Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.22

Well, I am starting a little earlier than I normally do on a Sunday – that’s because we finished about ten minutes earlier than we normally do, and this time I didn’t race straight off to do my evening walkies before settling down to write – so with a bit of luck (hmm… better make that “with a lot of luck”!) I might get this finished before dinner time, and still get my treadmilling in. This morning didn’t start off too badly – certainly a lot better than it didn’t the other day, when my bio-rhythms seemed to be all over the place, and I had a horrible day all round. But not today 🙂 I felt that we actually managed to get started fairly quickly this morning, and you know what? Neither of us died today – we didn’t even come close, and we were questing at my most unfavourite time – night-time! Mentally shrugging philosophically, I said to myself: “Oh well, I can’t see a thing, let alone where I’m going – I’ll just follow Julian and hope I don’t fall off any cliff-tops!” Not that it would have hurt me if I did (fall off a cliff-top) because Trion have removed the once dreaded, and extremely time-consuming “death by accidentally falling from a great height” headache. Actually, I think they removed it because it takes so [please insert expletive of your choice herel-o-n-g to get back up to where you fell from – which wasn’t so bad if you were on your own, but group members tended to get a bit annoyed if they had to hang around waiting for you to climb back up again. Notice I used the past tense there? There’s another very handy little ability that I think only Patrons get – you can summon your team member(s) to you with the click of a mouse button about once an hour, or something. I had to use it twice today to get Julian back, because he’d (Winter coughs delicately) accidentally fallen off something… But I digress! I just followed blindly along behind Julian, and we managed alright. We finished off Gloamwood, and have already made big strides into Scarlet Gorge, the next area we have to get through. We did have a choice – we could go to either Scarlet Gorge, or to Iron Pine Peaks. Both of them have their pluses and their minuses – I tend to get hopelessly lost in Scarlet Gorge, an arid, dessert-like place – I look at the map… I can see where I have to go – I even put an “X marks the spot” mark on the map! I close the map… and go galloping off in the opposite direction, wondering why I can’t get to my “X”! Iron Pine Peaks, on the other hand, blinds me! It’s arctic in nature, with snow, snow, snow, and then a bit more snow, just for good measure, everywhere! It dazzles you, blinds you, and disorients you. When the snow is actually falling, which it does most of the time, I can’t see any better than I can in the dark – and at least in the dark you can very dimly see the red glow of an enemy’s name plate in the blackness, so that you know where to aim – but with the white snow falling heavily all around you, against an almost solid, white background… (*shakes head sadly*) so I opted for Scarlet Gorge. We finished off the afternoon by doing the somewhat long and convoluted quest at the Demon Steps, which I thought was pretty good going for the day… and, we went up five levels each! That’s extremely good, and yet another example of just how powerful the Primalist is! Both Julian and I are experienced, and dare I say it, reasonably good players, but using Classes other than the Primalist, polishing off the final quest for the Hag in Gloamwood, plus the somewhat more complicated Demon Steps quest in Scarlet Gorge, would normally take us about two days. ‘Nuff said – we had a great day, had fun, and made a lot of progress! 🙂

Tomorrow work starts on my bathroom again – I went and had another peek at it before – it’s hard, at the moment, to picture it all nice and light-grey marble, with plenty of room everywhere, because it’s all grotty with concrete and dust, bare wall studs, empty glass-brick cartons, bits of wall insulation lying around everywhere – but it’ll happen! 🙂 (and the window looks lovely!) The sliding door goes in tomorrow, or so I’m told – the mixers for the two basin taps have already gone in – the shower mixer goes in next, and I think that’s about all of the plumbing that needs to be done (apart from hooking everything up when the vanity unit, the toilet, and the tiling are done) so I’m really hoping that they’ll be able to start tiling around the beginning of the following week (that is, around the 30th!) and that a week after that, I should have my new bathroom, in time for my favourite youngest daughter’s Birthday, our wedding anniversary, and Christmas! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was very surprising! I was quite sure that I’d bounce back up again, at least a little bit, after that massive half kilo drop the other day! (*shrug*) I guess it’ll be tomorrow that I bounce back up, then… because today, I went down another point, from 66.1kg to 66.0kg! Almost there! 🙂 One kilo to Maintenance! That is, if I don’t skyrocket back up again tomorrow! Which I probably will…. :/ But I hope not… and I won’t even complain too much if I stay the same for a couple of days (but I will if I stay the same for more than two days in a row!) Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings… 🙂

Remember I told you that I hurt my right hand yesterday, trying to open the treadmill room window? (I gotta think of a better name for that room! Writing “treadmill” all the time is too long and boring!) Well, the first joint of my index finger (where the finger joins the hand) is a little swollen, and quite bruised (you bruise terribly easily when you’re on Warfarin!) It’s still sore, but not as sore, and at least I can now hold a cup of coffee in that hand safely! (gotta get one’s priorities right! 😉 ) If you’re very observant, you might have noticed that the blog header has changed a little – it’s actually exactly the same, I just changed the font used on the “My Word!” part. For the past two days I’ve been looking for a suitable font to use on a permanent title (i.e. only the size, shape and colour of the header may change, to suite the template requirements) In the end, I chose three fonts – this one, called “Endor“, is Julian’s favourite. Next week I might try one other the other ones that I liked. I’ll use each one for a week, so please let me know which one(s) you like most when you’ve had a chance to see all three of them – thanks! 🙂 So there we go – and once more, that’s about all I have for you this evening – do call back again tomorrow night, see how my weight went, and whether or not it bounced back a lot, or a little bit – or not at all! (hopefully it’ll go down again – but that’s probably just wishful thinking! :/ ) also, find out the latest happenings in my bathroom, and if there’s any news of when the vanity unit will be ready, or when the tiling is likely to start! Whatever happens though, you know there’ll be a lot to catch up on, so don’t miss out on all the latest! But until tomorrow, do try very hard to bee good 😉  remember that you should always judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, and to look after yourselves… but most of all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂