Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.13

Yes, this is another new Theme – I just wanted to see what it looked like – I haven’t even done a header for it yet, and the chances are very good that I’ll go back to the last one, anyway, as I rather liked it… but… why does today feel like a Saturday?! I said to Julian just before, that today felt like a Saturday – and he was most surprised, because, he said, while he was driving Mike, Inbar and Tom back here after picking them up at the airport (late! Their flight had been delayed!) he’d been thinking that today felt like a Saturday, too! Does anyone else do that too? Feel as though the day is another day that it isn’t? (Umm… I don’t think that came out sounding the way I wanted it to! Sorry, but I think you know what I mean?) The day has been pretty normal all told – we got up and did all the usual things – except that Julian didn’t go for his walk this morning – but I did my “morning-milling”, which was a lot more pleasant with the fan blowing on me! I’m getting to the stage where I feel that I could speed the walk up a bit now – I’m walking at 3.4 kilometers an hour, and I’m finding that I’m unconsciously out-pacing the machine! As you know by now, I usually count as I’m walking – 1 pace (step) equals approximately 1 meter – so if I count to 100, that’s 100 meters, or so close to it as to make no never mind – but now I have to either force myself to slow right down, or count about every thirtieth step twice, or I get right out of synch with the treadmill’s pedometer! So I reckon I could probably up my speed from 3.4 kilometers per hour, to 3.6 kilometers per hour (because it only goes up in 2’s!) I might try that tomorrow…

After breakfast I played WoW for a while – still straightening out the characters on Quel’Dorei and Nagrand! I was a bit annoyed, too, because I’d made a lot of simple macros, and I wanted everyone’s to be the same – and up until now, they have been! But for some inexplicable reason, the extremely extensive macro icons list has changed! It no longer appears to be the same for both Horde and Alliance! I have a rather nice icon I use for my macro “sleep” (when I want my character to show how bored she is by lying down and snoring!) it’s a simple black background, with a white crescent moon and a couple of stars. All of my characters have used it – both Horde and Alliance – but today when I was sorting out these trivial little matters, I noticed that the icons for some of my Horde macros seemed to have changed – in fact, some of the macros themselves had changed! So I set about “fixing” this strange problem – but I couldn’t find the icons that had been there previously! There are quite literally hundreds of these little icons! You can’t scroll down them, you can’t sort them, and you can’t search for them, except for continually clicking on the bottom scroll arrow. You can drag the scroll button down, but then it goes too quickly and you miss a lot of them *sigh* so there I sat this morning, “click, click, clicking” away, looking in vain for my suddenly vanished macro icons! The next thing I knew, it was lunch time, and I’d wasted the entire morning! I was not terribly amused! Anyway, I’ve had to use “compromise” icons, for the more “important” (to me, anyway!) ones, and I shall no doubt waste some more time tomorrow looking for more suitable “compromise” icons!

After lunch I drifted off for my “midday-milling” (and again, the Dyson fan from the bathroom did make the entire exercise a lot more pleasant!) and Julian took of to go and pick up the Israeli mob, while I finished off my walking and went to put on some makeup. Then I sort of dithered until they arrived – I didn’t want to get all involved in WoW before they got here, so as I said – I dithered (I don’t want to big-note myself or anything, but I really am rather good at dithering! and of course, I do practice whenever I can! 😉 ) So they arrived, and we had coffee and chattered – as I think I’ve told you, they’ve been down in Tasmania visiting their eldest son and his wife, and Inbar has fallen in love with a quaint little cottage on a huge acreage, complete with its own waterfall, a pine plantation, and both a rain forest and a temperate forest! For what it is, it’s extremely – in fact almost unbelievably – cheap! I told her that if they really like it, they should put their foot on it, because at that price it probably won’t last long! The only real drawback is the lack of a decent internet connection – but I’m sure that something could be worked out without undue trouble! And you know, if it did have a good internet connection, I wouldn’t mind buying it for ourselves! Not that I’m really into waterfalls, pine plantations, and two types of forest – I’m not really the outdoors-y type – but it’s Tasmania, which means that it would be cooler than Melbourne in the summer, and it’s a gi-normous property, which means that we’d have peace and quiet, and no close neighbours. I think Inbar said that it was about an hour’s drive from Hobart (but everything in Tasmania’s close, because it’s so small!) so we wouldn’t have the convenience of “just nipping down to the local milk bar” if we ran out of milk – and it’s a long way to drive for breakfast bananas! 😉 Actually, where we are here suits us just fine – and we have a good internet connection – so you won’t see us moving this side of us dying from old age! 🙂

Food stuffz: dinner last night was sausages, chips, green beans, and half a tomato – which I’ve already told you, and lunch today was the usual 2 Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat ricotta, off-the-bone ham, sliced tomato, a few pieces of preserved? pickled? capsicum (which was really yummy!) and some low-fat cheddar cheese, and dinner tonight, which Julian is preparing now, is going to be cold-cuts and a spoonful or two of commercial salads, because it’s still quite hot (though the temperature is dropping very rapidly, thank heavens!)

Weigh-in this morning – well, firstly I have to tell you that I was wrong mistaken yesterday! I didn’t go up 4 points, I went up 5 points! I went from 63.1kg on Monday, to 63.6kg yesterday (Tuesday – such was my gluttony at the movies the day before!) Today, Wednesday, I went down one point – from 63.6kg to 63.5kg. Hopefully it’ll go down a bit more again tomorrow! But who knows? However, if I was totally amazed that I seemed to stick around in the 64kg zone for so long, I’m completely flabbergasted that I’m still in the 63kg zone now! I’ve lived with this body for a great many years, and it never ceases to amaze, annoy and astound me!

So once again, not very much got done today – it seems that whenever we make up our minds to do something constructive – like get some boxes unpacked or something – life gets in the way and decides that we’ll be doing something else instead! The boxes that we were going to unpack today are still sitting on the deck outside – perhaps if we pretend that we’re not going to open them, we can sort of sneak them in under the radar before life notices! 😉 Mike, Inbar and Tom will be back in Melbourne on Sunday – I’m not sure when we’ll be seeing them again – possibly Monday or Tuesday? And that’s really about it from me for tonight (I think I ate too much dinner – I’m feeling very full!) Apart from the boxes outside to be unpacked, and booking for lunch at the East Empress Bistro on Sunday for my favourite eldest daughter’s Big Birthday Bash, tomorrow’s looking relatively clear! Maybe I’ll even get all those [censored] macro icons sorted out! :/ Don’t forget to drop by again tomorrow night to see what we’ve been up to, what my weight decided to do this time, if I managed to get those WoW macros of mine tidied up, and whether the boxes did finally get unpacked (and what was in them! They’ve been there so long that even we have no idea what’s in them!) Until then, though, please try to bee good, remember that you can never plan the future by the past, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on our weird weather patterns… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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