Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.07

Goodness, what a busy day! 🙂 This morning I decided to re-activate my second World of Warcraft account – I wanted to see who was still there, and what level they were, so I could figure out what to do with them all… Well, it turns out that there aren’t as many of them as I thought there would have been – which is good, because it means all the more new characters that I can create! 😉 There are a few “Oldies but Goodies” there, which at this stage I’ll leave strictly alone, and there were a few “newbies” (below level 10) one of whom I… “permanently de-activated” – and then promptly created another character in her place! The only thing wrong with running two accounts is if you’re on account #2, but you need to use account #1 for something (like getting the Guild Mistress (on account #1) to bump up the Guild position of a character on account #2) it means that you have to exit the game, re-log in on account #1, and do whatever it is that you have to do. Then you have to exit the game (again!) and re-log back in to your second account… Very messy and time-consuming – but even harebrained me can’t really think of any other way of doing it… :/ Anyway, we shall see what transpires…

This morning I did the first half of my daily 3 tread-kilometers – I was going to do my walks as two lots of 30 minutes – supposedly making a total of 3 kilometers – but I finished 1.53km in only 27.something minutes, so I decided to call that “good enough!” I finished off the second half of my walking regimen before lunch… I was going to do it after lunch, but as usual, life has this weird habit of getting in the way of all the things that you’d “planned” to do! Flipper threw up. She’d been asleep in her “cave”, but woke up, poked her head out of the cave, and looking quite distressed, began to make that most dreaded of sounds! That awful wailing, groaning, distressed “yodel”that a cat makes, just before they throw up… and of course, that was exactly what she then did. I’d already alerted Julian, who rushed in with something that she could be sick on instead of the couch or the carpet – then when she seemed to be feeling a bit better, we thought that we could clean up, and everything would go back to normal. Except Flipper still felt quite ill, and ran and hid under my desk – she was quite upset too, poor old girl, and in her distress decided to “relieve herself” under my desk – missing live cables and power points by mere millimeters! (just as well too, as the scent of roast cat and singed fur would definitely not have enhanced the ambience of the room! 😦 )

By this time we were running very, very late for lunch – we’d spent the morning unpacking boxes in the Library (where we managed to empty out, sort, and dispose of, two ceiling-high stacks of boxes!) We stopped for lunch after that, but by the time Julian had dealt with the stacks of folded paper, the sliced-up cardboard from the more “unsalvageable” of the boxes, and flattened out all the boxes that we could sell back to the storage company, it was after two o’clock. He was just about to say “Right, now I can get the lunch!”, when Flipper threw that little wobbly! That was about when I decided to do my 30 minute second walk before lunch, just in case “lunch” turned into “dinner”! (again, it was more like 26.something minutes, but it’s the length of the walk that matters, isn’t it, not the duration?)

After lunch I was determined that I was going to get some WoW-ing in today, so then I spent the next hour and a half, jumping in and out of accounts like a jack-in-a-box! I think I eventually got everything sorted out and ready to go with the two accounts, but it took a lot of switching backwards and forwards, from this account, to the other account, and then back again! Oh well, the proof of the pudding, and all that! 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get much of a chance to do anything tomorrow – but I’ll tell you all about that later! 😉

Food stuffs: as I said last night, the Persian Spiced Lamb Pilaf was delicious – so much so that we’re reprising it tonight! I’m curious to see if it does indeed taste better the next day, when all the different herbs and spices have had a chance to work their way right through the dish! For lunch today I had another two Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat cottage cheese, sliced sandwich ham, and sliced tomatoes on top. Very messy (tomato always falls off open-type sandwiches!) but also very nice 🙂 I’m not sure how tomorrow will pan out, food or event-wise, because a rather a large-sized fly has been found in the Ointment Jar labeled “Tomorrow”! It’s Friday, so I have my weekly hairdressing appointment booked, for 12.45pm (or a quarter to one in the afternoon, if you prefer!) I also have a Podiatrist visit happening tomorrow too, which I didn’t think would be a problem – however that Podiatrist’s visit has turned into a rather large fly, and it’s landed bang-smack in the Ointment Jar of our postprandial activities! The Podiatrist usually comes here anywhere between three o’clock and four thirty in the afternoon. Tomorrow however, she’s coming at 2 o’clock! As well as the hairdressing appointment, I have a Warfarin blood test to have done, and I need to do a bit of shopping – I doubt we’ll be back in time for this “early” visit! If she’d been arriving at her usual time, it would have been do-able, but… Anyway, I didn’t realise that she was going to be so early – it was only a calendar pop-up reminder that alerted me to this fact, so thank you, eM Client! 🙂 I did try to ring them – it was just past a quarter-past four, but apparently they close early on Thursdays, because I just got an answering machine :/ I left my name and number, but if I haven’t heard anything by tomorrow morning, I’ll try ringing them again… I don’t want to cancel the hairdresser (my hair’s a mess!) but I reckon that my feet could possibly go another week or so before my toenails get long enough to start decapitating mice, if I walk too close to them! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Was quite extraordinary! I was thinking that I’d been at the same weight – 64.1kg – for two days in a row – if I was running true to form, I’d probably go up two or three points today, so that’s what I was expecting. They say that you see what you’re expecting to see, and I hopped on the scales and saw a “sixty” number, followed by a “.5”, so immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had, indeed, gone up several points. “Oh well,” I thought “there I go – back up agai…. hang on! That’s not 64.something! That’s…. that’s… 63.5kg!” I tell you, my eyes nearly fell out of my head! I weighed myself again though, just to be sure, and… yep! 63.5kg! I’d gone down six points! From 64.1kg to 63.5kg! Despite the mashed potato the night before last, and the rice last night (and of course, I’ll be having rice again tonight!) This is getting a bit like an exciting TV show – I can’t wait to see what happens in the next “episode”! 😀 Talk about “clif-hanger endings”! 😉 What will I be tomorrow? (place yer’re bets, ladies and gentlepersons, place yer’re bets! All done? Rien ne va plus! 😉 )

So you now know what’s happening – or not happening, as the case may be – tomorrow, and you know what we’ve been up to today! The veggie garden is miraculously still looking nice and healthy, and the herbs seem to have decided that the back deck feels like home, and not some horrible concentration camp – now all I have to do is get some indoor plants that Flipper isn’t going to decide to eat (as she has with every other plant that we’ve brought into the house, including real-live coriander (also known as cilantro – shudder – I can’t stand the stuff!) and plastic palms!) I think that an African Violet would look nice, either on my desk here, or in my bathroom… hmm… well, it’s worth thinking about! 😉 And so once again, gentle readers, that’s about it from me for this evening! Please feel free to drop in again tomorrow evening, to see how our day fared – did I manage to fit the hairdresser and the Podiatrist in? Or which one did I end up cancelling? Did my weight stay down, or bounce right back up again? (I bet it was the mashed potato, if it did go back up!) Well, you can find out all the answers to these weighty questions this time tomorrow night, right here! 🙂 Until tomorrow evening then, do please try to bee good, remember that a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep cool – or warm – depending on your preferences, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.07

  1. You know you can run two instances of WoW at once, yes? You can log into WoW on each of your different accounts, and just alt tab between them. If you had a two monitor set up like you EBMTH (Equal But More Technical Half), you could drag one over to your other monitor and just use your mouse to click between them.


  2. ….does this mean that I have to ask Julian for another monitor? I have a Birthday coming up in March…

    Seriously though, I never thought of that… I suppose I could, but I don’t know that I’d want to do that often enough for it to be worth the bother. It’s really only when I create a new character and need to get her (or him) into the Guild…


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