Winter’s log, earthdate 201601.04

It’s been quite a quiet day today – I went for my walk this morning, but only did 30 minutes – I was intending to do another fifteen minutes after lunch, but I changed my mind at the last minute, like at about 10.30 am 😉 I’m still trying to map out a good program that’s not going to chew my day to pieces, and isn’t going to annoy Julian because I spend too much time on the treadmill every morning. Thirty minutes just isn’t going to cut it – 30 minutes of walking = 1.70km, which isn’t enough actual walking, though it’s ample enough time spent on it (in my opinion, anyway) I’m just really sick of having to say “Oh, well I’d better not start doing that now, because I have to go and do my walk, in three-quarter’s of an hour! And on Sundays, when we’re playing Rift or World of Warcraft, we lose so much ruddy time with my running off to do my walking, which always seems to add over an hour to our lunch break, by the time I “sock-up” and get going… No, we’re going to have to come up with a better plan… Maybe if I get up three-quarter’s of an hour early, and get my walk over before our usual getting up time, and weigh myself after my walk, instead of before it – if I could get a good 45 minute walk in early enough so as not to disrupt the day’s doin’s, I could live with that (at a pinch, though I’d probably grizzle a lot in the winter months… hmm!) I’ll talk to Julian about it later…

Well, our cleaning lady came today – and I must say I’m a trifle surprised! She usually runs around emptying out all the waste-paper baskets – to the point that sometimes I get annoyed because now and then she’ll empty out things that I don’t want to be emptied out, because they’re not waste-paper bins! But today, she hasn’t emptied even one of them! All of our waste paper baskets are chockers! Oh well, I just went out to have a look at the deck – at least that’s clean, with all the spiderwebs and general grot, swept or dusted off the doors, wood and wire balustrades, and windows (or all of them that I could see without actually going outside to look!) All we need to do now to set ourselves up for some fun BBQs are a couple of bug zappers. Julian said that he looked for them at Bunny’s, but they didn’t have anything – well, they might have sold out, the week before Christmas, because after all, it was the start of the Traditional Holiday Celebrational Week or something, because just before, when I went looking for Bug Zappers online, the first place that came up was Bunny’s, and they had about half a dozen different types available. Actually, when you’re looking for something specific like worms, or bug zappers, I really think you have to go and ask someone! F’rexample, yesterday we couldn’t find where they kept the worms, until we asked – because they seem to have a completely different way of categorizing things to us! Anyway, I’ve sent Julian the link, and once we get our bug zappers we should be able to have some very nice “al fresco” lunches, whilst sitting out in the comforting, bug-free shade, the cooler fan turning lazy circles above our heads, as we watch our veggies growing (even as we’re eating them in our salads! 😉 ) and our pigeons … doing whatever it is that pigeons do, on a warm, lazy summer’s day! 🙂

Anyway, I spent most of the day playing WoW – Winterwight is now level 33, and having a well-earned rest in the somewhat seedy Inn at Hammerfell, the main quest hub for the Arathi Highlands. I also created two new characters – Alliance ones, this time! The Alliance Guild is called “The Way of the Smiling Cat”, and although it has a few members, most of them are not only all me, but they’re characters on my second account, which I haven’t re-activated yet! Though it would be nice to know just how much gold they have between them! “The Way of the Smiling Cat” is a very poor Guild, you see! We need all the money we can possibly lay our chubby little fists on! 🙂 The two girls are called Akåsha and Medüsa (thanks to Blizzard for letting us use “funny letters”! 😉 ) Akåsha is a Human, but Medüsa is a Draenei, so I might have to end up re-rolling her… the Draenei story-line peters right out once you’ve completed all the Azuremyst Isle quests – it’s a really dead-end quest chain! You can go over to Darkshore and continue questing with the Night Elves, but you miss out on a lot of quests and story-line because it’s all wrapped up in Night Elf lore and beliefs – but you’re not a Night Elf, so you miss out on some of the side-quests. I experimented with Medüsa today – as soon as she was set up I took her off to Teldrassil, to the Night Elf starting area. I was able to get three of the starting quests – there are about fifteen all told – but because I wasn’t a Night Elf, I wouldn’t even have known that any more quests existed! So I’ll either have to run her all the way back to Azuremyst Isle, do those quests, and come to a full stop when I finish them – or “re-roll” her as a different Alliance Race, and about all that’s on offer in that department are the Night Elves – and I already have enough Night Elves. There are the Dwarves – but I’m not at all keen on Blizzard’s visual interpretation of a Dwarf – Gnomes are out, because Gnomes can’t be Hunters (I have no idea why – go and ask Blizzard! 😉 ) and that leaves the Worgen and Pandarans – which I won’t play, not even if you pay me to – they’re the two most stupidly “cartoonish” Races in World of Warcraft, and really… Thanks, but no thanks! The only other Alliance Race is… Human! I really don’t like the way that Blizzard have portrayed Humans, either – although Akåsha is a Human! So, Akåsha might have a little sister by this time tomorrow – maybe! Trust me – you’ll all be the first to know (after I’ve told Julian, and got him to invite me into the Guild again! 😉 )

Food issues: So far today, so good! There was a bit of the herbed and pan-fried chicken left over from last night, so I had 2 Ryvita crispbreads for lunch, with the low-fat cottage cheese, some of the very nice quinoa tabouli salad, some sliced cold herbed chicken, and some nicely seasoned sliced tomato on top. Lovely! 🙂 Tonight we’re having King Island beef sausages – presumably with chips, beans, and the usual cold half a tomato…

Weigh-in this morning. Yes, I definitely think that my body is trying to tell me something! I went down another two points this morning, from 64.5kg to 64.3kg! Let’s see how it goes tomorrow, after I failed to do my usual amount of walking today! I wonder if it’ll make much of a difference? Julian seems to think not – but I’ll let the “proof of the pudding” be in the weigh-in tomorrow! 🙂 I feel guilty about not walking as much as I should have…. but it takes so long, and it’s so boring! 😦

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – I don’t know if we’re seeing my favourite eldest daughter or not this week, or which day we’ll be seeing her if we are (I suppose I could always just pick up the phone and ring her) I haven’t been out to have a look at my veggie gardens yet so I can’t give you any sort of an update tonight, but here are some photos of the herbs for you – in order of appearance, the little bay tree, the pot of basil, the rosemary bush, and the “mixed herbs” – parsley, sage, thyme, and chives down each side…

So after dinner, I did pick up the phone and call my favourite eldest daughter – we’re seeing her on Wednesday, so I still don’t know what’s happening tomorrow! Those King Island beef sausages we had for dinner tonight were really, really good! And what’s more, they actually tasted like beef! I think we’ll have those again, thank you Chef Julian! 🙂 Not too often, mind you – I don’t think they’re terribly “slimming” food – but they were very nice. Now, here’s a harebrained idea to have instead of the perennial chips – how about making “Potatoes Anna” – I’m sure it can be made with skinny milk – I might look up some low-calorie recipes tomorrow, because it’d make a nice change from the usual – and now that I’m eating again, we should also try to re-find that low-calorie recipe for rice pudding wot I found a while back! And that, gentle readers, is about all I have for you this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out all the latest about how our herbs and all the little baby vegetables are faring, whether my weight is still behaving itself or not, and whatever else we’ve been up to! However until then, please try to bee good, don’t forget that most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine, and remember to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on what the weather’s doing at the time…but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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