear’s porridge (and scraped the bowl) and fell asleep in Baby Bear’s bed – because they were all “just right” for her! Hench the term “baby bear” means “just right!” K?

²“Columba” is “Dove” in Italian – the cakes are sort-of like a Panettone, only without the fruit in it, they’re covered in a thick-ish coating of meringue and big fat sugar crystals, and are baked roughly in the shape of a flying dove.

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.26

So, what’s been happening today, apart from me trying not to burst out singing “When the Easter Bunny comes hop-hop-hopping along…” and nonchalantly pretending not to care two hoots, but secretly longing for tomorrow morning, to see if Mr. E. Rabbit Esq. has left anything sort-of a bit chocolaty for me… “I think that’s him, a-coming now! (anxiety bedewed her brow)”¹ You know, for a serious chocolaholic like myself, Easter Sunday – or as it is often referred to these days – “The Official Chocolate Eating Day”, is a day to anticipate and salivate for, all year – and of course last “TOCED”, I was in the throes of my Optifasting regimen! I just had to ignore the chocolate that surrounded me, threatening to overwhelm me, whenever I went into a shopping complex, and I’d grit my teeth, muttering my favourite dietary mantra: “This isn’t forever, next year I can participate too!” And this year, I can! 🙂 Yayyy! 🙂

This morning we did leave fairly early – Julian and I both had our “walkies”, and then we had our delicious Hot Cross Bun breakfast, and pretty much went off to do our shopping! Ferguson Plarre and the Supermarket first, then Bunny’s, where I got two small hand-basin sized “sink-strainers”, which… don’t work. After all that effort to get them, they’re just as bad as the pushmi-pullyu plugs! The pushmi-pullyu plugs are screwed into the plug hole, and due to a “design fault” (the whole pushmi-pullyu plug is a “design fault”, if you ask me!) the screw part causes an air-lock in the waste pipe, preventing the water from draining out of the basin… so if you’ve left the tap running while you’ve turned your back for even a few seconds, the fairly shallow basin very quickly over-fills… and you find yourself mopping up the ensuing flood! And as for the little “sink-strainers”, Julian says that the water going through the strainer part gets held back by surface tension, because the little holes are too small. We did find that unscrewing the pushmi-pullyu plugs almost to the point where you could lift them out, did help a bit – with cold water, anyway – though I’ve found, from bitter experience, that hot, or even warm water, makes the screw part of the mechanism swell – just enough to narrow the pipe even more, and make the air-lock it causes even harder to get rid of! The person who invented those pushmi-pullyu plugs should be tarred and feathered! (*grrr*)

I did get a fair amount of WoW-ing in this morning before we left – enough to get Wynterthyme’s Followers sent off on new Missions, anyway -and when we got home I got onto my second account and started leveling up Wïnter, my new character, who’s just reached level 10 (all in one day, too! 🙂 ) On the advice from my favourite eldest daughter, I’m going to level her up to 60 in the two Professions she’s chosen – Skinning and Herbaling – she’s already past 60 in her Skinning, and is quite quickly getting up there with her Herbaling. Once she gets to 60 in Herbaling, I’m going to boost her to level 90, to see how she goes with a Garrison to look after! 🙂

When we went shopping this morning, first of all we went up to “Burwood East One”. That, I learnt today, is the name of the large Coles/K-Mart complex on the corner of Burwood Highway and Blackburn Road. While Julian drove around looking for somewhere to park, I went and had a look to see if Ferguson Plarre had anything not too wicked that we could have as dessert for our Easter Luncheon tomorrow – all their stuff is excellent, so it was a tough choice! In the end I bought a very nice looking “Flourless Chocolate Cake”, and if it’s anything like their little, bite-size flourless chocolate cakes, it’ll be exactly what’s needed to finish off a lovely family lunch! There was also an equally delicious-looking “Chocolate Truffle Cake”, which I eyed off at first, but I decided against it for various reasons… one being that it was probably a bit too rich, after a big lunch. We’d decided to make our own salad, rather than a store-made one – Nandos do make a very nice Greek Salad, but we wanted to use low-fat fetta cheese, and we also had a lot of the salad ingredients at home anyway. So after getting everything we wanted from the Supermarket, including a box of “after dinner chocolates” (well, it is “The Official Chocolate Eating Day”, after all! 😉 ) Julian went to Nandos to order the chicken and chips for tomorrow, and we headed off for Bunny’s and Officeworks. Well, I did find my little basin strainers at Bunny’s, but as I said earlier, they were a big disappointment! I also got another non-slip shower mat, Julian got two hose-reels and some wood putty, and we finally got our kumquat tree tub! It’s a nice big, rectangular, off-white, fiber glass tub, with an embossed border vertically down one side. I hope our little kumquat tree likes it! I also saw exactly the sort of fish pond “mould” (I dunno – should that be “mold”? I looked it up in the dictionary, and it used both spellings in the same context, which just made me think that it was as confused as both Julian and I were! I always get “mold” and “mould” confused – sorry!) Anyway, I saw a black plastic in-ground pond shape “thingy” which would be ideal outside, under a spreading chestnut fig tree! It had ledges to plant pond plants and a deeper part to plant water lilies, and I reckon it’d look right purdy! 😉 Oh, I saw, and I bought (because we can’t find the other half of the one my favourite eldest daughter and her spouse gave me!) a very nice little desk-top fountain, which I’ll get Julian to set up on my desk later on. Then we went to Officeworks, where I got some more magazine holders, as all the ones I had are already full… And then we came home and had lunch! 🙂

Food stuffz: last night we had a very nice boneless lamb roast, with roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, half a tomato, and snow peas. All very delicious – the lamb was so tender it almost fell apart! For dessert I had some of the yummy Coles brand very low-calorie Rice Pudding – and I’d better start eating my figs and my Corella Pears soon, before they go off!  While we were out this morning, we stopped at Ferguson Plarre for a cup of coffee (whenever I’m out, and wherever we end up having coffee, I always have a long black, with a small jug of skinny milk) and I tried one of their “new” lemon tarts, which was just as good as the rest of their fare, so today for lunch I had two Ryvita crispbreads, with low-fat ricotta cheese, and some chopped up left-over lamb roast from last night – extremely delicious! 🙂 Tonight we’re having – not the King Island Beef sausages this time, a new one – Cleaver’s Beef Sausages, which I reckon were on a par with the King Island ones! If you see them in the Supermarket, you really should try them! We had all the usual suspects with the new sausages – chips, half a tomato, and “something green”. I’m not sure what I’ll end up having for dessert – possibly one of my pears, if they’ve ripened up enough, and definitely one of my figs… We still have a few breakfast’s worth of Hot Cross Buns – I’ll be very sad when we eat the last of them – they’re really beautiful!

Weigh-in this morning. Well, from the look of my fingers and feet, I think the fluid might be starting to “retreat”, though from what my scales are telling me, you’d never guess it! At least I didn’t go up again today (I will on Monday though! 😦 ) I went from 63.2kg to 63.2kg… so I stayed the same, despite all the extra walking and exercise I’ve done over the last couple of days! :/ Well, it’s better than going up again, I suppose…

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day – the kids will be over between noon and 12.30 (unless they’re running late!) and the chicken is to be picked up around 12.45 (I think!) so from about noon onwards, I’m going to be so busy, trying to eat all of my Easter Eggs before the…. ! What am I saying! No! I mean I’ll be so busy enjoying having both of my favourite daughters together for a change! I wasn’t thinking about eating Easter Eggs at all! Hot Cross Buns, maybe, but certainly not Easter Eggs! 😉 (psst! Wanna buy a bridge? Real cheap!… only one owner…) 🙂 I don’t think I’m going to get much of a look-in at WoW – oh, I’ll prolly be able to organise my Followers and my Fleet, if I’m lucky, but I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, whatever the scales tell me in the morning! Anyway, once again, that’s about it from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow though, and find out how our day went, and whether Mr. E. Rabbit Esq. paid us a visit in the wee small hours of the morning (I hope he doesn’t make a noise and upset Flipper, who’s now taken to sleeping on our bed every night! You know, I don’t really mind her sleeping on the bed, it’s the lumps of long tangled fur that she leaves behind that bug me!) However until tomorrow night, please bee good, and leave a carrot out for you-know-who! 😉 remember to always do the right thing – it will gratify some people and astonish the rest. Don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, and to always drive carefully… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹From: “King John’s Christmas” – with apologies to A. A. Milne!

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.25

Well, I’m not as early as I would have liked, but I’m still early-ish, sort-of. I’d started a new character a couple of days ago, when I couldn’t get on to Quel’Dorei (it was when Blizzard were having all sorts of nasty problems – remember? and Julian and I had to use the Sydney-based server, Nagrand…) I’d created her with the sole purpose of snapping her up to level 90, etc., etc., but thank goodness I didn’t, because of course, the whatever-it-was that was wrong with Blizzard has (apparently) been sorted out, and now that everything’s tickety-boo again, I don’t really need that character on Nagrand (I really must remember to go and delete her, as all characters count in the number of characters you’re allowed per account!) So anyway, I wanted a Human Hunter to boost up to level 90, mainly to see what a Human looked like in a Human Garrison – yeah, stupid, I know – a character is a character, and a Garrison is a Garrison, full stop. The Horde Garrison isn’t as… pretty, neat, or clean as the Alliance Garrison, and the buildings have different “name labels”. The Horde Garrison is located in a much more unpleasant area, too, but other than that, they’re pretty much the same… I also think that the Horde quests to establish your Garrison are quite a lot harder to complete, but then it seems to be a “World of Warcraft Cultural Thing” from the very beginning, a lot like Starfleet versus the Klingons. The Horde (read: Klingons) have always been portrayed as being the “baddies”, or villains of Azeroth (and now, it seems, Draenor too) a somewhat grubby, coarse, unkempt, undisciplined and uncivilised “mob” – lord knows, their Fearrrless Leaders don’t even seem to be capable of intelligible speech! Apart from their great stone and metal fortresses, their homes seem to be roughly slapped together from odd bits and pieces of wood, with a tattered hide stretched over the top as a “roof”! If you play a Horde character, even a sophisticated Blood Elf, you’ll find that the quests are either harder to complete, or more complicated than the Alliance equivalent. *shrug* I dunno – I just feel that the Horde really do get the rough end of the stick… So, I made this Human character the other day, got her into the Guild, set her up with bags, and gold and a decent weapon – and started her up in the Baby Area. I did everything right. I learnt Skinning and Herbaling as Professions, got her past the starting area, and up to level 6, before I realised… I’d started her on the wrong ruddy account! I’d already used up my Wynterthyme account “Bonus Boost to 90”, on Shekinàh! Shoot! I was not a happy little Vegemite when I realised what I’d done… *sigh* What could I do, but pass all her worldly possessions on to another new character – this time on my second account – and start all over again! And that’s why I didn’t start as early as I’d intended! 🙂

Anyway, we slept in a bit this morning, but still managed to get a lot of WoW-ing in before lunchtime. I helped Julian bring down an extremely tough Silver Elite that had given him a lot of grief yesterday, and he helped me to complete a quest I was on (Mouselet had already completed it) Shekinàh is still proceeding slowly, still trying to get to level 96 so that she can upgrade some of her Garrison Buildings, and Wynterthyme doesn’t seem to be getting any nearer to her goal of “Exalted” with the ruddy Council of Exarchs than she was three months ago! I dunno – my Reputation bar, set up to show my progress towards “Exalted” with the Council of Exarchs, just isn’t moving! 😦 I don’t really know what else I can do! I’ve already done all the quests that I can find that are supposed to further your Reputation with that Faction – I’ve read in some of the Forums that you just have to work your way through all the zones, and that you’ll pick up the Reputation you need that way – but that’s what I’ve been doing for the last week – and as I said – that Reputation bar hasn’t moved even a micro-millimeter!

I’ve been giving quite a lot of think-time to Julian’s suggestion of getting an indoor aquarium – where we’d put it, what sort of fish would we have – goldfish? tropical? marine? I’d love to have a marine aquarium! The marine fishes seem to be much prettier, and much more colourful than their tropical cousins! I first saw a marine aquarium about a million years ago, in a Chinese restaurant – amongst all the fishes they had in their absolutely beautiful display, there were two shy little fish that spent most of their time hiding under the artfully placed rocks and coral on the aquarium floor, they were only about 8cm long, and they absolutely enthralled and fascinated me! They were paisley! I kid you not, paisley! Their colours were so vibrant and brilliant – I kept getting up from the table to go and look at them! Marine fishes are expensive to get, and very expensive to maintain – you have to have all sorts of fancy heaters, and lights, and filters, so if we did end up getting an aquarium, we might have to settle for goldfish or tropical… As for where to put it – well, Julian suggested the wall between the outside deck and the “Library” door, and it would look pretty good there – it’d balance out the big glass display cabinet on the other side of the doorway very nicely! But I’d still like a backyard fish pond, or at least a pool of some sort – because as I said to Julian, regarding the indoor aquarium “Yes, but you can’t have a fountain in an indoor aquarium!”, to which he had to agree… so at the moment, both ideas are floating around in my think tank!

Food stuffz: last night we had those weird little filo pastry “parcels” – they were supposed to be lamb (well, Julian bought them as “lamb” parcels, anyway!) but they actually turned out to be chicken! “Flakes” of chicken (which in all honesty were too small to be called “chunks”, and too big to be called “chicken mince”) in way too much fake-creamy white sauce, all wrapped up in rather nice filo pasty – in fact, the filo pastry was about the best part of the little parcels! I don’t think we’ll be getting them again… We had them with chips, half a tomato, a small, steamed, button squash, and green beans. For dessert we had one of the Ferguson Plarre Hot Cross Buns each – slightly warmed in the microwave, and with a scrape of butter (Note: you really have to be very careful warming yeast-containing items in a microwave – if you warm them up too much they turn rubbery, and if you let them cool down too much after you’ve warned them, they go stale! Microwave yeast-containing items at your own risk!) They were the very best Hot Cross Buns I think I’ve ever eaten! They were to die for! I’d give them a score of 22.5 out of 10! For lunch today I had a ham, low-fat Halloumi cheese, and tomato, on Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread – it was a lovely sandwich, and I was particularly impressed with the bread – it had a lovely “crunch” to the crust, which had been liberally sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds. I think we might get that bread again! Tonight we’re having roast lamb, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, and snow peas – and of course, we’ll be having another Ferguson Plarre Hot Cross Bun for dessert! I’ll let you know what the roast was like tomorrow night! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was not good at all! I went up another two points, from 63.0kg to 63.2kg! All I can think of is that I’ve had a very low-grade viral infection – I was just so thirsty yesterday, and as I said – I hardly ever get “thirsty”! Yes, I like my coffee, and my tea, but I drink them because I like them, not because I’m “thirsty”. Usually when I get some sort of low-grade virus, all I want to do is drink orange or mandarin juice, and I get terribly thirsty – well, that’s what I felt like yesterday, only of course we didn’t have any orange or mandarin juice, so I just had to drink water – and that extra cup of tea late last night – so I suppose it’s no great surprise that my fingers and feet have been getting swollen, and that my weight’s been going up. Or, on the other hand, it is Easter, and I have been having one Hot Cross Bun with a scraping of butter for dessert, for the last three nights! Maybe it’s the Hot Cross Buns and the butter! Then of course there’s Sunday, and Easter Eggs! I don’t think I even want to think about that in relation to my weight! :/ So the words: “And this, too, shall pass…”¹ is a damn fine saying to think about instead! 🙂

And so to tomorrow! 🙂 Well, I believe that we have an early visit to Bunny’s, to find a suitable large tub for our little kumquat tree – I was going to look for a fish-net there, but we already got one of those from the Pet Shop yesterday, so the only other thing that I have to ferret around for at Bunny’s is a bathroom plug-hole strainer of some sort! I really hope they have one… I reckon I could probably make one myself, if I had the right tools (and I really only have a very vague idea as to what I’d need!) I’d need a flat metal ring – a large-ish flat metal washer would do – and some mosquito proof fly-wire. Tin snips, or whatever they’re called, for cutting out a neat circle of fly-wire, and something with which to affix the fly-wire across the circle inside the metal washer! Viola, as the French say – one bathroom plug-hole strainer! Sort-of, anyway… And once more, that’s about it from me for this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night to find if my weight is trying to go back to normal, or if it’s still insisting on going up! And how was our roast lamb? What about Wynterthyme, Shekinàh, Arisnoë, and this new girl, Wïnter? Never fear! All your questions will be answered tomorrow night! 🙂 Until then though, please do try to bee good – remember that the Easter Bunny will be here the day after tomorrow! 😉 Remember that there is no great genius without some touch of madness, and don’t forget to stay cool – or warm, depending on your preferences, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹This is not actually a quote from the Bible…

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.24

Yay!! An early start, for a change! 🙂 Well, today we had intended to go out early this morning, to do our pre-Easter shopping – but once again, life sort-of got in the way a bit. As it usually does… My favourite eldest daughter had forgotten that she needed to get a new script from the doctor, and as the doctor is quite a long way from their place, she needed a lift… and could we provide one for her, please? So instead of heading out to do our shopping early, we stayed home and took Wynterthyme and Mouselet off to do their 600 barrels of oil worth of Daily questing. We had to go to a different place today – very dangerous! There were “pools” (puddles? lakes?) of toxic green goo down in the bottom of what could only be called “craters”, which made you sick if you walked in it, or fell in it. This toxic green goo was what’s called (by me, anyway!) a “buff-debuff”! That is, if you go in it, you get what’s called a “Buff” – you do an extra 30% damage to whatever you’re fighting, which is good! Unfortunately, it also gives you a “DeBuff” (or perhaps “anti-buff” is a better description) in that you also receive 30% extra damage from whatever hits you, which, of course, isn’t fair! What’s more, these debuffs, or anti-buffs, “stick” to you! Once you get ten of them on you, you die! Horribly! (well, perhaps not horribly, but you do die, and that’s not considered to be good, by most players…) Wynterthyme managed to fall into the goo a few times, and because her jumping isn’t exactly “Olympic standard”, she also managed to accidentally jump into the goo a few times whilst trying to get out of one of the craters! In the end, she had 9 stacks of “debuff” on her – one more, and she would have been dead! Luckily we finished the quest shortly after that, so Wynterthyme was saved from a fate worse than….er… well, she didn’t die from it! But at least we both collected our 600 barrels of oil quest reward – and then it was time for Julian to go and play taxi for my favourite eldest daughter! So while I didn’t manage to accomplish anything much in WoW today, at least we got our rather lucrative Daily done! 🙂

After dropping my favourite eldest daughter back at her place, Julian rang me to say he was on his way home, and to get my shoes on and wait out the front for him, which I did (I can be very dutiful on occasion… mainly just to confuse people! 😉 ) and off we went to Knox City, where we had lunch. After that, we went upstairs to Howard’s Storage World, where I looked for – and found – a very nice little white “tidy” with a swing-lid! It’s quite swish, actually – a sort-of “lucent white”, with a clear perspex swing-lid – it fits very nicely under my vanity unit, and is almost exactly what I was after! They also had those little kitchen sink strainer insets, but they were the wrong sort, with a flexible rubber, “dangle down into the drainpipe” strainer, which was far too big. They said to try Bunny’s for smaller, bathroom ones, which we were going to do on our way home… then we looked around for the usual, ubiquitous Easter Egg and Easter Card kiosks, which always seemed to abound in shopping complexes around Easter time, and would you believe, we couldn’t find one anywhere! Where have they all gone? Sold out before Easter? I can’t believe that! They’re usually around for weeks afterwards, flogging their cut price, left-over chocolate eggs for… err…. for next Easter, perhaps? Anyway, we didn’t quite walk the length and breadth of the entire Knox City complex, but we did walk most of the length and breadth of it, both upstairs and downstairs, and didn’t see any sign of anything “Easter-ish” at all! Most peculiar, mamma! In the end we went to Sweet As to look for our Easter Eggs (mainly because we happened to be standing right outside it when we stopped looking around for the missing Easter Egg and Easter Card kiosks) so at least we have “token” Eggs for the kids! 🙂 We then made our way to the Pet Shop. which is outside, just around the corner from Adairs. We were looking for some fine sand for an incense bowl, which we found, so I’m looking forward to burning some nice incense later on, and I found my fish-net thingy, at long last! It’s not quite as big as I would have liked, and its handle isn’t terribly long, but it should do the trick! 🙂 I also asked the nice young lady behind the counter if there was any reasonably easy way to get rid of excess algae in ponds, fully expecting her to say apologetically that no, there wasn’t… but she didn’t! She said that first we should put up a bit of a sun-screen, otherwise it’ll just grow again, and secondly, there was some “bottled gunk” (she did tell us what it was, but I fergit what she said!) that we had to put in the water, every day for (however long she told us, which I also fergit!) and then once a week after that, to stop it from re-growing. We didn’t get any of this bottled gunk today though, because unless we have a half-way decent water filter system installed, we’d have to siphon the dead algae out – which for some obscure reason, Julian didn’t fancy doing! 😉 (yes, I do know how a siphon works, and I also know that if you’re not careful, you’re liable to get a mouthful of something that you’d really rather not have a mouthful of! Like dead algae…) But at least I have my net, now! 🙂 Well, we were going to be going to Bunny’s on the way home, but by this time my back had almost completely given out and I was in considerable pain, so we decided to leave Bunny’s for Saturday morning and just come straight home so that I could take some Panadol – and we forgot that we needed to get some more toilet paper! Oh well, I think we have enough to last us until Saturday…

Food stuffz: last night we had the rest of the left-over Chicken Provencale, which was a nice as – if not better than – it was the first time we had it! We had it on a bed of steamed rice, rather than with vegetables, and quite frankly, it was much better, served like that! I didn’t have a fig last night, I just had one of the Doncaster Hot Cross Buns – heated up in the microwave a bit this time, and with a scraping of butter on it – and again, it was very nice! Today we each had a Hot Cross Bun – toasted, and with a scrape of butter – for breakfast, and we had lunch at The Shingle Inn up at Knox City, where I had a BLT on Sourdough Bread (they make really nice BLT’s there – they’re not smothered in mayo, and they don’t drip mayo and/or salad dressing all over you when you pick them up to eat them “a la sandwich”) For dessert I had a flattish type of Brownie, which had runny chocolate sauce just underneath the icing – delicious! 🙂 Tonight we’re having lamb wrapped up in little filo pastry “packets” (no, I don’t know what they’re called, and neither does Julian) with our usual chips, half a tomato, and green beans. I’ll probably have another store-bought fig for dessert, unless the one that was hanging over our back fence is ripe enough to eat, and we’ll probably have another of our Doncaster Hot Cross Buns…

Weigh-in this morning. Was a disaster! Oh, I know it’s nearly all fluid – both my feet and my fingers were very swollen last night – and were still a bit puffy this morning! Apparently my body thinks that the weather is going to get very humid! (Oh please! I hope not!) But still, I was quite horrified this morning to find that I’d gone back up from 62.2kg to 63.0kg! Eight points! And I didn’t even eat or drink anything unusual all day! However, I was – and still am – terribly thirsty – and I virtually never get thirsty! I even had a second cup of tea last night, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever done before! Oh well, we’ll see how much more I go up tomorrow, after the BLT on Sourdough Bread, and the Brownie! Not good, with National Chocolate Eating Day around the corner on Sunday! 😦

Anyway, tomorrow is Good Friday, and we’re having Roast Lamb for dinner, with baked potatoes, baked pumpkin, green beans, and our ever-present half a tomato 😛 Hopefully we’ll get a fair bit of WoW-ing in too, because we certainly won’t get a chance to play on Sunday, or even Saturday, because we’ll be busy shopping and doing “other” things! I think we might have to make Monday our Sunday again… Oh, don’t forget! You Must Not Wash Anything On Good Friday! If you do, you’ll wash whoever’s clothes you washed, out of the house (some people say “out of your lives, permanently!”) so… just to be on the safe side, don’t wash anything, OK?! So, after all of that, that’s about it from me for tonight! Do remember to drop by again tomorrow night, and find out just what my stupid body thinks it’s doing, weight-wise, and whether or not we got any WoW-ing in. There’ll be lots of interesting news, and lots of amusing trivia for you all anyway, so don’t miss out! 🙂 Until then though, do try to bee good, remember that the bad news is time flies, but the good news is you’re the pilot, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on what you’re doing at the time… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.23

Well, as they say in the classics, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”! There was I, thinking that I’d be able to get a nice early start this evening, and what happens? My favourite eldest daughter called in one her way home from uni – so I’m starting after dinner (and television) again. And yes, I have changed the blog Template and header – yet again! I couldn’t find a colour that didn’t look too “twee”, so I just made everything… white. I did make something in a rather pretty shade of lilac, but it was a bit too bright – I’ll see if I can tone it down with a bit of grey, and if I think it’s suitable, I may re-do this again tomorrow, because it’s got the widest text column that I’ve been able to find, so far! So… what’s been happening today – let’s see… I played WoW this morning, and took Wynterthyme on a Daily run with Mouselet, to get some drums of oil for my Fleet – a “Daily” quest is one with a fixed quest reward (usually gold or goods) that can be done once every day – they’re very handy for getting items that you always seem to need a lot of, like…. money, or in this case, oil for our ships! Mouselet and Wynterthyme have resolved to do this Daily quest together, every day – we both need all the barrels of oil that we can lay our hands on! We actually had quite a good run today – we scored a very welcome 600 barrels of oil each – and while each of us is capable of doing this Daily solo, it’s a lot quicker and easier with the two of us doing it! 🙂 Then I woke up Shekinàh, and took her out to Gorgrond to finish up a couple of quests she’d started the other day, and that went quite well too – but I’m frustrated at how slowly she’s leveling up! Leveling up solo at lower levels isn’t too bad – you do move up the ladder fairly quickly – but I’m afraid I’m spoilt – I’m so used to leveling up higher level characters as a team with Julian – and when you’re in a group, not only does each character share a percentage of the other’s experience points (I think it’s called a Group Bonus, or something) the game fairly races along because you get through the longer quest chains a lot faster! Shekinàh’s doing it all on her own, and with the exception of that “Vorka” quest, she’s handling it quite well – it’s just that it’s painfully s-l-o-w! Oh well, at least she scored another Follower today – now all she needs to do is get enough Garrison Resources to be able to send all her Followers out to do Missions for her! Unfortunately, I think both Wynterthyme and Shekinàh are going to have to take a break tomorrow, as I’m finally going to be able to do my shopping!

You know – Julian read my blog last night and didn’t pick up on it, but apparently somewhere along the line we got our wires crossed or something… He’d told me that Clarke was coming over today – and I’ll swear on a stack of anyone’s “Holy Literature”, that’s what he said. Today he tells me that it wasn’t Clarke who was coming over, it was the Cabinetmaker, about the drawers in my bathroom – and I wouldn’t mind betting that he’d probably be happy to swear on a stack of anyone’s “Holy Literature”, that’s what he said! So, the Cabinetmaker duly arrived, with my properly made double drawer (thank goodness! I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever get it back!) of course, it’s minus it’s little “built-in” waste basket that the original drawer had – the bin from that disappeared with Paul when he took the drawer off to the Cabinetmaker to be re-built, after he’d re-hung the shower door a cuppla weeks ago – and every time I’ve been in the bathroom since the Cabinetmaker left, I’ve looked at that drawer and wondered if I really need to have a small waste bin tucked away in there, when I so desperately need every square mico-millimeter of room in there for tall bottles and stuff… so I’m slowly coming to the decision that there’s plenty of room underneath the vanity unit for a small, discrete, white bin in which to put used makeup wipes and band-aid wrappers (all right then, chewing gum wrappers!) So when we go shopping tomorrow morning, I’ll go to Howard’s Storage World up at Knox City and see what they’ve got in the way of small, white tidy bins! 🙂 Oh, the drawers that were so stiff and weren’t closing properly? The Cabinetmaker didn’t have a clue as to why they weren’t working properly – they should have been – and in the end it was Julian who diagnosed the problem – he removed the “soft-closing” mechanism (it’s supposed to make the drawer close gently on its own) and the drawers worked perfectly (though they didn’t close on their own when not fully closed manually) In the end, the three of us decided that – we all hated self-closing drawers, that they weren’t at all helpful to people who had them installed, and what’s more, didn’t always work properly! We left the self-closing bits in the long drawers though, because they worked reasonably well – and Julian can always remove them if I decide I can’t stand them any longer! 🙂 Talking about things that don’t work properly in bathrooms, do any of you out there have those ghastly push-down plugs in your hand basins? You don’t use a loose plug to fill the basin, you push this little knob down instead – then when you want to let the water out, you push the little knob down again, and it pops back up, allowing the water to drain out. I hate them! I detest them! I loath them with a passion! I can’t stand them! I wish they’d never been invented! I think they’re just a wicked plot by the Government to force us to use less water, like those wretched flow restricters that they make you put into showers! (we don’t have one in ours, we took it out! I refuse to be dribbled on by the shower when I’m trying to rinse shampoo out of my hair!) Anyway, I’m trying to find out if there are bathroom basin “drain insets”, like you can get for kitchen sinks – they’re like little flat strainers, that stop small pieces of vegetable waste going down the plug hole, because you want to save them for the compost bin. You see, those horrible little “pushmi-pullyu” plugs can screw out, and you can throw them in your nice, white waste-bin and forget that they ever existed – but that leaves a yawning great hole in the bottom of your hand basin, and heaven help you if happen to drop an earring, or a diamond ring down it – it’ll be a major job requiring a $Plumber to extract it from the U-Bend – so if anyone knows where I can get one of those little sink-strainer thingies, I’d be ever so grateful if you could drop me a comment about where I can get one! Ta! 🙂

Food stuffz: last night we had a very delicious piece of steak, with half a tomato, chips, and broccoli and cauliflower florets – a really lovely meal – and for dessert, I had one of the store-bought figs, and one of the Doncaster Hot Cross Buns, just cut in half, with a bit of butter scraped on it. Lovely! 🙂 Lunch today was a wholemeal sandwich, with ham, low-fat cheese, and tomato, and while he was out picking up the Ferguson Plarre Hot Cross Buns, Julian also picked up a couple of little, almost muffin-sized orange cakes, which we had for a lunch dessert! I almost never have a lunch dessert, unless I’m out, so it was a real treat! 🙂 For dinner tonight we had the leftover Chicken Provencale, which Julian had frozen the other night – if anything, it was even better the second time around! That recipe is a definite keeper! 🙂 We had another of the Doncaster Hot Cross Buns for dessert tonight – this time slightly warmed up in the microwave – cut in half, and with a scraping of butter. Next time, I’d like to try them toasted… especially as they’ll prolly be a little bit stale by tomorrow…

Weigh-in this morning. Astounded me! I was sure I’d have gone up again – especially with the Hot Cross Bun for dessert! But I hadn’t. I’d gone down seven points, from 62.9kg to 62.2kg! There’s just no rhyme nor reason to it, is there! I’ve given up trying to work out what makes it tick – all I can do is keep an eye on it, and record it for posterity – then despair if it goes up too far, and worry if it goes down too low… As I think I said in an earlier blog – my weight graph looks like an old, broken toothed saw! :/ Well, today I had a sandwich (carbs!) a little cake (more carbs… and fat!) and a Hot Cross Bun (even more carbs, and even more fat!) let’s see what my scales say tomorrow! I can’t guess – can you? 😉

And so to a nice, long shopping trip! Here’s hoping I can get everything I want, from a fish-net scoop thingy for the mud-puddle, to a nice little white bathroom tidy-bin, as well as Easter Eggs for the children, and whatever else takes my fancy… (I’m also in the market for a nice turtle-neck jumper!) But that’s about it from me again for this evening – Drop in again tomorrow night to see what sort of surprise the scales had for me in the morning, and whether I managed to get anything at all done in WoW. I’ll fill you in on our shopping adventures, and if I managed to get my fish-net thingy – I think I might try the pet shop at Knox for that though, before we go to Bunny’s for the kumquat tub, as I also want to get a small bag of fine sand – not for an aquarium – or a fish pond – but for an incense bowl! Anyway until then, please try to bee good, remember that humans, not places, make memories, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201603.22

Well, hooray and hallelujah! With a bit of luck, this’ll be the last night that I have to start late – until this time next week! My favourite eldest daughter was over today, but until she arrived I caught up with Wynterthyme, Shekinàh, and yes, even Arisnoë, who was still sitting forlornly in Grizzly Hills, waiting for her Prince Charming Spirit Bear to appear! For some reason, everything seems to be going terribly slowly, WoW-wise – I just don’t seem to be making any headway at all… whenever I say to myself “Yes, today I’ll…” and plan a course of action for Shekinàh, or decide to take Wynterthyme out for a quest-run in Gorgrond, or the Tanaan Jungle, or Nagrand – I either get caught up in organising my Followers and their Missions, or “servicing” Work Orders for my various Building enterprises – and I simply – run out of time – before I have to start my writing for the day! bleech! Never mind, I should be able to get a decent run at things tomorrow morning, at least until after lunch. The great Clarke is supposed to be gracing our doorstep sometime tomorrow afternoon – but (and please don’t take this the wrong way, Clarke, if you happen to be reading my blog tonight) I’ll believe it when I see it – and I’m certainly not going to be holding my breath – even though Julian said that he’d rung him to confirm his presence tomorrow – he’s let us down too many times lately! Anyway, I wouldn’t be able to play WoW tonight, even if I didn’t have to write this – all the WoW servers are coming down for maintenance tonight, and will be offline for several hours! (let’s hope that this lot of maintenance fixes some of the horribly annoying little “bugs” that have been driving me to distraction lately!) Oh well, at least I can rest easy about the fact that even if Arisnoë can’t get her bear tonight, at least no-one else can, either! 😉 Wynterthyme now has eight ships in her Fleet – 2 Transports, 2 Destroyers, 2 Battleships, and 2 Submarines – but she’s run out of oil and can’t send them out on Missions! It never rains but it pours, eh?! I really need to get Wynterthyme out to do some questing, and to glean some more timber and skins while she’s trying to earn Reputation points for the Council of Exarchs – but Farming for anything – Reputation or Reagents – is almost as boring as walking on the treadmill every morning, and I’m afraid I don’t handle it with very good grace :/

I suppose you’ve all probably noticed that the blog Template has changed  yet again – expect it to do so fairly regularly for a cuppla days, while I pretty much go through all of the Free Templates, searching for one that I really, really like… the trouble is that most of them don’t allow a wide enough column for the text – in fact, most of them simply present you with a narrow little strip down the centre of the page for text, or jam a narrow column over on one half of the screen, leaving the whole of the other half for their silly “Widgets” (the Calendar, Archives, Follow button, and Admin stuff) which would be much more better positioned at the bottom of the page, or hidden in a slide-out panel! I have found a couple of Templates that give you a reasonably sized central text column, but so far, those don’t give you the option of making a personalized header!  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find something – sooner or later! 😉

While my favourite eldest daughter and I were lolling around watching recorded TV series, Julian went off to do a bit of shopping. I wanted him to go to Ferguson Plarre to get some Hot Cross Buns to “try out” before Friday, so I’d added “Hot Cross Buns – one dozen!” to the shopping list. Unfortunately, when he got to Ferguson Plarre they’d sold out! A bus load of little old ladies from a Retirement Village had been in and bought the lot – but they’ll have more tomorrow morning! So Julian has ordered two dozen of them, to be picked up tomorrow morning! He then went over to Doncaster, because last time he was over there he forgot to get more Nespresso Pods, and we were running dangerously low – and heaven forbid that we should run out of coffee on the Easter Long Weekend! We were also starting to run low on tea, so he went to T2 as well, and picked up a most curious “special” tea! Baxter’s Buns, which we’re sampling, even as I type! It’s a loose, flavoured black tea, which you can have with milk in it, and it’s really very, very nice! They also make a Caramel Brownie “special” tea, which Julian didn’t get, unfortunately, so I can’t tell you what it’s like – but it sure sounds scrumptious! 🙂 (psst! Specially for the chocoholics amongst you! They have several Chocolate Teas, too!) Anyway, I just finished my cup of Baxter’s Buns tea, and it was really very nice – if you’re into flavoured black teas, do get some – it’s only 50 cents more than T2’s other flavoured black teas, so do get some to enjoy over the Easter break! There was a fair amount of “throw-out” in the bottom of the cup, even though Julian used a tea strainer when pouring it, but forewarned is forearmed, so you shouldn’t cop a mouthful 🙂

Apropos of the Ferguson Plarre Hot Cross Buns – because he was unable to get any there this afternoon, and having ordered some for tomorrow, he tried again at Baker’s Delight over at Doncaster (upstairs, just down from Woolworths) but… a woman ahead of him at the counter bought the last ones! Not to be thwarted, he tried again at a bread shop (which he can’t remember the name of!) downstairs, and brought home a dozen quite nice looking Hot Cross Buns, which we sampled for dessert tonight. We had one each, cold out of the bag – we didn’t warm them in the oven or the microwave, and we didn’t toast them – just cut them in half and added a small scraping of butter – because you simply can’t eat Hot Cross Buns without butter – and I have to admit, they weren’t bad at all! They had a decent amount of fruit, and more importantly, spices, in them, for a change (it’s a mistake all the supermarkets make with their Hot Cross Buns – not enough spices! They’re almost white inside! They should be a sort of a dark ecru colour with spices inside!) I thought they were perhaps a trifle heavy – maybe a bit “doughy”? but that was probably because we didn’t warm them up in any way… I’m looking forward to sampling the Fergus Plarre ones tomorrow night! 🙂

Food stuffz: we had chicken sausages for dinner last night, with mashed potato (made with low-fat Greek yoghurt instead of milk and butter!) snow peas, and half a tomato, and I had the last of the store-bought figs, and a small dish of the delicious Coles brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding for dessert. Today for lunch I had a wholemeal sandwich, with basil-pesto hummus and sweet chili sandwich chicken chunks, and for dinner tonight we had a wonderful little piece of steak – once again cooked to perfection – with chips, half a store-bought tomato, and some steamed mixed broccoli and cauliflower florets. For dessert I had one of a new lot of store-bought figs, and one of the Hot Cross Buns that Julian got over at Doncaster this afternoon, split in half and with a scraping of butter on each half.

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t too bad – I went up another point, from 62.8kg to 62.9kg… I was going to say that hopefully that would be the last of the “going up!” bit until after Sunday – and while that would be very nice, I don’t think it’s going to happen – not while I’m “testing” Hot Cross Buns, anyway! So, it’s a toss-up! Continue testing Hot Cross Buns and allow my weight to slowly creep up a bit, or deny the Hot Cross Buns, and have Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat ricotta and tomato for lunch, and maybe start drifting downwards again… but it’s Easter – last Easter I was Optifasting, and nothing but Optifast bars and soups passed my lips – and I said to my family, as I watched them all eating chocolates and Hot Cross Buns, and hoping fervently that I would have hit maintenance before Christmas, “This isn’t forever! Next year, I’m going to enjoy Easter!” Well, it’s now “next year”, and I’m going to enjoy Easter! 😛

And so to tomorrow – hopefully it’ll be a fairly quiet day and I’ll be able to get a decent bit of WoW-ing in – but who knows… I haven’t been out to do any of the shopping that I’ve been wanting to do yet, and I’m starting to get a bit antsy! I have “things to get” before Sunday, and I’m very quickly running out of time! I know Julian is planning some sort of shopping “Raid” on Saturday, and although I’ve lost over 71 kilos, and I’m doing quite well at getting around shopping centres under my own steam, without the wheelchair, I’m not as quick on my feet as I was thirty years ago, and quite frankly, I don’t want to get caught out! I’m hoping against hope that we can do some shopping on Thursday… And with that plaintive plea, that’s once again about it from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to see how much the Hot Cross Bun affected my weight, if I’ve managed to get any further with Wynterthyme and Shekinàh, and whether or not Clarke turned up, this time – or if there’ll be another excuse (I’m actually betting on the latter! Prove me wrong, Clarke!) Until then, however, do see if you can bee good, remember not to just go through life, but to grow through life, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂