Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.25

OK, it’s a late start today because my favourite eldest daughter was over – we had a bit of a dithered start – the’s been itching to try out the new Primalist on Rift before re-activating her account, so I said she could create one on my account (strictly a No-No, but it’s not as though she was someone I didn’t know or trust, and as I logged in for her, she didn’t even get my password! 😛 ) Anyway, as I think I might have mentioned, the Cable guys were here stringing up cables from one side of the house to the other, and so she had to abandon her Primalist shortly after she’d created her because the cables were being installed next to my computer and we had to abandon the Den. We went and chatted in the lounge room for a bit while we had lunch and decided what to watch this afternoon. Lee’s been absolutely dying to watch the new DC television series, “Supergirl“, because it stars Melissa Benoist, one of the leads from “Glee” (wot we used to watch last year) only as a blonde this time. We only had time to watch four episodes this afternoon, and it’s not bad, as super-hero series go 🙂 Unfortunately we only have one episode left, so we’ll have to download a few more if we want to keep watching it – I’d also like to see more of “The Librarians”, “Orphan Black”, and Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, when it returns from its “holidays” Oh, and Lee also brought with her two pods of a new Nespresso coffee – a special for Christmas, I think – but I hope it proves so popular that they decide to include it in their range permanently! Chocolate and Ginger! It’s delicious! 🙂 I normally drink the “Mocha” one (or whatever it’s called – I can’t find it on the chart – but I reckon would be even more fantastic if they put a bit of cinnamon in it!) but this chocolate and ginger one was lovely – on Friday we’re going to be at the hairdresser’s again, right across the walkway from the Nespresso shop, where I intend to snaffle up quite a few tubes of those chocolate and ginger pods while they still have them! However, it was a good day all round, and I even managed to find a work-around for my Rift problem of yesterday, with the Guardian Mage in the wrong part of the list. It’s called a “Deletion”! Yup, that’s right – I looked at her this morning and thought: “Am I ever going to play this character again?” and found myself nodding sagely and saying “probably not – even though she does have a full Trove of experience enhancing potions!” – so I systematically stripped her of anything worth selling, sold it, and sent the money along with anything usable by another character on to the character who will eventually become the Guild Mistress… and deleted the problematic Mage. Problem solved! 😀

Clark and Paul arrived today armed with lots of plaster board which they proceeded to nail and screw onto the wall studs, so no more bare, unsightly walls! 🙂 Even the ceiling is now covered in, so I now have more than a good idea of what the finished room will look like! Tomorrow they’ll put in the last half-wall to be plastered, then plugging up and filling in all the little itty-bitty cracks between the sheets of plaster and between the walls and the ceiling. The floor’s still pretty icky and rough, so what they do is mix up this “stuff” (er… some sort of acrylic or epoxy or something! I fergit exactly what he said!) which they then pour all over the concrete floor – it fills in any cracks, hollows and/or rough spots, and then settles and dries completely flat! After that they’ll apply the waterproof membrane, and once that has “cured” – I’m not sure how long that takes – I’m trying to think back to when I had my bathroom in the apartment done, but that was over seven years ago so I’m a bit hazy – hopefully it won’t be long, but I’m (probably wrongly!) estimating “a few days” – after that “cures” the tiling can start! Clarke also wanted to know what sort of power-points I wanted – I hadn’t even known that I had a choice! But apparently Clipsal make a glass (?I don’t think it’s really glass – maybe just a glass-like finish?) power-point in their Saturn range – it’s a pretty abysmal website (which is why I’m not bothering to put a link in!) and you can’t really get a good idea of the colours they have, but they look a little classier than your average white plastic power outlet. Clarke wants to know by next week – luckily there’s a place called “Habitat” in Vermont that stocks them, so we’ll go and have a look at a few – apparently they not only come in a few different colours, but they have a push-button one too!

And because of the late start, I’m afraid it’s “that time” again! Sorry!

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Back again! 🙂 Where was I? Oh yes, the power-points. Tomorrow the cable guys are coming back to terminate all the cables (whatever that means!) Julian has to take my favourite eldest daughter to an appointment so I’ll be left at home to supervise the cable work, plus Clarke and Paul. I was supposed to be heading off to get the results of a blood test I had done about a month ago, but I’d forgotten to make an appointment to find out the results – and when I did remember, about two weeks later, I thought “never mind, if there’d been anything wrong they would have let me know pretty quickly” – and as I hadn’t heard anything nearly a month later, I promptly forgot about it again. However I got a snail-mail letter last Friday, reproving me for not having gone in for the results – so I’ll have to re-schedule things tomorrow :/ Oh well… And talking about blood tests, I have my next Warfarin blood test on Friday – hopefully I won’t have to have my dosage changed again this time! (not that I mind them changing the dosage, it’s just a hassle when they stagger the dosages and I have to write them all down so as not to forget how much to take, and when!)

Weigh-in this morning. I see that it’s the “see-saw” end of the month again! This morning I went down one point, taking me from 66.0kg back down to 65.9kg – or what I was the day before yesterday! How much does anyone want to bet me that I go back up again tomorrow morning?! I hope not – I’m quite looking forward to having “normal” food again! I’m still perplexed though as to exactly when I start Maintenance! Do I wait until I actually hit 65kg (or less!) exactly? Does simply being in the 65kg zone count? My favourite eldest daughter thinks that being under 66kg, and into the 65kg zone is enough, and that I could start Maintenance any time now that I’m under 66kg, but I don’t really think that’s enough… I sort-of feel that I really should hit 65kg (or less!) before saying “I’ve done it! I can start eating again!”

So tomorrow I’ll take advantage of my “supervisory” role and advance a few of my Deepwood characters, maybe start off the Guild on there, once I can think of a good name for it. I not only got rid of my problematic Mage, I also transferred (not deleted!) everyone else on that shard except for my brand new Primalists, so now I only have six characters there – plus the Primalist that Lee created this morning (which apart from getting her into the Guild I shall leave strictly alone!) …hmm But do only six (seven) characters really need a Guild? Decisions! decisions! 🙂 I shall sleep on it… in the meantime, that’s about it from me for tonight! Drop by again tomorrow night to find out if all the cable terminations were completed, the progress on my bathroom, and how long the waterproof membrane has to “cure” for, and whether or not my weight is playing the old “see-saw” trick on me again! Until then, please bee good 😉 don’t forget that simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world, and remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, and to drive carefully… but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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