Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.31

Well, I was planning on starting earlier, but then I got a phone call from my favourite youngest daughter – and so I talked to her instead! 🙂 We don’t often get a chance to have a good, long chat, so it was good – except for the part where she told me that I should be eating more! 😉 Apparently she thinks I’m losing too much weight! ( 😀 and I’ll bet that no-one ever thought they’d see the day when they could accuse me of losing too much weight!) Anyway, she’s well, Terry’s slowly coming to terms with his mother’s passing, and at least something positive has come out of the sadness – he’s been able to catch up with his youngest daughter again. It’s a long story, maybe for another time, but the estrangement from his two daughters has been one of the main reasons for his depression and anxiety – so hopefully he’ll be able to move forwards now. Julian and I played World of Warcraft today, as we usually do on a Sunday – and did I mention something about “would we die a lot” last night? Well, we did! And after my seventh death, I actually lost count of how many times I died! One rather spectacular demise was in the middle of a really tough Boss Fight – this [censored!] Elite monster had truly lethal halitosis, in the form of a fiery breath – Mouselet had just told me not to stand in the fire, when my mouse suddenly decided it was going home to have a little nap! I couldn’t move, I couldn’t run, I couldn’t fight – I couldn’t even turn around! No mouse action, no cursor, no nothing – except almost instant death! I shook the mouse… Nothing! I tapped it smartly against the desk… Still nothing! In the end I had to remove the battery cover and twiddle the battery a bit before I got any movement back – and of course, by then I was well and truly dead! Much to my shame, Mouselet ended up bringing the Boss down on his own – while I was still trying to revive my [censored!] mouse! It occasionally does this to me – plays Possum like that – there’s nothing wrong with the mouse, it’s a perfectly good Logitech mouse, and there’s nothing wrong with the battery – it’s only just been replaced – it just likes to irk me, by playing dead every once in a while! Normally it doesn’t matter too much, like if I’m doing graphic work, or writing this, or whatever – but in the middle of an extremely fraught Boss Fight?! All I can say – and all that I said at the time (apart from the panicked “Where’s my cursor gone! I don’t have a cursor – I can’t move!” whilst thumping my stupid mouse around in a vain effort to get it working again) is “Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!” …I hope it doesn’t happen again, or this mouse just might have to be replaced – when I hurl it on the floor and start jumping up and down on it!

So as I said, we died, many, many times today – and once, it was all Mouselet’s fault, too! 🙂 We were trundling along in Mouselet’s motorcycle and sidecar, dragging a huge long “train” of pursuing monsters behind us, and we realised that we were running out of cliff-top to trundle along – and that we needed to be “down there”, on the road below us anyway. Momentarily forgetting that, unlike Rift, leaping – or falling – off high places in World of Warcraft does do an extraordinary amount of fatal “falling damage”… Mouselet jumped the bike over the edge, and we went straight down, like the proverbial stone, where we both fell flat on our faces, dead!  However, we also went up a level, so we’re both level 92 now, and I think we accomplished a lot, quest wise. I seem to be accumulating an awful lot of Garrison “Followers” – NPC’s* that you send off on “Missions”, from which you, as Garrison Commander, reap the rewards. A little bit like your Minions in Rift, I suppose, only – very different in execution! However, tomorrow it’ll be back to Andronica – with luck, I’ll get her up to level 20, and a Mount! 🙂

Food stuffz: last night we had pan-fried chicken for dinner, with green beans, half a tomato, and steamed rice with chopped up spring onions in it, instead of chips. Dessert was one of Julian’s low-fat yoghurts – an extremely nice raspberry and white chocolate one – and although I could taste the raspberry (flavour! as I’m sure that no real raspberries were harmed in the making of the yoghurt!) I couldn’t find any trace at all of the white chocolate… (they probably just waved a Milkybar™ over the top of the yoghurt tubs on their way down the conveyor belt…) Today I had a sandwich for lunch – made with that nice multi-grain bread wot I fergit the name of, with a teeny bit of butter, a thin spread of the very nice basil pesto hummus, and some pieces of roast chicken “tikka” strips (Coles brand) which was really delicious! Tonight we had an omelet for dinner, with roasted capsicum slices, semi-dried basil flakes, spring onion, Halloumi cheese, and… little itty bits of bacon, which had all the fat cut off it! 🙂 For dessert, I had another of Julian’s low-fat yoghurts, as my jellies hadn’t been made (yet) – tonight it was a black cherry yoghurt – but I still think that my all-time favourite is the burnt fig and salted caramel one – that’s just dee-licious! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I didn’t go up! In fact, I went down one more point, from 63.2kg to 63.1kg – I wonder if that’s why my favourite youngest daughter said I needed to eat more… Actually, I think I’m about right at this weight – I really don’t want to lose too much more weight! I’m scrawny enough the way I am now! I could maybe go down to 62.5kg… but I think I’ll wait and see where my body wants itself to go down to for a bit longer… 🙂

I think tomorrow will probably be fairly quiet – our cleaning lady will be here tomorrow morning, and I think I’ll be seeing my favourite eldest daughter on Tuesday – Thursday is Julian’s Birthday, and if this family is running true to form, in having Birthday Celebrations at least one week – though usually two – after the Real Day, we’ll be having his Big Birthday Bash on…. what?! Today fortnight? But… but… that’s St. Valentine’s Day! Anyway, I doubt that it’ll be next weekend – “too short notice” (well, not really, but that’s what he’ll say! 😉 ) Maybe the Sunday after St. Valentine’s Day… I dunno… but we will be having one! So, Julian, start thinking about where you want to go for your B.B.B., before my Birthday rolls around! February’s a short month, you know! 😉 Oh well, another two more big eating days before Easter, before my weight can settle down into some sort of sensible routine, though at least I have my daily exercise routine on the treadmill all worked out – 1.5 kilometers before breakfast, and 1.5 kilometers after lunch, at about two o’clock, as regular as clockwork – unless I’m going to be walking the length and breadth of a shopping centre at least twice during the afternoon – then I don’t do my afternoon treadmilling, nor do I do my afternoon treadmilling if we’ve been out and had a long lunch, because by the time we get home, all I want to do is sit down and read… or WoW… or sleep – whichever claims me first! And that, gentle readers, is about it from me again this evening! Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to hear the latest Flipper Bulletin (we still haven’t made a final decision) whether my weight is still going down or not, and about all the other little adventures and interesting bits of trivia that make up our day! Until then though, do at least try to bee good, don’t forget that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, and remember to drive carefully, to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, and to always look after yourselves – but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*NPC – computer generated and operated “Non Player Characters”, but which perform the functions of characters – fighting, performing tasks, a bit like “extras” in a movie…

One thought on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.31

  1. Kate and I have known Julian’s birthday’s coming up for ages. Letting us know for THIS coming Sunday isn’t too short notice, as long as you let us know SOON.

    We’ll talk tomorrow, but this week (the 7th) is looking like the best week for me this month as far as doing things on Sunday goes. I think the 28th is a bit far away.


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