Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.23

Goodness gracious! I’m actually starting at a reasonable time, for a change! 😉 Well, it’s been an interesting day – and also a very good day! However, you remember I told you that I’d bought (we’d bought!) two boxed dinner sets from David Jones? The plain white one, with the “diamond” design embossed on it? Yeah, that one… well, Julian unpacked one of the boxes this morning to put through the dishwasher, and it was OK… then he unpacked the second box… which was not so OK! One of the bowls had been chipped on one of its corners (they’re square, remember? or if you put them on an angle, they’re diamond shaped!) and one of the large plates had been broken in half – but the second half of it was missing completely! He rang David Jones after breakfast and they said that they’d replace the damaged ones if he brought them up, so off he went with the two broken items and got replacements for them both, as well as a third (hopefully undamaged!) boxed set for “spares”, in case we manage to mangle anything later on. My jellies have been made – “Oh bother!” said Pooh, as his wicked plot was foiled again! That means that I won’t get to eat another one of Julian’s yummy “burnt fig and salted caramel” yoghurt for dessert tonight! Oh well, it’s a raspberry and licorice jelly tonight – and they’re rather delicious, too, so all is not lost, after all! 🙂 Later in the morning, a very dear friend whom I haven’t seen for ages came over – it was really fantastic to see him again, and what’s more, he came to do my hair for me! Yay! I feel like “ME” again! 🙂 I’m back to the colour he did last time (last year sometime) – a really rich, dark, vibrant, “deep raspberry”? “dark magenta”? or maybe “dark fuchsia” would be a better description… I’m not quite sure how you’d describe the colour – it’s got too much violet in it to be called a “red” (like my glasses) but it’s gorgeous! and I’m so pleased with it! 🙂 I think I have a bit of hair growing to do before we get my hair back to how I want it, but the colour is now “spot on”, as they say in the classics! 😉 It’s funny, you know – we have that funeral to go to on Monday, and Kate had asked us to wear something “bright”, because Jo (Terry’s mother) loved bright colours, and I’d been thinking that I didn’t really have anything bright to wear – I tend to stick with black, or dark blue colours when it comes to my clothing, and – well – nothing light and bright! Light and bright colours tend to make me look washed out and insipid – they just don’t suit me – unless it’s my hair colour! Then it looks good! 🙂 So, problem solved! I’ll wear my customary black and/or dark blue clothes (Note to self: “please do not wear jeans to the funeral, Winter!”) and my hair will be enough to brighten things up! 🙂

Anyway, apart from doing my hair, my friend and I also spoke a bit about pigeons, and aviaries, which I’ll have to get him to tell Julian next time he’s over – on Monday night – because Julian was off exchanging the broken crockery for the undamaged pieces this morning. As you’re all probably aware, I’m totally non technical, and things to do with construction, sizes, and building schematics in general might as well be in Sanskrit, as far as I’m concerned – like the drawers in my vanity unit – if I’d had any idea of the true dimensions of the drawers, I would have made quite a few changes to their size and shape – but alas, I didn’t – I just nodded happily and said “Yup!” to everything. But I can live quite happily with what I’ve got – it’s just that it would have been a bit nicer if they’d been a bit… deeper, and not quite as wide…

Once more, I haven’t even started up WoW today, but I should be able to squeeze a bit in this evening, if I’m lucky! I guess it really all depends on whether I manage to finish this before dinner or not, but I’ve done my second “walkies” for the day, and at the moment I’m right on track to get it done by then! 😉 (Uh-Oh! I wish I hadn’t said that now! :/ Something’s gunna go awry now, I bet! )

Food stuffz: last night for dinner I had a lovely little piece of fillet steak, nice and pink in the middle, with green beans, five chips, and half a Kumato (it’s a type of very dark reddish-brown tomato – quite piquant, and very nice!) Of course, I was forced to eat another of those really awful 😉 (really awfully yummy!) “burnt fig and salted caramel” yoghurts for dessert, as my jellies had yet to be made (but they’re in the fridge as I type!) and I was a little concerned, because dinner last night came right on top of the half a lamb wrap, the side-serve of chips, and the apple and berry crumble-type slice that I had for lunch! Still, it was a nice lunch, and an even nicer dinner, and as I often say – life is to be lived, not tip-toed through – it’s not a field of tulips! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be! I went up another two points, from 63.3kg to 63.5kg, so in all, I’ve gone up five points (er… that’s a whole half kilo!) with all the M.I.T. feasting and indulging – Julian has gone up a bit too, so we’re both going to be working really hard to get rid of the physical results of our gluttony! I’m hoping (actually, I’m expecting!) to start going down again over the next few days, and apart from Monday and Wednesday, there should be no problem getting both my walks in. Monday, because the funeral service is at noon, and Wednesday, because whatever time it is, it’ll be up in Healesville, where Jo wanted to be buried, so I have no idea what time we’ll get home afterwards… and for some strange reason, I can’t really see myself as feeling like doing a 30 minute walk on the treadmill! Oh well… at least there’s nothing (and I do mean nothing!) left in the house upon which to illegally nibble, unless you count sugarfree chewing gum, and sugarless “boiled lolly” sweets! 🙂

Tomorrow is Sunday, and Julian and I will no doubt be rushing off to kill things and amass great fortunes, in good ol’ Azeroth! I’m looking forward to that, with Wynterthyme and Mouselet – and also looking forward to trying to figure out just how these new-fangled Garrisons are supposed to work! Last time we played, by the time we actually got our Garrisons, there wasn’t enough time left to do any real exploring and fact-finding on them, as it was “dust-down” time! Maybe tomorrow we’ll be able to find out a bit more about them – I sure hope so, anyway! Anyway, I do know that we’ll have a good day questing and exploring new territory! 🙂 And that, gentle readers, is once again about it from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out if my weight is still on the rise, or if it’s decided that as I’m being “good” now, it might be time to go down a bit… and I suppose you’ll also want to know how we fared in Azeroth, with our brand-new Garrisons, a lot of unknown territory to explore, and whether we died or not, and if we did – how many times, and what killed us? However, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow night, when all will be revealed to you! 😉 Until then, though, do at least try to bee good, remember that life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather… but no matter what else, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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