Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.20

Sorry I’m so late tonight – it’s a combination of eating too much at the BBQ we had today, only wanting to have a nice little postprandial nap this afternoon instead of sitting down and writing (Mike, Inbar and Tom didn’t leave until after five o’clock!) and then talking too long on the phone today with my favourite youngest daughter, who’s having a lot of personal problems at the moment. So, to go back to the beginning of the day… I woke up, and reluctantly got out of bed… but I’m sure you’re not interested in a complete blow-by-blow accounting of my day! I got a bit of WoW-ing in this morning before M.I.T. arrived (I’m not going to try to keep writing “Mike, Inbar and Tom” all the time – it takes too long, and looks a bit pretentious or something, so “M.I.T.” will just have to do from now on!) I did get Brunhilda to level 23, and up into the Ruins of Mathystra, and would you believe it? I managed to get my Ghost Saber tooth cat in the fourth cat figurine I picked up! I was most relieved, as the ruddy server was coming down for a re-start in just a few more minutes! I immediately Hearthed to Orgrimmar and quit out of the game for the evening (it was after midnight anyway!) When I got back on this morning, I tidied Brunhilda up a bit, re-named my new Pet “Boojums” (I call almost all of my Ghost Saber tooth Pets “Boojums” (or just “Boo” for short) after an Abyssinian/Burmese cross cat I used to have, who lived to the ripe old age of 26!) and then went off to create yet another new Hunter character on Quel’Dorei – this time, a Human one! I don’t really like the Human “figure” much, but the quests are different, and take you to different areas in the game, so I’ll see how she goes – I’ve called her Kødiak! 🙂 She’s only level 7 at the moment, because we had another two short power outages about then – Julian was out shopping for the BBQ, and I wasn’t game enough to start doing anything “important” on the computer in case we got a power surge or something when the power came back on (nor was I able to go for my second treadmilling walkies, so I only got one done today!) but hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to get her up to at least level 15 tomorrow, as I don’t think we’ll be entertaining M.I.T. again until Friday… which is, as Julian so succinctly just said, “subject to change without notice!” I also have a load or two of washing to put on, but I don’t think they’ll interrupt my game-play too much! 🙂

M.I.T. arrived at about 12.20pm and of course, out came the nibblies, the champagne, and the BBQ got underway. It was a good afternoon, much was discussed, and we all ate and drank maybe just a wee bit too much – but that will be mentioned in my Food stuffz section… We all went out onto the deck while Julian was cooking, but brought everything inside to eat, as it was getting too hot to remain outside. Our deck is properly roofed (not just that corrugated alsynite stuff) and has a ceiling fan in the middle of it, which is excellent for preventing the BBQ smoke from coalescing under the roof/ceiling… Well, we talked about Tasmania, and we talked about property, and computers, and cooking… and I can’t remember what else – and before we knew it, it was after five o’clock! They called a taxi, and that was about when Julian and I both decided that a short postprandial nap might be a pleasant thing to do, when the phone rang… and I had a cup of coffee and talked to my favourite youngest daughter instead 🙂

Food stuffz: last night we had King Island Beef sausages for dinner (they are so nice! You all should try them – they have proper sausage skins, too, not that yukky paper stuff that splits and tears while it’s cooking, and tastes horrible unless you drown the sausage in tomato sauce!) green beans, half an Heirloom tomato, and steamed rice, instead of chips! We’d both forgotten that I’d run out of diet jellies, so I had to have one of Julian’s desserts instead – a low-fat, burnt fig and salted caramel yoghurt! It was absolutely delicious! And it had what looked and tasted like real bits of fig in it! Of course, it’s a lot higher in calories than my diet jellies, but it’s nice to have something a bit “different” now and then! 😉 Lunch today. Julian BBQ’d rump steak, scotch fillet, (commercially) marinated chicken breasts, (some more) King Island Beef sausages, bacon, and a couple of honey cured smoked salmon pieces for Inbar, who doesn’t eat meat. We also had some BBQ’d skewers of mushroom, cherry tomato, capsicum, and Halloumi cheese cubes, too. There was a tub of quinoa tabouli salad, a “garden” salad, and a tub of potato salad, fresh crusty bread, and butter. I ate some salted cashews and some salt and cider vinegar crisps – only for their salt – for nibblies, and I had a small glass of champagne, and a half glass of dry white wine with lunch – and I ate the following: one sausage, one half rasher of bacon (with the fat cut off and discarded) half a marinated chicken breast, a spoonful of quinoa tabouli salad, a small spoonful of potato salad, a small piece of bread with no butter, and one Halloumi cube. Hmm… I didn’t think I ate all that much, but looking at it all written down like that, I think it was more than I thought it was! And then there was dessert… :/ Yes, dessert… Julian had bought a very small “New York Style Baked Cheesecake” (about 20cm in diameter?) and we all had a small piece, including me (and there’s still more than a quarter of it left in the fridge!) with a drizzle of light cream… :/

Needless to say, neither Julian nor I had any dinner tonight! We just had a cup of coffee!

Weigh-in this morning. This morning was good! Unfortunately I don’t think it will be tomorrow though! This morning, I’d gone down another two points, from 63.3kg to 63.1kg… then I went and ate all that stuff today, and I only managed to get one walk in, thanks to the power going out this morning! (grrr.. we’ve had four (4) power outages since Christmas! We’re starting to get just a little tired of them!) I’m seriously thinking of doing three 1.5 kilometer walks tomorrow… I’ll see how I go… I think it’ll depend a lot on what my scales tell me in the morning! Still, I do take heart from the fact that although my weight does go up somewhat alarmingly when I have “a bit too much to eat”, it usually (cross fingers, touch wood!) goes down again when I start eating more sensibly… We may be going out for lunch again on Friday, for a sort-of a “Farewell Dinner”, depending on what M.I.T. want to do – but after that, we’ll have a decent sort of “Food Break” until Julian’s Birthday in February, and then another “Food Break”, until my Birthday in March, so that should give my stomach a reasonable amount of “shrinking time” – I guess it’s a matter of “weight and see!” 😉

Tomorrow Julian will be working in the Office and in the Commodore 64 Room, while I take care of the washing, and try to level up Kødiak -and hopefully we’ll have a nice, quiet day, with not too much to eat! And that, gentle readers, is about it from me again for tonight – don’t forget to call in again tomorrow night to find out just how much my weight decided to go up after our BBQ today, to catch up on what Kødiak has been up to, and to hear about any other adventures we might have had! But until then, please try to bee good, remember that intelligence is the ability to adapt to change, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂