Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.18

Well, the Israel contingent arrived around two this afternoon, and they’ve just left – Julian is driving them back to their short-stay apartment at Southbank. So it’s been a bit of a mixture of a day – our cleaning lady was here this morning, and I’m glad that I vacated the Den so that she could clean and dust my desk – it actually looks quite presentable now, even if I can’t find anything! (the reason that I can’t find anything is because I put everything away and out of sight, lest it be “accidentally” thrown out, as she’s done once before!) I did get a bit of WoW-ing in this morning – enough to go up one level, anyway (Winter warbles, somewhat off-key: “only one more bubble to ding!”) and I’ll be able to ride, instead of having to jog everywhere! I went and sat on the bed reading while K. (the cleaning lady) was working in here, and by the time she’d finished and left, it was lunchtime, and also time for my second “walkies” – then by the time I’d been for my walk, and had my lunch, Mike, Inbar and Tom arrived! We sat around and talked for the afternoon, and true to my word, I didn’t eat a single potato crisp! Not one! (mainly because there weren’t any! 😛 ) I did nibble on a few wasabi-flavoured peas though (because I never promised that I wouldn’t eat them – and besides… the damage had already been done yesterday!) You know what? I just can’t wait until March 10th! Because by then, all the main celebratory events pertaining to this time of the year will be over, and I can start concentrating on keeping my weight stable, for a change! Apart from Easter, anyway! 😉 We’ve arranged to take Mike, Inbar and Tom out to dinner at The Tender Trap on Wednesday night (or I wonder if lunch would be better? I must ask Julian to discuss this with them!) and it seems we’re cooking a BBQ for them too – possibly Thursday night? Or again, Thursday lunchtime? My favourite eldest daughter sent me the very delicious sounding recipe for a lamb marinade this morning, and having a BBQ would be a good opportunity to try it out! Tonight was suggested for the BBQ, but it was already starting to get a bit late, and Julian would have had to go out again to get all the necessaries for it, including salad things, bread, meat, and any of the ingredients for the marinade that we didn’t have – which is just about all of them, from memory! No, I think Thursday night, or Friday lunchtime would be much more suitable… and anyway, the marinated lamb is supposed to stay in the fridge overnight!

I’d like to see if I can get Brunhilda (that’s what I’ve called my Orc Hunter on WoW, and surprisingly enough, I actually got it, without having to resort to fancy accented letters!) up to level 20, or even 21, tonight – from memory she’s about half way through level 19 at the moment, so I stand a better than even chance of making it to level 20, and if I’m really lucky, even level 21 should be within my reach this evening! Then at level 20 I can get a Mount, and at level 21 I can go after a Ghost Saber-tooth for a Pet… and after that, I’ll probably lose interest in Brunhilda, and start leveling someone else up!

Food stuffz: well, last night, as you know, I had two thin pieces of toast for dinner – one with Vegemite, and one plain – and don’t forget I didn’t have my second mill-walk yesterday, because by the time we got back from lunch, my stomach most definitely didn’t feel like taking a nice, brisk 1.5 kilometer walk on the treadmill – so I went into the lounge-room and read, until I dozed off about 2.4 minutes later (probably because I ate too much passionfruit pulp in the Passionfruit Perfection dessert! 😉 ) This morning, of course, I had my normal breakfast (two Vita Brits, extra bran, half a sliced banana, and 200 ml. of skinny milk) and for lunch today I had my usual two Ryvita crispbreads, spread with Philly Light, a slice of low-fat cheddar cheese, a spoonful of quinoa tabouli salad, a slice of sandwich ham, and some sliced tomato on top. Tonight we’re having warmed-up left-over Lamb Pilaf, because Mike and Co. left a bit later than planned – Julian’s only just arrived back from dropping them off at their short-stay apartment in Southbank, it’s almost seven o’clock, and time for the news! It’s really a bit late to have to turn around and make something for dinner, if we want to eat before ten o’clock! And I’ll have a smaller portion than I didn’t last time! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Terrible! Shocking! And all totally self-inflicted, so I have no right to grizzle about it… so I won’t. It is what it is, and hopefully we’ll be able to reverse it over the next few days! I went up a lot! Eight points, in fact! I went from a svelte 63.0kg to a whopping obese 63.8kg! Tomorrow will be alright, but then I’ve got dinner with Mike et al at The Tender Trap on Wednesday night, and a BBQ to see them off on Thursday or Friday! (they fly back to Israel on Saturday) Well, I can only do my best, and cross all my fingers and toes that I’ll be able to shed some of this excess, once things get back to what laughingly passes for “normal” around here!

And here’s the first of these for the New Year! 😉

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

And thanks to the instant magic of the Internet, here I am back again! Where was I? Oh yes, the disastrous weigh-in this morning! Yes, well, no excuses – no regrets (well, maybe just a few…) after all, life is meant to be lived, not tip-toed through – it’s not tulips, you know! Tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter will be coming over – we’ll probably watch some of our usual shows, but I’d noticed the other day that the Foxtel SyFy channel was starting a (presumably!) new series called “The Chronicles of Shannara”, apparently based on the “Shannara” books, a fantasy series by Terry Brooks. As Lee and I have both read nearly all his books, I recorded the two first episodes of “Chronicles”, just to see what they were like. We might watch those tomorrow too, to see if it’ll be worth recording the rest of the series. I’ll let you know what we thought tomorrow night! 🙂 Because the Israeli contingent is flying out of Australia on Saturday, and I don’t really think that Mike, Inbar, and Tom are very much into Chinese food, we’ll try to make arrangements to have lunch at The Tender Trap on Wednesday, instead of at the East Empress Bistro, and maybe try to organise a BBQ lunch for Thursday or Friday as a sort-of a “farewell” dinner for them (and besides, I’m dying to try out that marinade that my favourite eldest daughter sent us! It sounds so nice!) And that’s about all I have for you this evening, so once again, that’s about it from me! 🙂 Please do call in again tomorrow night – to find out if my weight is beginning to settle down again, or if it’s still on the rise (which I devoutly hope it isn’t!) as well as what arrangements we’ve made for lunch on Wednesday, and the BBQ on Thursday or Friday, and what my favourite eldest daughter and I thought of the new series, “The Chronicles of Shannara”! Until then though, please do try to bee good, remember that failure is the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely – and don’t forget to drive carefully, to stay warm – or cool – depending on your preferences, and to take care of yourselves… but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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