Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.02

Well, a New Year, a New Header – isn’t that the way things go? 🙂 We’ve been relatively busy today – I played WoW in the morning, and I had to get Julian to bring in Jemima, his high level Tauren, to help me again – I was level 27, and had a 3-person group quest to do… Well, I’ve always considered that a Hunter with a Pet was about the equivalent of two people, and the quest was a level 25 quest, so I thought I’d give it a go, and see how I went. Well, I didn’t. I got clobbered! There were four (? it might have been five, but I can’t remember now – this morning was a long time ago! 😉 ) mobs that I had to take down – all level 25 Elites (i.e. extra tuff!) The first one killed me, so I came running back for my body and thought “Duh! I should have rezzed my Pet!” because re-calling, or resurrecting a Pet doesn’t take the “forever” time that it does in Rift – it’s pretty much instantaneous, so if your Pet does fall in battle, you don’t have to spend a lot of time calling them back from the dead! However, like all spells, you do have to concentrate – and anything that interrupts your concentration – like getting bashed over the head by a narky elemental – disrupts your train of thought and you have to start over – by which time said narky level 25 Elite elemental has usually killed you! So sometimes it’s better to let your Pet have a brief rest from the fighting (while he’s dead) and rez him later, like when you run your ghostly form back from the Graveyard to collect your own body! Anyway, on my third attempt, I did manage to bring the #1 Elite down! So far, so good! And there was even a repair type person standing just outside the back wall of Durnholde Keep, so I was able to keep my armor reasonably intact! 🙂 Anyway, after bumping off the first elemental, I had a go at #2 – nah – this one was far too tough for me, mainly because he had a really strong interruption spell – and it was at this stage that Julian offered, and I accepted, some help from Jemima. Once Jemima arrived and we made ourselves a Group, we managed to knock the rest of them over in very short order… or more truthfully, Jemima went around, going “bang! bang! bang!”, with her gun, and the rest of the elementals all fell over dead – and I just trotted around, picking up any loot that they might have dropped! 🙂

After that we had an early lunch, and set out on our rounds – first to Doncaster, to pick up the Dry Cleaning. The guy in the Dry Cleaners had told Julian that everything would be ready by Friday (last Friday, that is!) which was a Public Holiday. Julian pointed that out to him, to which he replied that he knew it was a Public Holiday but that our stuff would be ready then and that they’d be open, anyway. Which, as it turned out, they weren’t. Julian had rung ahead, the guy answered the phone, yes they were open, and yes, all of our stuff was ready for collection. So poor old Julian went all the way over to Doncaster to pick up the Dry Cleaning – but lo and behold, they were closed! So we went over again this afternoon, and they were open! But! (don’t you just hate those intrusive “but’s”?!) Our Dry Cleaning wasn’t ready, after all! Well, the guy was very apologetic about it – as well he should have been – so partly because Julian was pretty angry by then, and partly because the guy who owns the Dry Cleaning shop was standing around just observing what was happening, he’s offered to drop the Dry Cleaning off here this afternoon! In fact, I think it’s just arrived! 🙂 Yup, we now have some clean clothes to wear! Good! 🙂 I went looking for a replacement 2016 Diary, at both QBD and the Newsagents there at Doncaster. QBD normally has a whole big “bin” full of new Diaries, right next to the main entry point – but there were none there today! So I went in and asked, and was directed to a pitifully small box of rather unprepossessing 2016 Diaries – so I went up to the Newsagents, next to Coles. They usually had whole stands of Diaries – but today they only had a couple of dozen very ordinary Diaries. What I want is a pretty, hard-cover, spiral bound Diary, that has at least 3 days to a page. Julian is going to take me to Officeworks tomorrow – hopefully they’ll have some! 🙂 I use the Diary for nothing more exciting than to write down my weight every morning after I’ve weighed myself, and also to keep tabs on my daily Warfarin doses and when my next blood test is due! Wow! I’d better keep that under lock and key, hadn’t I! Who knows what might ensue if my scandalous little Diary fell into the wrong hands! 😉

From Doncaster we went on to a very good Nursery in Pinewood (we think it’s Pinewood, anyway – it’s on Blackburn Road opposite the Pinewood Shopping Center, close to the Freeway entrance) where we practically went berserk, buying up big pots (one for the little Bay tree, one for the kumquat bush, and another for a smallish rosemary plant) plus a few smaller blue-glazed pots for various herbs… We bought three different kinds of tomato plants, some baby leeks (well, seedlings, actually) spring onions, a lovely big pot of basil, some “snap peas”, and some (ordinary green) beans. We got chives, parsley, thyme, and I can’t remember what else! Julian’s put them out in sheltered spots around the house and given them a good drink of water, in preparation for their planting tomorrow, after I’ve been to Officeworks for my Diary (and who knows what else! 😉 ) and Julian’s been across to Bunny’s to buy worms! The nice check-out girls at the Nursery told us that Bunny’s sell boxes of worms, because we’ll need to add some to our special soil mixture for our veggies to be nice and healthy! You know, it doesn’t sound like we got very many actual vegetables to plant! We’ll have to do a stock-take before we head out tomorrow, and maybe buy a few more at Bunny’s…

Food thingz: for lunch today I had two Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat cottage cheese, a slice of low-fat cheddar type cheese on each crispbread, some sandwich ham, and a bit of the quinoa tabouli salad, and really, they were just as nice as the home-made wraps! (lets just hope that they contained a few less calories!) Last night we had the pan-fried chicken, which I’ve already told you was scrumptious, and tonight we’re having lamb backstrap – probably also pan-fried, with all the usuals – however what’s on the menu for tomorrow, I have no idea! We did buy a big tub of the quinoa tabouli salad while we were at Coles this afternoon, so I guess that some of that will figure in all of the food preparations tomorrow! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Looking better today! I lost (went down) almost a whole kilo! Overnight! 😮 From 65.8kg to 64.9kg! Probably just fluid, but it just goes to show what happens when I forget to take my second anti-fluid pill for two days in a row! My feet swell up like balloons, and I retain fluid like a camel! (hmm! I always thought that my back was bent over the way it is because of my arthritis – but maybe it’s not arthritis – maybe I’m evolving into a camel! 😉 ) Anyway, I was very pleased with the drop in my weight this morning – hopefully it’ll keep on going down a bit further, and I’ll continue to stay off the delicious but maybe fattening home-made wraps!

Tomorrow being Sunday, Julian and I should be galloping around Azeroth, righting wrongs, doing good deeds, and generally making nuisances of ourselves within the “nasty mob” communities – however, I think we’re going to be pretty busy, buying worms and Diaries, and putting a lot of seedlings root-first into the oh-so-carefully prepared veggie beds, and baby trees and bushes into the as-yet-to-be-filled with nourishing soil, large pots! So tomorrow night, you can all expect to be bored silly, listening to me filling you all in on our planting trials, tribulations, and experiences! 🙂 However for tonight, that’s about it from me! 🙂 Don’t forget to drop in again this time tomorrow to find out how our day went – whether it was filled with planting and growing vegetables, or whether it was filled with murder, mayhem and Boss Fights on Azeroth! Also on the “menu” for tomorrow night is which way my weight decided to go – up? or down? Anyway, you’ll find all of those things – and more – right here, tomorrow night! But until then, please try to bee good, remember that you teach people how to treat you, by what you will allow – and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on what our wonderful Melbourne weather dishes up for us, to drive carefully, and to look after yourselves – but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂