Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.21

Heavens, I feel as though I’ve been slaving over a hot Guild Bank since breakfast this morning! So apart from doing three loads of washing, I’ve spent the entire day trying to “tidy up” the characters and Guild Banks – both the Horde and the Alliance ones, on Quel’Dorei! Remember I told you yesterday that I’d started a new, Human Hunter called Kødiak, on Quel’Dorei? Well, she’s coming along quite well, so there I was, barely out of the little training area, when I found myself on a quest that took me into Stormwind, the Human capital city. There are a few side quests there that you can, and should, pick up – they’re a very good source of easy experience points – terribly easy, and not at all dangerous – basically it’s just running around delivering things across the city for lazy quest givers! Anyway, seeing as I was already in Stormwind, I thought I’d drop in at the Guild Bank and pick up anything useful, like some healing potions, a better weapon, and anything else that would make my tasks easier. The Guild Banks on Quel’Dorei (again, both the Horde and Alliance banks) have the biggest and best collection of materials and gear of any of our other Guild Banks – in fact there’s so much in them that the excess has been overflowing into other character’s private bags and banks! Ye ghods and little fishes! What to do with it all?! Well, in a way that was easy too – just vendor a lot of it! You see, at the time when Julian and I stopped playing WoW, Hunters were still running around with bundles of arrows or ammo pouches full of bullets, which are now no longer needed (we use “magic” bullets and arrows instead, because they never get all used up, and they take up no room in your bags! Much more betterer! 😉 ) and we also used melee weapons, like swords, axes, and maces (though I’m not sure about the maces – I have a sort-of feeling that the Beastmaster Hunters couldn’t use them… but I might be wrong… Oh well, doesn’t matter now – as we just don’t use them any more!) and a lot of the Guild Bank was full of weapons that were no longer needed, food that no-one ever thought to pull out of the Guild Bank to take with them on a long quest chain – food wasn’t needed for nourishment, per se, but was mainly used as a “get your health back, plus other helpful attributes”, if you sat down to eat it, and took ten seconds to enjoy your meal. It was also used as a “get your Pet instantly back to full health”, by throwing him (or her!) a piece of meat (or whatever else your Pet liked to eat) Very handy! 🙂 The food, even after five or six years of sitting in the Guild Bank, was still quite fresh and tasty, but… I vendored nearly all of it (and it will be easy enough to make more of it, if we ever decide to use it!) along with all the now pretty much useless weapons. I didn’t bother to try to Auction it – the Auction House seems very paltry these days, compared to what it was like years ago! Once upon a time, a character could make quite a good living, buying and selling on the Auction House – but since we’ve been gone, things have changed a lot – people are asking stupidly ridiculous prices for level 15 gear! I mean, come on! 389 gold, for a plain old level 14 vest, that’s not even green?! And yet, that seems to be the going price! Green? Oh! Sorry! Items get sort-of colour-coded, “grey” is the “it’s only rubbish, vendor it!” colour. “White” is very common, and back then, not worth even trying to sell on the Auction House… “Green” is a bit better – it may even have a few attributes on it, like “+1 Armor”, or something. It used to be very cheap and affordable -after all, there are always “newbies” coming through who are going to need such items, even though they’ll level up out of them in a couple of days. The next colour is “blue”, and that’s better, and usually more expensive than the greens, followed by “yellow”, and finally a pinky-magenta colour. So greens should be at the bottom of the price ladder, and the pinky-magenta at the top – OK? 🙂 So I started working on the Horde Guild Bank first (because it was smaller than the Alliance one!) I vendored a whole heap of stuff, I moved items from one Vault to another, and then back again, because I didn’t think they were in the right place, I re-arranged things, and re-named Vaults and wrote descriptions of what was in each one – and as I said, it took me the whole day! Tomorrow I have the de-light-full task of tackling the Alliance Guild Bank, which is a whole heap bigger, nastier, and meaner than the Horde Guild Bank! But, it’s gotta be done, and someone’s gotta do it – so as Guild Mistress of both banks, I guess that unenviable task falls to me! :/ One good thing though, I not only managed to get through all the washing today, but I also managed to fit in both walkies, so I’ve done my daily 3 kilometers 🙂

Food stuffz: well, neither of us had any dinner last night, just a cup of coffee, and today we had our usual breakfast (Vita Brits etc.) and lunch (2 Ryvita crispbreads with the usual toppings) Tonight we’re having the marinated chicken that didn’t get cooked at the BBQ yesterday, with either steamed rice or chips, probably green beans, and no doubt, a half a tomato. There’s still some of that very nice cheesecake left in the fridge, and some of the light cream, which we’d better eat before it goes off – I mean, it would be quite sinful to waste it, wouldn’t it! 😉 We could have had lamb back-straps for dinner tonight, but if we don’t cook and eat the marinated chicken tonight, it’ll have to be disposed of, the same as the lovely, large corned silverside that we haven’t had a chance to cook since M.I.T. have been here, and which has now sadly gone past its “use by” date and will have to be thrown out 😦 What a horrible waste! 😦 Anyway, I want to see if we can get the rest of the ingredients to make the marinade for the lamb back-straps, and if we can make it early enough we might even be able to have it for dinner tomorrow! Though that depends on what we’re doing with M.I.T., I suppose, as they’re leaving on Saturday…

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t quite as horrific as I was dreading! I only went up three points, from 63.1kg to 63.4kg – so that’s not bad, considering what I had to eat and drink – mind you, that doesn’t mean that I won’t go up again tomorrow – these things don’t always work instantaneously – sometimes it takes a day or two to see the real damage… Anyway, I’ve been a good girl today, and done my two walks, too! Hopefully my body will take that into consideration when it’s working out how much to go up again! :/ We’ll see tomorrow, I guess! 🙂

Well, I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – we’ll probably see M.I.T. at some stage, though whether we’re taking them out to lunch or not, I have yet to be informed! In the meantime, I shall continue to work doggedly on the Alliance Guild Bank, in an attempt to eke some extra room out of it – it’s completely full at the moment, but I also know that there’s a lot of deadwood to be culled from it, so… wish me luck! 🙂 And you know? That’s about it from me again for this evening! Don’t forget to look in again tomorrow night, to see if my weight is still going up, or if it’s (hopefully!) starting to subside again, what other adventures we had, plus whether or not I managed to get the Alliance Guild Bank re-organised – and whether or not we went out with M.I.T. for a “Bon Voyage” luncheon (which will undoubtedly mean that my weight will be going up some more! Especially if we go to the Pancake Parlour!) But until tomorrow night, please remember to bee good, don’t forget that to listen and to be listened to, is the way to understanding and peace, and remember to keep cool – or warm – whichever you prefer, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.21

  1. Err, the rarity colours for WoW are: Grey (trash), White (trash), Green (mostly trash), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), Orange (Legendary). The only other colour is Gold/Yellowish which is Heirloom (bind on account items that scale with level and are around the equivalent of Blue items power wise, and like Legendary items, cannot be sold in the AH).

    Many alt-having people have Heirlooms because they make the levelling process less painful (basically they’re blue items, and some slots have xp bonuses on them). (Have I told you that if you have enough heirloom items on your account you get a mount you can ride from level 1? Well, there’s that too – which I currently have.)


  2. Thanks for that kiddo – I couldn’t remember how many colours there were, or what order they went in – and neither could Julian! Yeah, I knew about the Heirloom “mounts” – how many Heirloom items do you need to get the “mount”?


  3. THIRTY FIVE??!! Good grief! I didn’t know there were that many Heirlooms available! How on earth does anyone manage to amass that many Heirlooms! 😮


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