Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.30

So, after wasting quite some considerable time this afternoon, searching for a file that I know I have – somewhere – but which seems to have disappeared (even Julian couldn’t find it, and if he can’t find it, then I fear that it’s gone for good! 😦  ) Not that it was all that important – I was able to work around the missing file by “painting over” the only copy left of the .jpg image, however I did waste a lot of time looking for it, which is what annoys me the most! It was actually the layered Photoshop graphic for this header – whenever I make things like headers, I always make at least two or three saved versions in both Photoshop format and .jpg format- more sometimes, depending on how many times I change things around… so even if nothing else remained, the final Photoshop version that I saved the .jpg image from would’ve had to have been in the directory – but all I could find was the final graphic which was what you all saw on top of my blog last night! So I “painted over” it! That is, I added another layer on top of the original, and painted over that (and saved it with a different name in Photoshop format – twice! (just in case!)) So all that time, and all I’ve really done is change the colours, and the main font! Stupid really… and you know what? I was going to start writing early today, and I think that subconsciously I was procrastinating because I didn’t really feel like sitting down and writing! Well, for whatever reason – subconscious or not – I didn’t get to start early this afternoon, after all, so this will probably end up getting split into a “BD” part, and an “AD&T” part (in other words, a “Before Dinner” part, and an “After Dinner & Television” part!) I played World of Warcraft nearly all day – I’ve got Andronica up to level 15, and despite dealing with unknown areas (she’s in Azshara at the moment, the area just to the north of Orgrimmar) I think she’s doing very well! 🙂 She’s also very short – shorter than a Dwarf, and I’d even say just a tad shorter than a Gnome – which means that she tends to get lost in meadow grass! She’s Stabled her Pet Crab (whom she never bothered to name) and while she was still in the Lost Isles she Tamed herself one of the local Jungle Cats, whom she’s called “Manglemouth” – because that’s what the cat does to enemies with her mouth – she “mangles” them! 😉

Yes, well what did I tell you? I’ve just come back from the AD&T part… where was I? Oh yes, trying to find my way through the long meadow grass in Azshara! 🙂 I can’t wait to get to level 20, to see what sort of a mount I’ll be able to get… yes, I know I could look it up, but I don’t want to! I want to be surprised – or disappointed – or possibly both! I’m also looking forward to the next expansion, Legion, because I hear that, for the first time ever, Gnomes will be able to be Hunters! For quite a long time, Humans couldn’t play a Hunter, either – so it’ll be interesting to see how a Gnome Hunter will go… I intend to Create one, anyway 🙂

Food stuffz: last night we had sausages for dinner – and for a change, not the King Island Beef ones! These ones were beef too, and had natural (read: “proper”) skins, but made by the Natural Sausage Company – sorry I can’t give you a link to them – there isn’t one available as they don’t appear to have a website! Their dark green and white label reads: “The all Natural Sausage Company [-] Traditional Beef sausage [-] Ingredients: Lean Beef (86%) . Ground Rice . Onion . Garlic . Salt . Parsley . Spices . Natural Casing”, and then on the next line, all by itself, it says: “…and that’s it! Does Not Contain Preservatives . Gluten Free” – then there’s a bit of the apparently mandatory Nutritional Information. However! They were very nice sausages, and we’ll have them again, thank you very much! 🙂 They seemed to be a bit more “moist” (?) inside than the King Island Beef ones? But they were definitely ones to put on the shopping list again – and I believe they also make chicken sausages, so we might try them next time and see if they’re as good as the beef ones! With them we had steamed carrots (because the tomatoes had started to go mouldy) with snow peas and chips, and last night I had one of my diet jellies for dessert. Lunch today was rather late – Julian went over to Doncaster to start boxing up the books. He was there just about all day (yes! we do have a lot of books!) but he’s almost finished, and he thinks that the rest should only take about an hour or so – so when he got back we had another wrap, with more of the hummus and quinoa tabouli salad, a bit of ham, and some Halloumi cheese (I love Halloumi cheese! It’s sooo delicious!) – I really shouldn’t eat so many wraps… or maybe I could just eat the filling part and leave the flat bread? Tonight we had pan-fried chicken, steamed rice with chopped-up spring onion, instead of the usual chips, green beans, and half a tomato (not the mouldy ones, Julian threw those out and bought new ones today!) and I had one of his low-fat yoghurts for dessert.

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t too bad – I went down another two points, going from 63.4kg to 63.2kg. There’s no reason why I should go back up again tomorrow – but after all, this is my body we’re talking about, so anything is possible! I might go down a bit more – I might stay the same – or I might skyrocket up to 65kg! Who knows? Ah well, at least I can say that my weight loss trip hasn’t been dull and boring! Really, it’s been a new adventure every day – or perhaps I should say that it’s been more like a midday soap opera! Tragic one day, Dreamy and idyllic the next, and totally unpredictable and senseless the day after! And even though I did get in both my treadmill walkies today, I wonder what the scales have in store for me tomorrow morning! 😀

Which brings me to tomorrow! As it’s a Sunday, I expect that we’ll once again don the personae of “Draenor’s Dynamic Duo” and go questing around the countryside in Mouselet’s old sputtering and clanking motorcycle and sidecar 🙂 I wonder if we’ll get killed? I wonder if we’ll go up a level? (probably not – leveling up is very slow at this stage!) I’m not sure what’s happening on Monday – I think Julian is off to pack up some more books, and I have Josh coming over on Monday evening – but apart from that? If I find a nice new Template, I might try making a Header for it, otherwise, I guess I’ll just try to level Andronica up a bit more 🙂 (innit wunnerful, being a bored housewife! 😉 ) And that’s about it from me again for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out how we fared in Delightfully Decadent Draenor, and whether we died or not, and to find out what the scales said to me! (mind you, what I then said back to them may not be suitable for a “family oriented” blog! 😉 ) We still haven’t fully made up our minds about whether to have Flipper’s rotten tooth extracted or not – it’s a really tough question – but whatever decision we do make, you’ll be the first to hear about it! 🙂 But until tomorrow night, once more I shall exhort you all to bee good, don’t forget that the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said, and remember to look after yourselves, to drive carefully – and to keep dry! It’s thundering and raining here – but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂