Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.28

Well, for once I’ve started writing a bit earlier than usual (just for a change, and also to confuse you all! 😉 ) Every day before I start writing, I always check to see if Word Press has any new Themes – mostly I come back empty-handed, but today there was a new Theme… totally unsuited to the way I want my blog to look, and to read. Oh well, maybe tomorrow there’ll be something new, as well as being worthwhile using! So… let’s see – what’s happened today… Well, Flipper went off to the Vet this morning for her six-monthly check-up, and oh, she does sooo hate going! As soon as she sees the cat-carrying box come out, she starts to cry – and I don’t mean just normal sort-of “caterwauling” noises, I mean real, almost sobbing, distressed cries – and then she wets herself! 😦 I think we should try a new approach! I think we should keep the cat-carrying box here, in the Den. Not obtrusively, just tucked away in a corner, but in a place where she can see it, every day. I think that it might allay her terror whenever she sees it – if it becomes “commonplace”, and it doesn’t hurt her, hopefully she’ll grow used to seeing it and won’t go into such absolute fits of terror and distress that she does at the moment. Well, that’s the theory behind it, anyway. The silly thing is, she goes to the Vet regularly, she’s never been hurt there, and she comes home feeling heaps better, and able to move around much more easily, after they’ve given her her anti-inflammatory injection for her arthritis! She’s a funny old girl… and today was no different. At the moment she’s hating Daddy, because Daddy put her in a horrible box and took her in the nasty old car to a terrifying place where they stick nasty needles in her, and even if she does feel better afterwards, she still hates Daddy now! Of course, she’ll forget about all of that as soon as she thinks “Mmm! I could do with some nice Daddy Pats, right about neow!” and she’ll start to pester him until he gives in, and goes over to sit of the couch so that she can sit on her (which used to be “our) nice mohair rug, and he can pat her! (and it works every time, too, wretched cat! 😉 ) Anyway, she’s always good once she gets to the Vet, and they all love her there – I think she’s the oldest cat on their books – and everyone always makes a fuss of her (which of course, she loves!) So they took some blood, tested her urine, took her temperature and her blood pressure, cut her claws which were catching in everything, and chopped out a couple of bad mats in her long fur. Sadly, she’s no longer able to groom herself properly (she does try!) and we brush her regularly – which she loves, but won’t sit still for, so she gets quite a lot of mats, which must be so uncomfortable for her… We’ll get the results of the blood tests some time tomorrow, but everything else they tested her for was pretty good, considering that she’s over 21 years old! So at the moment, there’s really only one matter of concern as far as her health is concerned, and that’s a rotten tooth, which really should, and in fact it’s getting to the point where it must, come out – it’s causing her pain, and could cause a major infection in her jaw, as well as all sorts of other nasty things. But… she’s really too old to be given a general anesthetic – the Vets are all very reluctant to subject her to one unless there’s no other choice, and we’re not terribly happy for her to have one either – again, unless there’s no other choice… but now it’s come to the point where – depending on the results of her blood tests tomorrow – we’re going to have to make that choice and go down that path – or lose her to a bad infection, which will happen, if the tooth isn’t removed (and besides, it’s causing her a lot of pain!) None of us are expecting anything untoward in the blood test results tomorrow, so all we can do is cross our fingers. The Vet will keep her in hospital and on a drip, to keep her hydrated, for a day or two after the tooth comes out, so she’ll be in excellent care – and we know that we can go in and visit her as often as we want – but it’s a big worry, nonetheless! :/

And of course, while all that was going on this morning, I was busy playing WoW! 🙂 Young Kødiak is now level 19, and has finished all of the Westfall quests – except for the Deadmines (pretty much the first Dungeon, or Instance, you do as a Human, and it is a Group quest!) which Julian and I will do together later this evening. She went and fossicked around in Elwynn Forest, where she located and Tamed Bushtail, a “Special” Named white fox (actually, it looks more “blue” than “white”!) and she’s been up to Loch Modan and tamed another “Special” Named, this time a grey fox, called Ashtail – and now she’s in Lakeshire! (gets around a bit, that girl, doesn’t she! 😉 ) getting ready to go after some Gnoll Battle Plans! I can’t wait to get her to level 20 – it’s such a pain, jogging all over the countryside! I’ll probably take her to level 20 or 21 tomorrow, and then switch to another of my new girls, just for a change of questing scenery! 🙂

Food stuffz: Well, last night neither of us had any dinner – I had my diet jelly, and I think Julian had one of his yoghurts – I didn’t even have room for something as “heavy” as a low-fat yoghurt! It was all I could do just to squeeze in a diet jelly! :/ And boy, did I pay the price for that beautiful lunch I had yesterday! 😦 Today for lunch I had a home-made wrap, with a light smear of basil pesto hummus, and some chopped up left-over chicken – which was scrumptious! Tonight we’ll be having pan-fried steak – that we were going to have last night, but it just didn’t happen, so we’ll have it tonight instead – with all the usual bits and pieces (I presume!)

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I knew it was going to be ghastly, and indeed it was! :/ I went up an awful lot! Nine points! I went from 63.1kg to…. 64.0kg! Terrible! Julian thinks it’s mostly from fluid retention, and let’s face it, one doesn’t usually go up nine points just on the size of a “healthy” meal – a sudden, overnight jump of nine points almost screams “fluid retention!” – so a very small part of a very greedy me, agrees with him… All of my (euphemistically speaking) “symptoms” point to fluid retention, anyway – swollen feet, swollen fingers, only one, very short “bathroom stop” for the entire day, and I felt more bloated than I should have. Anyway, that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, or “rationalisation” (my father always used to say that I was very good at rationalisation! :/ ) But – and I really hate to use this term under the circumstances – “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” – so we’ll see what the scales have to say tomorrow morning. I’m feeling a trifle optimistic, because everything seems to have been a lot more “normal” today… cross fingers, touch wood! 🙂

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – I think it’ll probably be much like today – Julian working away in the Office, while I sit in the Den stuffing around with World of Warcraft! I’m really hoping that the two pairs of jeans that I ordered online a couple of days ago, arrive! But apart from that, I think tomorrow is going to be fairly quiet… ( 😀 fx: the sudden sound of metal rubbish-bins rolling and clanking their way down a flight of stairs; the sound of glass and crockery breaking; a wooden drawer full of cutlery falling on the floor and breaking, sending the cutlery all over the place /fx) Anyway folks, with all those loud, metallic, and somewhat cacophonous sounds, once again that’s about it from me for this evening! 🙂 Don’t forget to call back tomorrow night to see what Flipper’s blood tests revealed, and whether she’s to have her rotten tooth removed or not – and also to find out if our fluid retention hypothesis proved to be correct or not, and whether my weight is starting to go down (a bit!)  I’ll also fill you in on whether my jeans arrived, and any other adventures or misadventures that we either enjoyed, or suffered through, during the day. Until then, however, do remember to bee good, and also remember that success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get – and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep cool – or warm – depending on our silly weather, and to look after yourselves… but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂