Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.20

My bathroom window is in! My bathroom window is in! 🙂 And it looks fantastic, even set against bare, unplastered walls, a grotty concrete floor, and mess and dust everywhere! It’s a bit startling, too, because the bottom of the window has been raised quite a bit, so as to leave room for the towel rail that will be going underneath it – and I’m not used to seeing the window so high up… I don’t think it’ll take too long for me to get used to it though! 🙂 Clarke also brought over two vanity unit basin taps for my approval – hmm… out of context, they both look a little “chunky” – one more so than the other. I think that either of them would “work” – as in look alright (I’m quite sure they both function adequately in a tap-ly fashion) but it’s hard to know what they’ll look like in situ, with the marble caesarstone vanity top and the hand-basins in place… The “chunky” one, which I shall for this exercise refer to as “tap 1”,  was ever-so-slightly smaller (or perhaps I mean shorter?) than “tap 2”, which was slightly thinner, a teeny bit “taller”, and its faucet was about a half?three-quarters? of a centimeter longer – so somewhat dubiously, I chose “tap 2″… I hope it looks alright, and not too out-of-place in a bathroom, rather than a kitchen setting! I guess I’ll find out soon enough… :/ I’m having two double (or maybe even triple, if I can!) power points installed – one on the walls at each end of the vanity unit – and I’ve also decided to have an extra power point installed in one of the double-height drawers… when Clarke first suggested it, I said “no”, because I just thought it was a bit weird to have a power point in a drawer – but last night, getting ready for bed in the somewhat cramped-for-room en-suite that Julian and I are sharing at the moment, I was thinking that I have quite a few bathroom-type things that need to be plugged in, and the last thing I want is a cluttered bench! My water pick (I can’t floss my implants because there’s nowhere for the floss to go, so I use a water pick) has to sit on the bench top – it’s far too cumbersome and awkward to keep pulling in and out of cupboards or drawers, and for rather obvious reasons, so does my Dyson heating and cooling fan – but my electric toothbrush and its charger don’t need to sit on the bench top – they could be plugged in quite happily, inside one of the two double-height drawers… so this morning I told Clarke that I’ve decided to have the extra power point inside one of the drawers after all, and he’s made a note of it 🙂 You know, over the years I’ve used lots of different bathrooms, and hardly any of them had enough power points – the apartment in Doncaster wasn’t too bad, it had double power points at each end of the vanity unit, but even so, I found I was constantly unplugging one appliance in order to plug in another one! Most inconvenient! And messy, with power cords spaghetti-ing along the length of the bench top – I’m really hoping to be able to avoid that in this bathroom (I’ll probably still get tangles of power cords all over the bench top, but a girl can hope, can’t she?! 😉 ) So at the moment, that’s where my bathroom is up to – Paul has been standing out in the rain, busy filling in and securing the hole in the wall where the old window used to be – and then it’s relative peace and quiet until Monday morning, when the sliding door will be going in. That’s probably going to take most of the day – Paul has to fill in a couple more holes in the floor, and Clarke has to put in the mixer for the shower, then the walls can be lined (read: re-plastered!) ready for waterproofing before the tiles are laid. Paul, who’s just left, thinks this should be either by the end of next week, or the beginning of the week after… and apparently it doesn’t matter if the tiling is done before the vanity unit is installed, or if the vanity unit gets installed first – it all depends on when it’s ready (I can’t wait!)

You’ve probably guessed it by now anyway, but I have to tell you that I grew up with the old imperial weights and measures, and being as indifferent to things mathematical as I am, I never took much notice when things changed – I learnt the bare minimum of things that I absolutely had to in order to get by, and totally ignored the rest – so tell me that something is “x” centimeters long, and I really don’t have a clue how long it is – I just nod happily, and say “yes”, or “no”, depending on what I think is expected of me. Tell me something is a yard long, or six inches long, and I know what you’re talking about – and I’m the same with weights and measures, so all these months where I’ve been happily telling you all what my weight is, I really have no point of reference for my own edification! So last night, I resolved to turn kilograms into stones, and find out how much I actually did weigh now, in terms that I could actually comprehend. Yesterday morning, I was 66.8kg… in archaic terms, that’s ten stone five – ten and a half stone. I’m extremely glad I was sitting down! When I was sixteen, doing Matric (Matriculation – today’s Year 12) I remember exactly how much I weighed, because back in those days, nearly all of us girls were more concerned with our weight than our end of year exams! I was five foot seven (about 169cm, I think!) and I weighed… nine and a half stone (about 60.3kg) Nine and a half stone has always been a sort of a benchmark for me – rightly or wrongly, I’ve always (mentally!) looked at my weight back then, when I was young and charming, and (completely wrongly) judged my body accordingly. But how about that!? I now weigh only a stone more than I did when I was sixteen!? I was completely stunned! Amazed! Flabbergasted! And, extremely proud of myself (and maybe a teeny bit smug, too!)

Weigh-in this morning. Good… good… getting there… I lost another two points, taking me from 66.8kg to… the number of the beast! 666! :/ well, actually it was 66.6kg, but it’s still three sixes! 😉 Goodness knows what it’ll be tomorrow – I’ll probably go back up again, knowing me! A little bit of smugness, a little bit of pride – is usually, for me anyway, followed by a little reality check, back up the weight ladder! :/

So here it is, Friday night! I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – weather permitting, I wouldn’t mind going to Bunnys to look for an herb pot, and a tub in which to grow strawberries, and a small, potted kumquat bush… though perhaps those had better go on the back burner for a week or so – Julian’s back is playing up (I’m not surprised! After all that shoveling and dumping of scoria and soil that he did the other day, I’m surprised that he’s even still mobile!) As far as I know, we’ll be sleeping in a bit (instead of on Sunday morning) and apart from a small amount of shopping, we should probably have a fairly quiet, relaxing sort of a day. I hope, anyway! 🙂 And that, gentle readers, is once again about all I have for you this evening! The number of the beast has her pretty lilac and clear (but wavy, so you can’t see through it properly) bathroom window in, and for once she’s feeling smug and proud about her weight – now that she knows how much it really is in stones and pounds! 😉 But do drop in again tomorrow night to see if Little Miss Smugness gets her comeuppance – will her weight go back up again, or will it not?! Find out how the day panned out for us, and what adventures lie in store for next week! Until then, please bee good (you know why! 😉 ) remember to always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else, and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, to drive carefully, and to look after yourselves – but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂